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U.S.-Ukraine Joint Military Drills?

What happened to the concept that the military excursion into Ukraine was a “NATO” operation?

The US is still undecided on sending lethal military aid to Ukraine. But it has sent paratroopers who are training Ukrainian soldiers in west Ukraine as part of a program called ‘Fearless Guardian-2015″LINK

We know the U.S. instigated and financed a western-controlled takeover of the Ukrainian Government.  The evidence is on phone tapes presented to the public.  So the U.S. has installed a puppet Government in Ukraine.

Then the U.S. sends troops into Ukraine under the guise of “NATO.”  Sure, NATO allies have sent some troops alongside the U.S. batallions, but most of NATO has become reticent about the operation, if not outright hesitant.

It’s clear the U.S. no longer feels pressured to try and disguise its true motive behind what can only be described as  an outright U.S.-led takeover of Ukraine.  U.S.-Ukraine joint military exercises.   Not even being described as “NATO” – Ukraine exercises.   Even CNN, which has recently converted into a promoter of neo-Conservative, war-mongering propaganda, is reporting this as a “U.S – Ukraine” excercise.

We know Putin has resoundingly dispelled every U.S. attempt to smear the lies of propaganda all over his face.  The downing of MH-17 is just one obvious example.  I’m still waiting patiently for the Netherlands to release analysis of the black box, which was supposed to occur in December…

While the U.S. contemplates sending attack weapons to Ukraine, one can only wonder what clever, devious trap Putin is setting for the U.S. Government over there…