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The Price Of Oil Is Collapsing Again: Economic Armegeddon Coming

An increase in the quantity of money and fiduciary media will not enrich the world. … Expansion of circulation credit does lead to a boom at first, it is true, but sooner or later this boom is bound to crash and bring about a new depression. Only apparent and temporary relief can be won by tricks of banking and currency. In the long run they must lead to an all the more profound catastrophe.  –  Ludwig Von Mises

The price of oil continues to collapse, reflecting a rapid contraction of the demand function connected with economic activity.  This is a global phenomenon and the countries with the largest economies – e.g. China, the U.S., the EU and Japan – are contributing the most to the economic contraction.   Click to enlarge:


The equity financial bubble in the U.S. continues to inflate today. It is setting up a crash that will take most of the country by surprise. It’s hard to see the truth when the only news to which you are likely exposed is propaganda-laced soundbytes seeded with lies and fraud.

Sorry Janet and Stanley, but this graphic below reflects information about the economy that clearly you are not picking up in your “ivory tower” econometric data pools and algorithms – click to enlarge:


It’s hard to hide the truth when there’s still checks and balances around to counter-balance the Orwellian fog that is engulfing our system. How long those “checks and balances” will be allowed to exist is anyone’s guess but eventually forums like this will be snuffed out by an ever-oppressive Government.

As John Embry said to me recently: “when the balloon on this pops, we’re going to wish that we were on another planet…”


…while Obama goes on a rampage threatening every country and region of the world economically and militarily, China continues to forge and expand its relationships with all of the U.S.’ former allies.   Here’s another one:   China/Kuwait Meet Up.

Rest assured, any economic agreements will not include using the U.S. dollar to settle trade activities between the two countries.   While Obama struts his stuff, China quietly and methodically is working to make the U.S. dollar irrelevant…