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Paul Craig Roberts: The True Motive Behind The Iran Nuclear Treaty

All that the agreement with Iran means is that Washington has belatedly realized that the concocted Iranian and Muslim threats are using up time, energy, and resources that Washington needs to apply to Russia and China.  –  Paul Craig Roberts,  LINK

The U.S. has wasted $6 trillion, thousands of U.S. lives  and 100,000’s of innocent Muslim civilian lives on George W. Bush’s “war on terr-uh.”  Obama rode into the White House on promises to end the insanity and illegal war of the previous administration.  Instead, Obama has escalated and intensified every aspect of the United States’ attempt at global hegemony.

Thus, as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts brilliantly lays out, the real reason for Washington’s deal with Iran was to enable the Department of Defense to re-direct resources and taxpayer money toward its attempt to subjugate Russian and China.

This essay by Dr. Roberts sheds brilliant insight on the real reasons behind the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran, not the least of which is an attempt  make Iran’s oil freely available to Europe and reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian energy.  He also delineates the true reason for United States’ influence on keeping Greece in the EU.

This is a must-read, must-contemplate essay:   The Real Reason For The Iran Agreement

Although I have  not correctly predicted the path followed and timeframe, predictions I made in conjunction with a few other “truthseekers” about 12 years ago are unfolding as we asserted they would.

I would still stand by my assertion that gold will be restored as the world’s “base” currency, however I now am nearly certain it will never have that chance before a world war erupts – a world war that will likely take humanity back to the Stone Age.  If you want a great vision of what this could look like, read “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.   –  Albert Einstein