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U.S. Government Domestic Terrorism

Why are IRS agents training with semi-automatic weapons.  Why is the IRS purchasing an enormous amount of ammunition?  How many of you were aware that IRS collection agents are allowed to carry semi-automatic weapons?  Think about it:   this is like a Banana Republic police state.  You know, the Central/South American puppet Governments we used to laugh at growing up.

My colleague Rory Hall of The Daily Coin has written a blog post which documents the IRS and the Social Security Administration acting together to confiscate money from Americans in a fire, ready aim operation that can only be described as financial terrorism.

Most Americans, especially those who still believe that voting makes a difference, are stuck in a fairy-tale world of politics in which it’s Democrats vs. Republicans.   But the stark truth is that the United States has degenerated into “Us vs. Them,” where “Us” is the civilian population and “Them” is the Government.

I guess it’s easy to ignore the fact that every large Government department is loading up on ammunition and firearms.  But wait until an IRS or Social Security agent shows up at your door wearing bullet-proof vest and  armed with a semi-automatic weapon in order to compel you to write a check for a debt that you may or may not owe.

If you think I’m kidding, take a look at The Daily Coin’s latest post:  LINK