The 2008 Collapse Will Continue Without More QE

Craig “Turd Ferguson” Hemke invited me onto this Thursday A2A podcast show last Thursday.  As usual, Turd does a great job of blending irreverent humor and truthseeking in order to flush out cutting-edge insight on the issues affecting our markets.  In this episode we discuss:

  • The history of DeutscheBank and how this is all still relevant today
  • Jim Rickards and his role as a “spokesperson” for gold
  • The relative safety of working with different custodians and online clearing firms
  • The benefits of owning shares in streaming/royalty companies
  • And, as usual, a whole lot more

You can hear our conversation and the excellent questions asked by the members of Turdville here:   A2A with Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics

3 thoughts on “The 2008 Collapse Will Continue Without More QE

  1. Anyone who would entertain investment advice from a guy who proudly calls himself “Turd” must be crazy, but in a world that is beyond batshit crazy, it might be the only sane choice.

    (sarcasm aside, I enjoy his insights and have been a subscriber for a couple of years now; you and he did a great podcast together, Dave).

  2. The “Oracle of Turd” not to be confused with “oracle of Jackass”
    Agree wth previous commenter, yourself,Craig, Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair, Jason Burak, Rory, Jim Willie, Rob on the web IMO. Also very interesting what you said about Rickards, his bullshit pseudo science on monetarist relativism or what ever. Always suspected that deep state stuff too.

  3. Couple of things:

    1. Harvey Organ reports that premium on metal contracts @ Shanghai exchange (which trades in real physical bullion only, not paper receipts fraud) has started spiking up. To the extent that, its spread vs what passes on fraudulent COMEX/LBMA exchanges has started becoming noticeably wider. Meaning: It won’t be long before real players start stepping up for arbitrage opportunities. And that will blow the fraud wide open.

    2. As most everyone on this planet who doesn’t live in a cave already knows: Hitlery is for all practical purposes on her deathbed, and that’s NO exaggeration. She might very well be in coma by the time this comment goes online. The charade of US election circus will go into nuclear overdrive in the coming week. (I didn’t even mention what Julian Assange & his team of busy-bodies are getting ready to leak this week about Hitlery.) I wouldn’t want to be a trader or speculator holding significant positions in the market for the coming few weeks. If post-Brexit turbulence was something, turbulence caused by either Hitlery being forced to pull out of election OR becoming incapacitated/comatose/dying could be orders of magnitudes higher.

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