The Best Way To Set Up For The Inevitable Stock Market Crash…

Short AMZN or be prepared to short AMZN.  Every single day the stock market valuation of AMZN becomes more widely separated from the Company’s fundamentals.   Retail sales?  Retail sales dropped 1% in December  How is that possible when December should be the best of the year?  Retail sales dropped another 1% in January.   AMZN LOST money in 2014.  How many of you know that?   Not only did they lose money on a GAAP accounting basis, they literally hemorrhaged cash.  How do I know that?   Because they had to issue $6 billion in debt in early December. This sums up the ONLY reason AMZN’s stock has been going parabolic since early 2009:


QE has largely ended folks.  Look at how quickly the volume is drying up in AMZN.  That is a big bear indicator.  It trades at 34x EBITDA. And I show in detail why that GAAP EBITDA is highly misleading.

My analysis of AMZN is unique.  There’s nothing like it that has been published.  I delve deeply into AMZN’s numbers – I go all the way back to 2004.  I show how and why AMZN ultimately loses money on its entire business model.  You can access this report here:  AMAZON DOT CON.

The stock market probably won’t crack to the downside tomorrow or even this month.  But you should be prepared and set up ahead of time – and understand why – to take advantage of when reality gets a grip on the markets.

Here’s testimonial on someone who made a lot money shorting one of my homebuilder ideas.  This idea made a lot of money for anyone who shorted this stock in late summer despite the run-up in the sector in correlation with the rest of the stock market:

Hello – I’ve never got a bigger return for the value. I paid $25 for the report, 4k invested in XXX Jan 15 16-strike puts since August and closed today for $3.2k of benefit. What report do you think still have big drop potential? Have a nice day and thanks for your work again.  (He bought my AMZN report).


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