The Daily Coin: Pushing Us Into A Cashless System

The elitists in control of the western financial and political system as slowly taking away all of our rights and imposing totalitarianism on the populations.  One of the primary tools they will soon implement is an electronic, digital currency system.  This way they can monitor your income, spending and tax payments.  It’s time to start fighting back, unless you are all okay moving into a “brave” new world in which everything you do is under the watchful eye of big brother.

One of the most effective means the elite use today to get their way and push a particular agenda is to make it “hip, swinging and very, very cool”. Another way is to simply tell you what is obsolete and “out dated”. Who wants to be “behind the times”? Certainly not someone who is looking for the next “really cool” gadget! No, this particular person wants to be on the “cutting edge” of the “next big thing”!

Enter the banking cabal and their desire to have total and absolute control of your life through your banking account and your means of transacting business.
Think my “tin foil hat” is screwed on a little tight? Well, how about this gem that was released earlier today in England:

To see the video and read the rest of Rory’s commentary, please click here: The Death of Cash


3 thoughts on “The Daily Coin: Pushing Us Into A Cashless System

  1. Just the sheer amount of “cashless society” stories showing up in the ‘lame’ stream media, portends a full on dis-info campaign is in full swing to bring this about.

    CitiGroups top economist, Willem Buiter recently wrote a report calling for the abolishment of cash.
    JP MorganChase has now prohibited cash from being stored in it’s safety deposit boxes, along with coins other than those FOUND to have a collectable value. I wonder who FINDS this “collectable value?
    JPM also no longer accepts cash to;
    – make payments on credit cards
    – pay mortgage installments
    – pay equity lines
    – pay auto loans

    The WAR ON CASH by the banks has swung into high gear. Don’t want to lose the cash option? Then you had best start using it! Everyday. For everything. Or, it’s gone.

  2. Those pushing for a cash free society forgot that they will be up against several lobbies fighting to keep the status quo, namely-

    Armored car companies, if there is no cash there is no need for these companies.

    Makers of coin counting/bill counting machines, makers of counterfeit detecting machines for bills, coin roll makers, etc.

    Mining companies, especially out West, no more coins, then there goes a significant demand for nickel, copper and zinc.

    No more paper money, there goes the company that makes the special paper for dollars, there goes the special ink manufacturers, etc.

    No more need for the special presses and special machinery that make coins and bills.

    No more need for the US Mint or Bureau of Printing and Engraving.

    The vending machine lobby will be up in arms due to the cost of replacing the electronics in millions of vending machines to take digital money (this is one of the reasons why steel coins have not been introduced, the vending machine lobby is dead against it.)

    Stop to think of all of the jobs that will be lost if coins and bills go away, this ban cash idea will lead to more unemployment and fewer goods sold in the economy (all of the businesses and products mentioned previously, plus any others you can think of).

    These cash banning fools need to be shown how a cashless society will hurt far more than it helps.

    I am tempted to end with a /sarc but I wrote what I did in all seriousness. Think of all of the above mentioned jobs and companies that will be hurt by this dumb idea. We need to get the word out of the damage to the economy and jobs lost if cash is banned. Raising the issue of jobs and businesses lost due to a cash ban might just be the idea that throws a monkey wrench into the globalists cash banning plans.

  3. A lot of the US’ power comes from having its cash circulate overseas – more so than domestically iirc. I think this is another manufactured media push to try and get us to spend, much like the 401k pension confiscation idea that gets floated every so often. Too many powerful vested interests in maintaining a status quo that we know cannot be maintained. All these efforts are in the name of staving off the very powerful forces of deflation which if history is any guide will result in huge political changes headed our way. Lets hope our ruling class gets guillotines!

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