Tesla, Gold, Silver And A Historical Stock Bubble

“Tesla’s headed for bankruptcy. It’s got a flawed business model; costs are way too high for the price charged for the vehicles and its riddled with accounting fraud. But the regulators will look the other way until it’s too late.”

Silver Liberties invited me on to its podcast to discuss reality. We spend 35 minutes trying to blow away the Orwellian “smoke” that is engulfing the United States’ economic, political system:


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6 thoughts on “Tesla, Gold, Silver And A Historical Stock Bubble

  1. Here is an excellent video about the forces behind the subjects you discussed:

    The Startling Consequences of Monetary Policy (w/ Stephanie Pomboy)

  2. This new U.S. Government Budget Ceiling deal is absolute proof of the Great Plan that Trump, Congress, Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the TBTF Banks are running an infinite, unabated USD digital money printing scheme everyday. There is no debt ceiling and the only plan is to increase U.S. Government debt. What more proof does one need?

    Printing and Spending until the global financial (derivative) system breaks down OR hyperinflation comes OR some big event….like Germany (Europe), China, Russia and many other countries start using the European INSTEX payment system and no longer use the U.S. controlled SWIFT and stop using the USD payment system.

    Judy Shelton calling for a 50 basis point cut by the Fed on July 31. Looks like the ECB will cut rates on July 25. Cutting rates to be able to service all debt but could cause hyperinflation and more bonds with negative interest rates. This crazy Central Bank experiment will get more crazy.

  3. Testament to the best US economy ever:

    (Home) “Vacancies remain at ‘epidemic levels’ in some US cities”

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