“Tectonic Plate” Movement Suggests Gold Earthquake Coming

Like tectonic plates pushing against each other making pressures build up we must wait for that point when we have an earthquake. What history shows is that it may take just a tiny event to trigger major moves after the foundation of such a move has been laid over such a long time. When will it happen? It’s impossible to say, but we are certain it will happen! Everything changes after that.  – Julian Philips

Julian Phillips is a financial markets journalist and gold market analyst I have been following for over a decade.   He’s one of the few analysts who I believe is worth taking the time to read.  He certainly is not guilty of being a “perma-bull” and his analysis is supported by facts, data and historicity.

Julian’s latest piece was featured on Lawrie William’s LawrieOnGold.com and is worth the read:

New York closed at $1,188.50 up $1 on yesterday [Thursday, May 28] as the trading range tightens again. Today sees the dollar almost the same as yesterday at $1.0949 against the euro with the dollar index at 97.06. The LBMA Gold Price was set at $1,190.40 up $0.95 and the equivalent euro price was €1,087.75. Ahead of New York’s opening, gold was trading in London at $1,189.00 and in the euro at €1,082.43.The silver price fell back to $16.70 up 1 cents in New York. Ahead of New York’s opening it was trading at $16.72.

Wednesday and Thursday saw no purchases or sales into or from the SPDR Gold ETF and Gold Trust. The holdings of the SPDR gold ETF are at 715.857 tonnes and at 166.60 tonnes in the Gold Trust.

Today, being Friday, is the busiest day of the week for gold and silver in New York as traders and speculators don’t look at one day’s risk but three days. The week has been relatively quiet but the trading range of gold and silver has tightened as they both sit on support.

The saying for traders is that if it won’t go up it must go down. The long sideways move of both over the last 18 months disproves that. So which way is it likely to go?

You can read the rest of this here:   Earthquake In Gold Ahead

14 thoughts on ““Tectonic Plate” Movement Suggests Gold Earthquake Coming

  1. I happened to Jesse’s piece on the gold manipulation, well thought
    out work as usual. My question is how will gold move higher with
    all the bankster manipulations and obvious collusion with the fed ?
    It seems, as pointed out in Jesse’s piece that nobody wants to rock
    the boat and be the first to light the gold fuse.
    Will a geopolitical event i.e. South China Sea, Greece, Ukraine ?
    I sure don’t know but, I do know this incredible kabuki theater has
    gone on longer then I could of ever imagined.

    1. Physical gold and silver available for delivery is running low. Many of us are sensing that. You can see it in the “movements” in and out of the Comex and GLD/SLV. Plus the cartel can’t bang gold and silver lower than where they are now. I believe the physical market is preventing that.

      1. I agree with you Dave, the so called Masters of the Universe can’t force gold down below $1,000 per once in spite of all of their huffing and puffing and best efforts. There is just too much demand for physical for the paper game to work the way the banks want it to.

        China is buying into or buying up gold mines, depriving the banksters of physical to flood the markets, and a few central banks are becoming buyers, not sellers of the yellow metal. Now Austria wants its physical gold sent back to it right along with Germany.

        Add in the fact that South Africa, once the #1 gold producer has fallen from the top spot, gold mined in China never leaves the middle kingdom and India exists as the black hole for gold (once gold enters India it never leaves) all add up to a supply crunch that can’t be papered over.

        This game will go on until someone, somewhere, gets so ticked off at the West/ the US that they decide enough is enough and they demand nearly 100% delivery of all the gold from CRIMEX and they dump all of their treasury holdings at the same time. With the way the US has been acting on the world stage such a scenario just might take place.

        1. Very well said.

          I was happy to see Texas is repatriating their gold but had to laugh when apparently someone questioned whether they had the right to withdraw their gold to which Perry is quoted as saying:

          “If we own it,” Perry has said, “I will suggest to you that that’s not someone else’s determination whether we can take possession of it back or not.”

          Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/politics-government/article22707600.html#storylink=cpy

  2. The arrogance and/or stupidity of the Obama Administration
    baffles me. When your opponent is holding all the aces
    the wise coarse of action is to play nice but the buffoon who
    promised to fundamentally change America seems intent
    on being true to his word. We now are in a situation where
    any day the Chinese/Russians could decide they have had
    enough of America’s bullshit and decide to pull the pin and
    then all Americans for decades to come pay a terrible price
    for Obama’s hubris..

  3. I’ve stopped gambling on any day-trading from now on, until this rotten casino ends. Because:

    1. This June will be a very volatile month in ALL markets, and so EVEN IF perhaps one might have good rational reasons to bet on – for examples – a rise in gold and/or silver, and/or a steep fall in conventional stocks…

    2. …nonetheless, the fact remains that THOSE “markets” will remain – for the forseeable future – rigged by assholes who can, via HFT robots, STILL occasionally and artificially CHANGE “values” by several percent in just a few minutes! Simply by pushing some buttons, or by programming some algo robots, to change valuations in a matter of minutes or seconds, thereby wiping out any honest positions based on realistic fundamentals.

    3. And so now, the ONLY assets that I trust anymore, are my physical gold and silver. Plus some of my shares in strong junior gold mines, mainly in Africa where the value of gold is NOT determined by the Yankee Dollar.

    4. Here’s a re-run of my metaphor of meetings and decisions of the US Federal Reserve, the present determiners of the entire World’s valuations! FUCK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Tx8jnndMes

    1. you should air your opinions out on your own blog and let others comment on them. I’m sure I’ve been involved in the pm sector for a lot longer than you and Roberts is one of the best analysts.

  4. While technical indicators need to be minded, it seems complete folly when prices are so completely manipulated. These manipulators know what the tech says and move the price and the sheeple that follow it to achieve the fleecing they desire.

    I always find it amusing that techies often deny manipulation because it makes a mockery of their reading of the end trails which they worship as a New Age Religion.

    Here is a point to ponder, if the big banks naked short as they do and drive the price down and then default – will they price out at the short sale price or higher – or pick the price of their default so as to maximize profits?

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