The Deep State’s Plan To Take Over The Oval Office

IRD believes that the Deep State’s plan all along was to use the election of Trump as a stalking horse to “back door” their obedient foot soldier, Mike Pence, into the Oval Office. Too be sure, HRC was a Deep State emissary but she also had her own power base and political/financial agenda. Forcing Pence onto Trump as his running mate (who ever heard of Pence, who reminds me of Lawrence Olivier’s dentist in “Marathon Man,” before the election?) and then destroying the Trump presidency gives the Deep State complete control the Executive Branch (it owns Congress and controls the SCOTUS – see the Citizens United decision).

This post by my friend and colleague, Paul Craig Roberts, explains the methodology used by the Deep State to accomplish its goal:

We are witnessing an assault by the national security state and its liberal media on a President of the United States that is unprecedented…What we are witnessing is the determination of the national security state to keep their prized “Russian Threat” in its assigned role as the Number One Threat to the US. The liberal media, owned by the CIA since the 1950s is in accord with this goal. The American media is so accustomed to its enslavement by the national security state that it does not think of the consequences.

You can read the rest of this here: The Assault On Trump

As an aside, isn’t it amazing the way the Deep State has taken an accusation that has not proof of validity – absolutely no proof – and turned it into a national fear agenda that is endorsed by the mainstream media and accepted by status quo as real?  George Orwell could not have scripted this more perfectly.

13 thoughts on “The Deep State’s Plan To Take Over The Oval Office

  1. Russia is not the target, it is Iran, and Iran’s Syrian proxy. Russia is blocking in Syria and Iran the Khazarian fifth-column’s attainment of Greater Israel by way of the Yinon Plan.

    The object then is not Trump or Russia, but having Russia move aside to permit the Khazarians further upturning and oppression of the peoples of the Middle East.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    I believe this to be the whole sordid story. Apparently Seth stumbled to the hillary voter fraud plot as he developed the app to direct voters to the polls–only there were extra polls. This blows their whole russia BS out of the water. We can’t let this die, we must keep Seth in the news and trending on social media–we owe him a lot for what he did for our great nation–and we owe him justice.
    I stand with President Trump–and have from day one.

  3. If this is about Pence taking over, then what does he have that the PTB want so badly over Trump? The POTUS may have fired Comey, and disengaged TPP, but he has also escalated war in Syria and antagonized the Chinese and North Koreans. Tax Reform and removing Obamacare are dead in the water, and he passed the budget expansion like a good toady…so WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT? Complete loyalty? If so, then the only purpose for that would be one thing and one thing only: TOTAL WAR

    1. Pence is a loyal pawn for the Deep State. Trump is erratic and unpredictable. Also, they know that they can’t hold the market up for much longer and Trump will be their convenient fall-guy. Hillary was not completely controllable. Pence is the perfect “just following orders” kind of guy.

      1. Pence’s religion is perplexing as a deep state guy. I would think the elite & powerful see themselves as Gods; no higher power like Pence seems to believe in.
        But it would be good for placating the masses…or as a Trojan horse

    2. Trump didn’t escalate the war in Syria just as Nixon didn’t escalate the war in Vietnam. Nixon’s Operation Linebacker, an escalation, killed more than 1,600 civilians before the withdrawal.
      For the very first time, the Chinese are working with us to constrain the fatso in North Korea. Putin is trying to help Trump by volunteering the transcript of the meeting to reject the relentless smearing from the media. TOTAL WAR? What are you talking about?
      The Deep State wants to maintain the (debt based) dollar hegemony. The Chinese and Russians want an equity/asset based currency. Hence, they are stockpiling gold.
      Trump is an outsider who knows jobs will never come back to America as long as the dollar is the global reserve currency. I suspect the Chinese and Russian see Trump as their only chance to unwind the Ponzi dollar without risking nuclear war with the Deep State.

      1. Totally agree with you there, Dave. I would say that thus far, Trump has done at least 80% of what the elites wanted him to do…but the 20% was just enough to deem him too erratic for their tastes. That tells you how desperate they really are.

  4. I am beyond sick and tired of the brobdingnagian shit show now swirling around Mordor on the Potomac (aka Washington, DC). If I hear any more of the Democrat’s delusional and unsubstantiated accusations that “the Russians did it”, I’m likely to start spewing projectile vomit.

    Note to Hillary supporters: she lost not because “the Russians did it”, but because she’s a psychopathic, war mongering, blood-on-her-hands BITCH.

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