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SoT – Jeff Brown From Beijing: The Rise Of China And The Collapse Of The West

“The Americans are very good at using future money – the Chinese are good at saving.”  – Alibaba founder, Jack Ma at a UN meeting led by Chinese President, Xi Jinping

In China gold is money.  Every bank in China sells gold and silver right at the teller window. The savings rate of the Chinese population is 50% and the favored store of wealth is gold held in bank safety deposit boxes.  In fact, Jeff Brown quickly discovered after his first gold purchase that every safety deposit in Beijing was taken.

When you go into a bank here they hand out brochures that explain the Shanghai Gold Exchange to the people.  If you buy your gold through the Shanghai Gold Exchange you are exempt from the value-added tax.  –  Jeff Brown in Beijing, Shadow of Truth

The western media propaganda machine has inundated the airwaves with countless misleading and false reports about the Chinese economy.

It’s so surreal to hear about Armageddon and implosion [in China] because of the stock market.  That affects maybe 6% of the population that is invested in the stock market here…outside of the stock market correction things are just thriving over here…the manufacturing economy is down but the service economy booming here  – Jeff Brown, Shadow of Truth

Although the manufacturing sector of the economy in China has slowed down considerably, it’s still producing economy growth.  However, the service economy is exploding in ways that is not reported at all by the western media.  Furthermore, the manufacturing output slowdown has been caused by a dramatic decline in exports, which reflects the extent of the economic contraction occurring in Europe and the United States, China’s two largest export markets.

With regard to China unloading $200 billion recently in U.S. Treasuries, the western media has once again promoted highly misleading reports that China was dumping to raise liquidity in order to support the yuan.  But conveniently overlooked by everyone in the west is the fact that China committed and recently funded $150 billion for the Asian Infrastructure Investment bank ($50 billion) and $100 billion for the new BRICS bank.

And lets put this in perspective.   China is sitting on approximately $3.4 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, $1 trillion of which is Treasuries.  It was only a matter of time before China decided to diversify away from the U.S. dollar component of its FX reserves. Furthermore, contrast this the paltry $30 billion in foreign exchange reserves of the United States.

They were very upset when the United States snuffed China from putting the RMB into the IMF Special Drawing Rights you could just “feel” the anger over here among the leadership.  That’s when they announced that bogus amount of PBoC gold holdings and then a week later they came out and devalued the Renminbi.  – Jeff Brown, Shadow of Truth

Jeff Brown in Beijing provided us with an absolutely fascinating, must-hear perspective of the incredible proliferation of the middle class in China and the booming local economies all throughout the country.

“There’s so much going on that is not reported in the west that it’s unreal” – Jeff Brown, Shadow of Truth

Please visit Jeff’s website 44days.net and find his articles on the link to his blog: LINK

Message From Jeff Brown In Beijing To Readers:

Thank you Rory and Dave, for a great show. China is just too important, actually always has been, to be ignored on the world’s 21st century stage. I am not saying that the Chinese government is angelic. All governments are inherently power hungry and evil. But after 4,000 years of continuous history, to understand China, you must be able to accept alternative definitions of democracy, rule of law, society and culture. All Xi Jinping and every Chinese leader since 1949 have said and are saying is, “We choose to develop our society, economy and culture based on Chinese terms, not on Western notions. And we resent you trying to shove your versions down our throats”. I invite Rory’s and Dave’s fans to learn more about China, in audio and writing, at http://www.44days.net. Looking forward to the next show with Rory and Dave soon! Jeff in Beijing.

Here is our Shadow of Truth interview/podcast with Jeff Brown:

This is a must-listen interview. It is the pilot interview for a series of interviews the Shadow of Truth will be doing with Jeff. We consider Jeff to be “our eyes and ears on the ground in Beijing.” These are reports from China that are unfiltered by western media.

Reader response: Very insightful stuff and quite heartening in his conviction that the leadership of China is not in on some frightening back scenes new world order deal with our oligarchs. I agree with you, Dave, that it never made sense in simple psychological terms.

Here are the people who *forced* opium on your people to get silver, who fought two wars with you over this, who dumped India’s silver on the market in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s and destroyed your economy and who have shown zero human connection to their own western countrymen. You should go in with *these* people in any kind of deal?! – “Fred H”

SoT Ep 25 – Jeff Brown: The Rot Of Empire

Think about it guys, with all the shenanigans going in Europe with melted gold and phantom gold in the United States, the [Hong Kong] jewelers probably feel like their gold is safer in China than they do anyplace else.  – Jeff Brown, in reference to China’s first private depository (1500 metric tonnes) right across the border from Hong Kong

The Shadow of Truth hosted a special guest, Jeff Brown, who has been living in China for the last 5 years and for a total of 12 years.  He wrote a book called “44 Days Backpacking in China:  The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, with the United States, Europe and the Fate of the World in Its Looking Glass.”  He also writes a weekly column, “Reflections on Sinoland – Reporting from the Belly of the New Century Beast”  (44Days link).   He’s also writing Xi JinPing’s (General Secretary of the Communist Party, President of China) diaries.

One of the topics we discuss is the location of the main gold vault of China’s Central Bank – the “Ft. Knox” of China.  We also chat about the theory that “behind the scenes” the U.S. and China are in collaboration on planning the New World Order.   Jeff resoundingly dispels this view:

The Chinese don’t like us – I’m writing Xi JinPing’s diaries – I read all this stuff in Chinese – they don’t like us.  – Jeff Brown, Shadow of Truth

Jeff is a wealth of knowledge in terms of understanding the context of China’s transformation into a global economic power.  As we all know, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to get truthful reporting on anything from U.S. media about China.  Jeff will be our “eyes and ears” on the ground in Beijing.  He will be able to pull back the western propaganda and expose the real China.

This is a fascinating interview from someone who will really open your eyes about is going on in China:  “we are now in the Xi era and he is everywhere.   He is in Kazakhstan this week, he is in Belarus, he is in Moscow…he was just in Indonesia and Pakistan.  Modi is coming from India after Xi gets back from Moscow for the WW2 commemeration…there’s Chinese ships are in the Black Sea docking at ports in Russia…the west has no answer for Xi JinPing.”