The Daily Coin Explains Alternative Methods Of Wealth Preservation

Jewels and jewelry can be a great way to begin diversifying your portfolio. You have precious gems, like diamonds, rubies and emeralds [in that order of rarity and expense]. Then you have semi-precious gems like sapphires, topaz and tanzanite. Somewhat rare and come in a variety of hues and saturation. We could discuss other stones as well, like my favorite and very elusive, Alexandrite, but that would take up way too much time for this exercise. This is where you need to a little understanding of what you are purchasing. As a suggestion take your jewelers loupe and go to a variety of pawn shops and jewelry stores. It’s important to use your own equipment so that you learn your equipment and not the one someone happens to have on hand.

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One thought on “The Daily Coin Explains Alternative Methods Of Wealth Preservation

  1. This is very true, Dave. We’re an online jewelry shop, specializing in Bellarri 18K precious- and semi-precious gemstone jewelry (average retail around $5K per piece, which we sell wholesale average around $1500 per piece). A common refrain we get from our female customers, especially those above 50 years of age, is “if I leave money to my granddaughters, they’ll never see a penny of it, or what they do see will be worthless, so I’m going to leave them tangible things like jewelry”. I’m often surprised at how many of our customers think this way, or are cognizant of what’s really happening out there and they’re scared of what’s coming. They know they want to diversify into gold, and if they can also wear it and enjoy it, all the better. It’s good for them, and good for us.

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