The Clinton Syndrome, Part 2: Can Hillary Escape This Time?

Stewart Dougherty presents the 2nd part of his disembowelment of the Clinton crime machine.  The Weiner email bomb dropped in the middle of this.  As it turns out, the Weiner lap-top mishap appears to a “Black Swan” of sorts that eluded Hillary’s tentacles of control.  In the piece below, Stewart presents useful background knowledge and intellectual tools with which to help you analyze and interpret the next sequence of events before and after the election (assuming the election is not postponed).

The information that emerges from the Weiner laptop is going to blow people’s minds – John Titus,  Best Evidence Productions, in an upcoming Shadow of Truth

Author’s Preface: We are far more interested in markets than politics. To us, free markets represent liberty in motion. But today, politics, and particularly the most corrupt political institution on earth, the Federal Reserve, have markets in a hammer-lock. At this point, we have to understand what is happening in politics in order to understand what is likely to happen in markets. We write a great deal about politics at this critical juncture in order to help you understand markets and achieve the financial freedom you desire and deserve.

Regarding the breaking Clinton-scandal developments, we believe that in addition to the 650,000 emails retrieved from the Abedin / Weiner computer which are going to show a level of corruption in this nation never before even imagined let alone proved, the FBI’s decision to re-open the investigation was related to the Bundy acquittals on October 27, 2016. We believe that government officials are looking up the barrel of a full-blown American revolution. Not the shooting kind, but rather something much worse for them: complete moral rejection of government and Establishment corruption by the PRODUCTIVE CLASS in America, which threatens to rapidly spread into and cripple the American economy just ahead of the holiday selling season.

The National Retail Federation has just reported that 25% of shoppers are waiting for the election outcome prior to deciding how much they are going to spend during the holidays, something the NRF has never seen before. If principled, productive people feel that this election was stolen from them by Clinton and Establishment corruption, they are going to shut down. They are going to WITHDRAW THEIR FINANCIAL CONSENT from a rigged, dirty system that is looting them and destroying their futures. While the government can effectively deal with many kinds of protest, it cannot even begin to deal with a general economic boycott by the productive class, even if it is just at the margin. (All profits are at the margin.) The consequences of such a boycott upon general business activity; tax receipts at all levels from municipal to federal; the stock and bond markets; and the national mood, with its extraordinarily complex and critical interconnections and ramifications would be monumental, and perhaps beyond all American precedent.

Despite a multi-million dollar, taxpayer-funded Federal legal onslaught in the case against the Bundy’s and their co-defendants, the jurors re-confirmed something communicated throughout history. Namely, that while there are a very few things that universally disgust human beings, one of them is bullies. The people are not pleased, and the Establishment knows it is in trouble. Now on to our article.]

The Clinton Syndrome Curse: A Clinton – Obama Co-Presidency. (The Clinton Syndrome: Part 2)

In Part 1, we defined the Clinton Syndrome as a psychological condition in which voters develop a favorable attitude toward a political predator who deceives, disdains, swindles and abuses them. It is a variant of the Stockholm Syndrome, but much larger in scope and scale, as demonstrated by the fact that tens of millions of American voters currently exhibit the pathological condition. This Syndrome was identified by Inferential Analytics (IA), an accurate and reliable forecasting method we have developed and use. You can read a detailed explanation of the syndrome in our first article on the subject: “The Clinton Syndrome: The Establishment’s Weapon for National Conquest (Part 1)” LINK

In this article, Part 2, we delve deeper into what the 2016 presidential election is really all about, and outline the consequences that will occur should the Clinton Syndrome prevail on November 8th. The Clinton Syndrome has resulted in a potentially deadly national disease which will wreak havoc if it spreads out of control at this time.

We regard as an existential threat to the United States the fact that tens of millions of American voters have no idea how deeply fraudulent the entire 2016 presidential campaign has been, from the very beginning. If Donald Trump had not appeared out of nowhere, this would never have been an election at all, but rather an orchestrated, planned enablement of the Clintons and their Establishment handlers to engage in unprecedented corruption, regime change and outright plunder.

If successful, this still-active effort to fraudulently inject the Clintons into the power seat will become a multi-trillion dollar gift to the Establishment elite who know exactly how to profit from Clinton graft and corruption; will destroy what is left of the American economy, which simply cannot sustain four more years of intense looting and fraud; and will result in the outright overthrow of the American form of governance by a deadly new political system that we call “crony communism (outlined in our article: Crony Communism: Hillary Clinton’s Game Plan for America.  LINK

The people have been so confused and deceived by the multi-billion dollar avalanche of deliberately concocted lies and propaganda about this election that they don’t even know who is running for President on the Democrat ticket.

Hillary Clinton has both a co-presidential and a vice presidential running mate, neither of which is Tim Kaine, a corrupt political suck-up and hack who was selected precisely because he will do exactly what he is told, not matter how criminal or immoral.

Clinton’s co-presidential running mate is Barack Hussein Obama; her vice-presidential candidate is the United Nations. This is the Establishment’s Dream Team, cooked up to make the fastest possible progress toward their crony-communist and globalist overthrow of the United States. The Establishment realizes that the people are waking up fast to what is being done to them and their country. Therefore, they have put their corrupt machinations into high gear in order to beat the clock, which is ticking loudly.

When people say that a vote for Clinton means four more years of Obama, they have their arithmetic wrong. A Clinton victory means eight more years of Obama in the next four, and a total knock-out for the nation.

The Mainstream Media’s (MSM) deliberately false narrative is that Obama has been campaigning non-stop for Clinton because he wants to protect his “legacy,” and believes that Clinton will do this for him.

This is yet another of the “Big Lie” mind bombs that have been dropped onto the American people’s heads during this colossally fraudulent, dishonest and propagandistic Establishment onslaught to get Clinton elected.

This narrative is meant to suggest that Barrack Obama wants to retire, and then ride out the rest of his life looking upon his “legacy.”

There are two problems with this story. First, Obama’s legacy is already blowing up in his and the entire nation’s face, so there is nothing Clinton will be able to do to salvage it. Obamacare and the Iran Deal are just two examples among dozens of the collapse of Obama’s so-called legacy, which would much better be called a national damnation.

The second problem is that Obama is only 55 years old and has not given even ONE indication our model can detect that he actually wants or intends to retire. (Soros, one of his champions, is 86 years old and still wreaking havoc worldwide. These people never stop until the Reaper drops in.) In fact, what we see in Obama is the exact opposite: he demonstrates a strong desire not only to remain on the political stage, but to assume a larger presence upon it.

Speaking at a rally in Philadelphia on September 13, 2016 (while Hillary was at home recovering from “pneumonia”), Obama said, “It’s good to be back on the campaign trail.” He then said, “I really, really, REALLY want to elect Hillary Clinton.” (Please carefully consider that sentence, because it is a textbook example (although just one of hundreds over the years) of Obama’s pathological Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). He did not say, “I really, really, REALLY want YOU [the people to whom he was speaking] to elect Hillary Clinton,” but rather, “I really, really, REALLY want to elect Hillary Clinton,” making the people’s national election all about himself. Comments such as this are extraordinarily important to our analysis, and their significance has been borne out time and again over our 15+ years of doing this work. Paradoxically, the smallest factors often have the greatest implications.

Later in the same speech, Obama boasted (our comments added within brackets): “More Americans are working [in part time, minimum wage jobs], more have [100% subsidized] health care, incomes are rising [for the establishment elite], poverty is falling [according to false, politically doctored numbers] and gas is $2.00 a gallon. Thanks, Obama!!!” In Obama’s narcissistically crippled mind, the entire United States economy is a function of one thing and one thing only: him. Narcissists in positions of power are extremely destructive (e.g. Obamacare), because they are completely out of touch with what is happening in the real, as opposed their self-flattering fantasy world. In any event, this kind of campaign bragging, swagger and grandiosity is not indicative of someone who plans to retire from politics in the next few weeks.

Obama’s clear desire to remain in the game makes him valuable to Clinton, while also making Clinton valuable to him. Intersecting motives are where deals get done. And a Clinton – Obama collaboration would be ideal for the Establishment. Obama has been the gift that keeps on giving to the elite, as they have raked in trillions from his presidency. They want as much of Obama as they can get, because he is a money machine. (For example, witness Obama’s continuing efforts to ram the TPP, an Establishment fraud against the people, down the nation’s throat. Obama does whatever the Establishment tells him to do, in the full knowledge his “Library” Slush Fund will be richly rewarded for his efforts, just as the Clinton Slush Fund has been enriched by more than $1.8 billion, with a “b,” for the Clinton sell-out of people to the elite.)

Obama is the most internationally-traveled president in the nation’s history, having made 51 international trips to 56 different countries during his two terms in office. It is as if he has been running for international office, and now we can see that he has been. His globetrotting has required strength, stamina and energy, the exact physical attributes that Clinton, who has been pictured requiring assistance to climb a short set of stairs, lacks. Given her health issues, Clinton cannot possibly perform on a global stage going forward; she will be lucky to successfully navigate the White House.

This presents a problem. For the Establishment agenda to be fully executed, Clinton needs international support, and ideally, that international mandates be imposed upon the United States. But she will not be capable of traveling internationally to seal the deals that must get done.

This is where Obama comes in. While he would never step “backwards” into a role such as, for example, Secretary of State (an ego-wounding demotion), his passion for continued political involvement would find an excellent home at the United Nations.

In this Inferential Analytics scenario, Hillary Clinton will get Obama placed in a high level United Nations position. The United States pays for roughly 25% of total United Nations annual budget, far more than any other nation, and still has clout even though more and more countries are turning their backs on America.

Other nations would support the idea of a senior role for Obama if it were made clear to them that his mission would be to continue the “fundamental transformation” of the United States that he promised during his 2008 campaign and has been conducting ever since. This “transformation” has done extreme damage to the United States, and while it has been a disaster for America, it has been good for the rest of the world. Finally, they see a means by which to bring the United States to heel. The idea of the further weakening of the United States will sound to them like a very good deal. The one assurance they will seek is that in exchange for giving Obama an important role at the U.N., Obama will get Clinton to agree not to incinerate the northern hemisphere in a nuclear war, at least not until they have finalized their preparations for it.

A Clinton – Obama co-presidency will be a double body-blow to the nation, with Clinton turning it into a corrupt, crony-communist Establishment lootocracy from within, and Obama destroying it from without.

Leveraging the United Nations, Clinton and Obama can effect two personal agendas they have long sought: gun control, and a multi-million person “open borders” invasion of America. The first agenda will disarm the people, which has been Job #1 in every communist takeover in history; the second will ensure that the “Last American Presidential Election” occurs on November 8, 2016. In the future, presidents and all other politicians and government agency heads will be appointed by the Establishment, exactly as happens in communist regimes. While there might be “show elections,” the outcomes will have been pre-determined at every level far in advance.

A Clinton – Obama co-presidency will also ensure that other Establishment objectives are met. These include the institution of carbon taxes (an enormous and unprecedented new revenue source and looting opportunity); the passage of the TPP (an Establishment bonanza); and the maximum-possible imposition of the New World Order regime change agenda upon the nations and their people.

While Obama could advance the Establishment’s aims in virtually any high level position at the U.N., a role that would make him particularly deadly at the outset would be Co-chair of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), joining current head Filippo Grandhi.

Obama could make his appointment a matter of smooth sailing by stating his belief that the United States is a large, wealthy, relatively under-populated nation that could rapidly absorb a large number of immigrants. By promising to tap into the country’s private wealth, Obama could warrant that all new immigrants would be fully covered by the country’s comprehensive welfare system upon arrival, which is exactly what happens today. This idea would be intoxicating to the new Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, who was the former head of the UNHCR and is an avowed socialist.

The United Nations currently reports the existence of more than 60,000,000 displaced persons and refugees in the world. If the United States pledged to take in, say, 5,000,000 of them, senior U.N. officials would be delighted. What would they have to lose? Dealing with the integration and cost issues would be America’s problem, not theirs. The U.N. could pass a resolution, written by Obama in such a way as to make it convertible into an Executive Order by Clinton, mandating the acceptance of these refugees by the United States. Clinton would put up her hands and say, “I didn’t do it. The U.N. did it, and we must do our “fair share,” while also complying with international law and being decent and responsible international citizens.”

As we have pointed out in the past, the United States government is irredeemably bankrupt by any accounting definition one wishes to use. With $20,000,000,000,000.00 in on-the-books debt, another $10,000,000,000,000.00 in debt projected to be added over the next decade (it will be far greater than this, given current trends), and at the very minimum another $120,000,000,000,000.00 in unfunded debt and contingent liabilities, there is absolutely no way the government can ever pay its obligations. So you might wonder, how could the government possibly pay for an immigrant invasion of this magnitude?

The answer is, the government won’t pay for it; the people will. This is what crony communism is all about. It is estimated that today, there is roughly $70 trillion in private wealth in America. Assuming that half of it, or $35 trillion belongs to the cronies and is off-limits, this leaves $35 trillion that is available for expropriation and looting. While this is certainly not enough to fix America’s fiscal problems, not even close, it could fund 4 years’ worth of radical fiscal adventurism as well as crony communism regime change.

As Hillary Clinton has repeatedly said during this campaign, “We are going to go where the money is,” and if you don’t take that statement seriously, we believe you are making a very big mistake. She and top colleagues such as Sanders and Warren have said in plain English, at a high decibel level that they are coming for your money, and they are, because in their minds, you don’t deserve to have any. Just as Obama once famously said, in a rare, honest, off-script, non-tele-prompted moment, “If you have a business, you didn’t build that,” he and his fellow crony communists also believe, “If you have saved some after-tax money, you don’t deserve to have that.” To them, any savings you possess represent funds the government should have gotten its hands in the first tax cycle, but didn’t. They intend to rectify that error going forward.

We have outlined this theme to demonstrate that this election is about an agenda that very few people understand, because it has deliberately been withheld from them. In actuality, the voters have no idea what Clinton truly stands for, or what the Establishment agenda, which she fully believes in and will implement, really is. The stakes in this election are therefore greater than those of any other election in our nation’s history, in our view. This is why the Establishment has spent billions of dollars rigging it. They intend to collect trillions in plunder on the other side, but they can only do so if it goes their way. As we have already seen, they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Some Implications of a Clinton – Obama Co-presidency:

Here is a snapshot of the forecast generated by IA in the event of a Clinton – Obama victory:

  1. The Clinton – Obama Co-presidential regime will be the most secretive and non-transparent presidency in U.S. history. Clinton will become invisible, just as she often has during the campaign, not just for health reasons, but because she will turn her back on everyday citizens, whom she disdains, once she gets the prize she has sought her entire life. Obama will make secret deals all over the world (think of the secret Iran cash payments and deal, and his behind-the-scenes agitating for TPP, but on a much larger scale, as illustrations). Every one of these deals will be a dagger in the nation’s back.
  2. The American people will never again know the truth about what actually goes on behind government doors, or about the corruption that infects the entire political and establishment system. The political class will never again allow itself to suffer Wikileaks-like exposure. Politics will shift to a CIA-like “need to know” model, where information is doled out selectively and in piece-parts. Only a very few at the top will know the overall agenda, and the full set of tactics being employed to achieve it. Anyone who compromises or exposes the system will simply be executed. (Seth Rich comes to mind.) Going forward, the people will know absolutely nothing about what is really happening in Washington, D.C., or about the D.C. / Wall Street and Establishment initiatives. Orwell’s prophecy, “1984,” which is already quite real, will become even more so.
  3. The United States will experience an accelerating Brain Drain. Forward-thinking people will realize that America’s slide into predatory crony-communism can and will never be reversed, and that it will be impossible for them and their loved ones to get ahead in such a corrupt, suffocating environment. (Imagine being scolded, lectured, insulted and talked down to on a regular basis by people like Clinton, Obama and Warren, because that is exactly what will happen.) Progressive countries will put out the welcome mat for hard-working, principled, skilled, entrepreneurial Americans. No one will want America’s whining, lazy, non-productive, “entitled” mooches. That’s just a fact. Virtually every nation anyone would actually want to move to for a better opportunity grades potential immigrants according to age, education, language proficiency, skills and likelihood to be productive. Prospects are disqualified if they do not earn a sufficient score. No sensible nation on earth wants to bring in do-nothings whose only capability is to leech off its producers.
  4. Productive Americans who remain in the country for their own reasons will quietly adopt a John Galt mindset, sidestepping the corruption and crony communist expropriation by shutting down, dropping out and fading off the radar screen. This will result in an immediate slow-down of business activity, which will ultimately lead to economic collapse. Given that all profits are at the margin, relatively small percentage declines in sales can entirely wipe out income.
  5. The John Galt effect will result in the collapse of the nation’s many Ponzi schemes, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pensions (government and private) and the biggest one of all, Government Debt. These schemes simply cannot be maintained in a dramatically slowing business environment, no matter how much private wealth is looted.
  6. Government will take draconian steps to shut down all non-government-sanctioned news and information outlets. Their prime target will be the Alternative Media, which will only be further empowered, and embraced by the people. A powerful Resistance movement will spread like wildfire. Nonetheless, people should fill their minds with as much truth as they possibly can right now, because it will become much harder and more expensive to find in the future. Today’s Alternative Media is the greatest gift any people in history have ever received, and people should leverage it as best they can while they can.
  7. A steady retreat by government officials and establishment elitists to their multi-trillions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer-funded bunkers will occur, as they seek to hide from the American people, who will be waking up by the additional tens of thousands every day.
  8. A Federal Reserve December rate hike has a 0% chance of happening if Clinton is elected; there is a 100% chance of a rate hike if Trump is elected. The Fed is a totally political organization, and they will do everything they can to punish the voters and scorch the economic earth if the people choose Trump over the Establishment agenda the Fed has been 100% behind.
  9. If Clinton wins, people will IMMEDIATELY be bombarded with MSM reports about the implications of the 2016 election upon the 2018 mid-term and 2020 general elections. This will be part of a full-scale effort to inject mass quantities of Hopium into the Trump supporters’ brains, and get them to focus not upon the rigged election of 2016, but on the “next” election where, they will falsely be told, their vote will “really count!” In the meantime, the Establishment will be doing everything necessary to ensure that the 2018 and 2020 “elections” are completely rigged, fraudulent and meaningless.
  10. A massive move into real money will begin, and this will be the subject of our next article. There are developments in this sphere that you must know about, and one of the most important Inferential Analytics themes we have ever examined was triggered on October 27, 2016. We will have a full description in the next week or so.

In conclusion, the 2016 election is an existential event for the United States. W believe that the situation is becoming so unstable that you have little time to do everything you can to prepare, and get your personal houses in order. We are writing to help as best we can, while we can.

Stewart Dougherty

Stewart Dougherty is the creator of Inferential Analytics, a forecasting method that applies to events proprietary, time-tested principles of human instinct, desire and action. In his view, forecasting methods not fundamentally based upon principles of human action are unlikely to be reliable over time. He is a graduate of Tufts University and Harvard Business School and has developed IA over a period of 15+ years.

October 31, 2016

26 thoughts on “The Clinton Syndrome, Part 2: Can Hillary Escape This Time?

  1. I am surrounded by Hillary apologists. They just can’t get past Trump’s personality defects. These are good people, moral, kind, thoughtful, your typical liberal/progressive. The example of Clinton Syndrome is valid, but I still don’t understand how it can be so pervasive in people who are otherwise good souls. They become incensed if you try and point out any kind of oversight on their part. I wish I could help in enlightening them, but I’ve totally given up trying to reach these people. It’s an impossible task, so I keep quiet and avoid the conflict.

    1. Cant be too thoughtful if they back Hillary. They are likely women or cucks, and they dont think, they feel. They’re ok with – and even attracted to – cold blooded killers, as long as they kill someone ELSE. Its similar to stockholm syndrome, and for some they are trapped in a marriage/lifestyle that they cant extricate themselves from, so instead they adopt the miserable reality they find themselves in and actually lobby for its increase. Some of this is hope that their meager lives might improve (like lucy pulling away the football, it never does) and some of it is because misery loves company. Like a crab trying to leave a pot, the other crabs will work to keep that crab from escaping. I’ve argued we should replace the stars on the flag with that crab pot because state rights are dead under this totalitarian regime.

    2. Andy: Thanks for your comment. You are doing the correct thing. Stay quiet because you cannot reach them; it is “an impossible task,” as you wrote. This is a psychological phenomenon. This is why the situation keeps getting worse and worse; there is no way to deal with it. I write for people like you, so you can see the storm that is coming and get prepared. I believe the people are waking up fast, and that Trump might win. But then, you will see the same level of Establishment support currently behind Hillary immediately transition into destructive force against Trump, in an effort to ruin his presidency and punish the voters for their decision. The absolutely heroic thing Trump has done is expose the epic corruption that exists throughout the system. Now, in a true gift from God, we have the psychotic, destructive freak and his 650,000 purloined emails. This will blow the whole thing to Kingdom Come, for the entire world to see. But the people you have tried to counsel will not see a thing, because they are suffering from a psychological condition called the Clinton Syndrome. Let’s say you are trying to help someone who is a meth addict. If you say to them, “Hey, friend, you are addicted to meth; you should stop using meth,” do you think it will make any difference whatsoever? No, it won’t make any difference whatsoever. Saying to a Clinton Syndrome addict, “Hey, friend, you are exhibiting signs of the Clinton Syndrome, you are supporting someone who lies to, cheats and hustles you, and who is completely deranged,” they will not hear a word you say. Unfortunately, that’s where we are. You can’t help them, but you can help yourself. Best regards, Stewart

      1. Thanks Stewart for your thoughts. Nice to see Dave give you a platform. Dave and I are buds from our get-togethers in Denver and am an investor in his fund.

        I have to think that many of my friends just don’t want to take in the bigger picture. My wife too. Meanwhile I have a nice stimulating life with them, so long as we avoid politics.

        I find it intriguing that people end up getting trapped in certain restricted belief systems, yet have a lot of insights in other areas of life. We seem to be compartmentalized in strange ways.

        Emotions and feelings seem to guide people way more than intellect. Case in point is getting hung up on Trump’s personality. IMO, this is not seeing the forest for the trees. It’s almost as if these folks had a previous life experience with someone who was puffy with their ego, like how Trump appeared in “The Apprentice.” That was enough to generate a hateful feeling when observed in a public person. They get stopped with their anger at what they perceive Trump to be and this overrules all kinds of other common sense issues. They get tripped up by getting stuck on the caricature. So instead they will give their vote to a non-threatening lady – ha!

        People lose sight when their emotions cloud their thinking. I think we are heavily programmed from day one as a child, and it is a real challenge to escape the matrix. I’m no perfect person, but I am able to see the nefarious side of life and how people deceive themselves.

        Lots of people just don’t want to be discouraged by life, so they don’t want to take on any more sorrowful news than they have to. I think it’s a life work to forge ahead in the face of all the slavery systems in place. Somehow you can’t let it beat you down and you need to figure out how to thrive despite the stacked deck.

        If you can thrive, yet rail against all the injustice without losing heart, you are doing something right. That is my attempted path. Well, I’m ranting/raving now, so will leave it here…

        1. Andy: Thanks for your message, which I found to be very deep. An adequate response to it would require a book. To me, your statement that “emotions and feelings seem to guide people way more than intellect” is exactly right. The things happening in our world are psychological phenomena. I spent literally 30 years wondering why things in our world are as they are, and particularly, why they keep getting worse, before it all started coming together. That was the beginning of my Inferential Analytics work 15 years ago. The IA model is deeply rooted in the principles of human action, which is always the most important factor. I will share more about the model as time pushes forward; meantime, I’ll share its insights via articles. And yes, I agree with you 100%, it is possible to thrive while also calling out the injustices. Corrupt people like the Clintons and their sycophants are actually profoundly troubled and inferior persons. They will never hold a candle to the decent, hard-working, moral, thoughtful, high-minded people of our world. Best regards, Stewart

    1. Hal: I know, this is hard. This is Industrial Strength reality. But those who are ignorant of it are going to get hurt a whole lot more than you, someone who has the courage to encounter tough facts. All I can assure you is this: it’s much harder researching and writing about what’s happening that it is reading about it. It’s heart wrenching when you’re deep in the belly of this beast, and seeing up-close what’s happening. I’m not diminishing your own experience in any way; I am sure it is intense. I’m just saying it’s super-intense when you go into the furnace of the truth and try to pull out its steel. Thank you for writing. Best regards, Stewart

    2. Stewart, i was being a bit sarcastic or dark humorish.

      The us has added 251 billion of new debt as of oct 27 in the new fiscal year. While thats a lot of money, what is worse is nobody talks about it. I guess things could be worse.

      I have lost track of how many sets of books the US has. Deficit cash, debt increase cash and government GAAP. . Then the seasonally adjusted stuff, cpi vs personal consuption deflator, birth death model, flux capacitator index, or good old what do you want it to be.

      All i know is we know this is gonna implode, we just do not know when..

  2. I no longer try to enlighten people who have this blind faith in
    Hillary or government. I stepped off that soap box and burned
    it two years ago. It truly has become necessary to surround yourself
    with like minded people and prepare for what is coming at us. The
    biggest decision will be where to go and how to get there.

    1. My worry is that my progressive friends will not be able to gauge the unraveling situation. Or maybe they will – I have no idea how things will evolve. I just wish I understood their mindset better.

    2. Louis: In my view, you are 100% correct to have burned the soap box and decided to surround yourself with like-minded people. That’s what makes this site great, because like-minded people come together here. I’ve always found the comments on Dave’s site to be deeply thoughtful, reflective and respectful. That says something important and wonderful about this community. With respect to your comment that “the biggest decision will be where to go and how to get there, ” yes, that is exactly it. I have been fortunate to have traveled a great deal, and have met exceptional people and friends every single place I have gone to. (Of course, I chose to travel to places about which I felt comfortable, but they have been on every continent.) It’s an amazing world out there, and it will value your unique talents should you ever decide it’s time to go. All the best to you, Stewart

  3. Andy and Louis:
    I have an advantage–47 years in the post college business and real life world.

    People are mostly incapable of thinking out of the box. They are in their comfort zone when they see things are as they like it to be. No room for discussion. We have not have any real threats to lifestyle in the US in my generation, and the msm keeps things in this direction.

    Which makes people think everything is going to be ok, and they congregate together if you know what I am saying.

    These are going to be trying times for most everybody.

    Try to help those who you most care for. The smarter ones who can think out of the box will figure it out sooner than others.

  4. Here’s a solution: What if all of the productive people in this country (U.S.) just decided to stop going to work? I realize many would say something about paying bills, etc. Too bad…don’t pay it and don’t participate. Some hardship may occur, but then doing nothing accomplishes nothing. So far, things are getting worse and the trend is here to stay…unless? Participation has kept it going and it’s time to not do what they want us to do. This would shut it all down…then what would the corrupt gooferment, banks, Wall Street, major media and corrupted corporations do then? This is not rocket science…it’s common sense. They need us and we do not need them. Is this not true?

    1. Guy: Great message, but it’s actually a lot easier than you suggest. People don’t have to leave their jobs or destroy their credit to do their part. All they need to do is walk away from their regular habits. Stop going to football games and other spectator sports events; stop going to the mall; stop eating out, or slow it by 50%; cancel your extra-pay cable channels; cancel all your MSM subscriptions (NYT, WAPOST, LATimes, magazines, etc.); stop adding debt of any kind, particularly credit card and automobile; apprentice in a useful trade as opposed to taking on $50,000 – 100,000 in college debt from predatory lenders; pay down debt, especially credit card, not all at once, necessarily, which is very hard for most people, but just $50 per month, non-stop; stop shopping and enjoy what you have (most people can live fifteen lifetimes on the stuff they have in their closets); completely boycott Hollywood nonsense and trash … citizens are netting NOTHING after 50 hours/week of work, and yet they are supporting C-grade actor salaries of $5 million / year … this is completely nuts, why would people do this??? … boycott these ridiculously overpaid jerks; and the like. The fact is, the people need to rip into their expenses line by line and be on a mission about it. If there is so much as an 8 – 10% voluntary reduction in recurring and discretionary expenses, the entire system gets a wake up call (I am being nice). All of the corruption and excess starts to flush out, fast, because it can no longer be paid for. That is just the beginning. People who think the system will change even if they do absolutely nothing to change are 100% wrong. But if a large number of people do a little bit, each, the effect is absolutely enormous, and changes everything. My advice: do NOTHING that hurts you … your credit, your job, you reputation. You don’t have to. Rather, this is VOLUNTARY financial withdrawal. Nobody can say you cannot do this. You do not break one law in this land by scaling back, as you see fit. You can win as an individual this way, and we can win as a people. Regards, Stewart

      1. Excellent commentary Stewart.

        This course of action is but a small step that everyone can do. That is within the power of even the so-called powerless. If everyone takes the one same small step, that will add up to one giant leap.
        Maybe that is what was meant by Armstrong on the Moon landing:
        “One small step by man. One giant leap by mankind”.

        I think it was Gandhi who said:
        “A journey begins with but one small step”. We must ALL step forward.

        1. Hello OutLookingIn: Thanks for your comment. Yes, that’s it exactly. If only the people fully understood how much power they really have. Figuratively speaking, if the U.S. people just adjusted their lives by one INCH (and let’s assume their complete lives represent a mile … in other words, the adjustment would be tiny), collectively it would mean a national course adjustment of 4,735 miles. NASA could not even begin to make an adjustment of that magnitude on a rocket launch; it would have to start all over. It’s that huge. We, the people can fix this, if we get the chance. Like him or not, Trump is 100% right about something: we only get the chance if we drain the stinking, fetid swamp. I happen to completely agree with him when he says this is our last chance to change course. We’ll know what’s in store for us in a matter of days now. Let’s hope the people figure it out in time. This is not a dress rehearsal; this is the real thing. Best regards, Stewart

      2. Stewart: Yes, your suggestion is more easily implemented as you suggest. That being the case, more people would be willing to go this route than what I suggested, which I know, is quite extreme. Interestingly, we already do what you say and it’s no hardship whatsoever. Now, to get the word out and encourage people to do this, which I will start doing. Thank you Stewart!

        1. Guy: Thanks for your nice message. I could write half a book about your comment that “it’s no hardship whatsoever,” because I eat my own cooking, and have done every single thing I recommend to others. Not only has it not been a hardship, it has been a complete liberation. People deceive themselves into thinking that they can only be happy if they blow every penny they’ve got going to a football game and dinner following, only to stress out afterwards wondering how they will buy the next week’s groceries and gas. If, instead, they would simply take a nice hike in the woods with their family on game day, they’d be 100 times happier and still have their money, too. They are brainwashed into thinking they can only be happy if they live the lifestyle the Establishment commands that they live. But that lifestyle is nothing but debt and misery. The Establishment doesn’t care about them; it just wants their money. 70% of the American people have less than $1,000 in savings, and that is a complete humanitarian catastrophe that is about to explode in America’s face. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re doing the wrong thing by living simply and within your means. They will prove the fools, and you the wise person. All the best to you, Stewart

  5. Stewart, the ceo of Wendys discussed this a month ago when he acknowledged that people can save 2/3 by cooking at home. We have cut back significantly. We stock up when there are sales. And we find we eat better quality at home. Taxes are lower as grocery food has a 2% tax vs 10, and no gratuity. We see that overall restaurants revenues are in decline.

    My dentist of 45 years tells me his patients are stretching out time between visits. We are on the downslope.

    This has real effect of accellerating to downside.

    1. Hal: I agree with you 100%. We’re in trouble. As I mentioned above in a response to Guy, 70% of the American people have less than $1,000 in savings. Something like 50% have nothing. The slightest problem in their life, and they have no way of funding it. To me, this is a humanitarian crisis in the making, because in the next recession (or worse), which is absolutely guaranteed, these people immediately fall off the financial cliff. Obviously, they are going to try to prevent that from happening, which is going to result in a lot of unpredictable and desperate behavior. Not good. An anecdote that supports what your dentist tells you is what my Vet tells me: pet owners are foregoing check-ups and treatments, because they can’t afford them. Then, when they do come in for emergency treatments, they let the Vet do his work, and then only tell him afterwords they cannot pay for his services at this time. He says it’s getting really bad, because he has a staff he must pay each week, but the money isn’t coming in the way it needs to and should. Some people say that anecdotes aren’t “statistically significant” or “reliable,” but they don’t know what they’re talking about. Anecdotes say it all, if one actually listens to what they are saying. Best regards, Stewart

  6. Sheldon Adelson is a SCUMBAG leech. He’s now disavowing Hitlery & giving big money to Trump.

    War criminal Dick Cheney publicly stated that he supports Trump. This negates Bush mafia family’s public support for Hitlery & her mafia family. Trump’s VP choice Pence adores war criminal Dick Cheney & says he wants his VP office to run in the same style as Cheney.

    Few other neo-cons surrounding Trump right now, i.e. Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich are of questionable character. Gingrich & Giuliani are both saying a lot of correct & effective things, calling out hypocrisy of fascist neo-liberal Democrats, Hitlery’s corruption. But I’m not convinced their foreign policy stance is aligned with the US Constitution. What was Rudy Giuliani’s real involvement in 9/11 has been a topic of discussion for a long time. For example, whether he was in the know about “underground JPMorgan gold vault” at one of the World Trade Center tower that mysteriously suffered melting steel & collapse. This is over & above Giuliani’s record of knowingly sending lot of firefighters into harm’s way that day for his political gain. Many 9/11 firefighters needlessly died or are still suffering from horrific slow-killing cancers. Not a whole lot needs to be said about what a scumbag & corrupt person Chris Christie is. His public record is out in the open.

    Hitlery is a war criminal. Even a kindergarten kid can understand extent of her evil, if they put their mind to it. Fact that there are few neo-liberal zombies who still can’t see her evil means that their brains haven’t evolved past kindergarten stage.

    But my point is, I seriously doubt Trump is some kind of savior either. He’s giving a lot of great speeches right now, about the depth of corruption & more. MonsantObama gave few “good sounding” speeches around 2007-08 about the problems with military industrial complex, need to disengage from failed Iraq war, need to close Guantanamo Bay, need to demolish unconstitutional Patriot Act as well. We all know how that turned out.

    In conclusion, I feel the country is screwed no matter what.

    If Trump wins, the country is screwed.

    If Hitlery wins, the country suffers IMMEDIATE death, then & there. Whatever pulse we’ve left right now in a comatose patient called “US Constitution & rule of law” dies, the moment Hitlery wins.

    1. I feel the same. Obama was voted in with great hope – he was the “outsider” who was gonna change things forever. He did change, but for worse. 8 years ago, I doubt millenials ever felt that their lives would be worse than their parents’ lives. Now, a whole lot of them do.
      And the Clinton syndrome has another angle to it – money. “My house appreciated in value and my 401k went up nicely under Obama. It will continue to do well under Hillary too”. This is the belief of lot of Clinton supporters. One well educated Clinton supporter asked me “do you realize your 401k will get destroyed if Trump gets elected?” So all the so called moral outrage about Trump’s shenanigans is just an excuse to make themselves feel better about supporting the career criminal.
      While one can’t blame people looking out for their own interests, they don’t realize they are being short sighted. Today on paper they are doing well thanks to an engineered bubble but what about the future? What about your kids’ future? Fresh college grads find jobs very difficult to secure(thanks to cheaper, imported foreign labor) and can’t even make rent, let alone cover other expenses. Once hope and confidence is destroyed, then society is destroyed.

      Another thing Clinton supporters don’t realize is, it takes all kinds of people to make up a society – it cannot have just have highly educated people in it. They think that people who are struggling economically ought to get a STEM degree and better their lives. But it doesn’t work that way. You can’t have laws which favor one small section of society to the detriment of many.

    2. Hello Theravaida: Very deep and thought-provoking thoughts from you, as always. Every factor you identify is correct. We are in trouble. If Trump can just buy us a little time, so as a nation we can try to figure this out, that’s good enough for me. I agree with you, the Hillary fallout is “IMMEDIATE,” so anything is better than that. 7 days to go and we’ll know where we’re headed. I’m hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. No way am I going to be a crony-communist serf. All the best, Stewart

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