The Debate Verdict: The American Public Loses

Lester Holt was an absolute embarrassment to the debate moderation profession.  At times it seemed as if Trump was debating Holt and Hilary.  I have to believe even Donna Brazile was blushing on Lester’s behalf.  – Investment Research Dynamics

The only winners in last night’s debate were Trump and Clinton. Win or lose, Trump is getting free advertising for his business organization. He may not be spending much on his campaign, but he’s getting $10’s of millions worth of free corporate promotion.

Hillary win or lose is getting a “Get Out of Free Jail” pass for the numerous felonies she’s committed, some of which are punishable by death. If she loses, Obama will undoubtedly hand her a blanket pardon. How do we know? Because Hillary’s capos have already received pardons.

The losers last night were American public. Notwithstanding the fact that 99% of the viewers skipped Monday Night Football and were watching to see whether or not Hillary would pass out again, neither candidate offered any definable ideas for preventing what is now the inevitable collapse of the United States.

Instead, the debate for the most part circled around whether or not Trump pays taxes or supported the original Iraq war. Trump never did press the issue of the Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails after referencing them in response to her boorish request for his tax returns – I think we all would like see what’s in those emails:

Perhaps the biggest disgrace and most serious assault on the viewer intelligence is when Hillary Clinton regurgitates the fraudulent Government economic statistics as evidence that the Democratic political agenda has made the country better over the last 8 years. If she truly believes that the unemployment rate is 4.9% then she’s the only person amongst everyone watching who buys into that insidious lie. More likely whe’s using that fraudulent statistic for the purposes of political expedience. “Let them eat cake, for godsakes.”

The easiest pitchfork for Trump to throw at Hillary on the jobs/economic front is to point out that it was Bill Clinton’s “strong dollar policy” that triggered the massive exodus of U.S.  manufacturing to China.  No one can debate that point.  NOT coincidentally, the policy was pushed hard by Walmart – one Bill’s “Padrinos.”

The easiest step toward job repatriation and a balanced trade deficit would be to eliminate the Fed and let the U.S. dollar drop a lot lower vs every other fiat currency. That’s a no-brainer.  Abolishing the Fed should be Trump’s number one platform because that act in and of itself will begin to fix a lot of problems.

The debate failed on all fronts. What was promoted to be politic’s version of an Ultimate Fighting duel turned out to be the Kindergarten version of “No, YOU have cooties.” Neither candidate is fit for the Presidency.

The three conclusions that can be drawn are:  1)  your vote does not matter;  2)  the time spent watching the debate is regrettably 100 mins of my life that I’ll never get back; and 3) The United State as we know it is doomed.

9 thoughts on “The Debate Verdict: The American Public Loses

  1. ” Notwithstanding the fact that 99% of the viewers skipped Monday Night Football….”

    Not me. I watched my hometown Falcons [with a porous defense] beat the Saints [with a porous defense]. There are probably 4 or 5 colleges with better defenses.

    What I just typed makes me happier than thinking about either psychopathic candidates; both make me queasy.

  2. Its easy to “debate” and have ready really good answers, if you know the questions beforehand. Hillary.
    Fifteen tough questions for the Donald and only two for Hillary.
    Yup. Really fair and honest. NOT.

  3. Why watch the debate? If anything important would have happened it would have shown
    up on the news, blogs, and social media instantaneously.
    Watching the USD/JPY break down is much more interesting.
    It will be interesting to see how long the 100 handle holds…

  4. I too watched the debate and regretted wasting my time for nothing. More than the debate, it is the media spin regarding it that I find even more nauseating. I am not going to waste any more time watching the 2nd and 3rd episodes of this bs.

  5. Current headline @ top of Zerohedge says all that needs to be said about this Clusterf*%&@ nightmare, Dear Lord, teleport us away from this pukefest:

    US Bonds, Stocks Rally As Most Systemically Dangerous Bank In The World Collapses

    Fascist Trump was right on target in the beginning, when he actually brought up taboo subjects like: Federal Reserve interest rate manipulation fraud, bubble economy, TPP & few other very relevant topics. After this, he want upon his fascist rants about need to break Fourth Amendment, Second Amendment, First Amendment and few other irrelevant narcissistic topics.

    Fascist Hitlery DID NOT convulse and collapse on the stage, did not need any bathroom break, or did not even need physical support to stand entire 90 minutes. She did not show any major signs of medical problems whatsoever. (There were very few minor visible quirks, but definitely not worth mentioning.) This in itself was a major accomplishment for her. How and what she/her medical team did to achieve this is a mystery to me. Other than that, Fascist Hitlery went about her task: LYING about everything, as well as need to turn American population into a giant cesspool of slavery & serfdom.

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