The Existing World Order Is Collapsing

It’s the collapse of that structure that was built in the 1940s that is behind all of these problems that are popping up in financial markets and economies around the world. Richard Maybury, publisher of U.S. & World Early Warning Report for Investors.

In a conversation with Henry Bonner of Sprott’s Thought’s,  Richard Maybury lays out the framework of the existing World Order that was set up after WW2, which left the west – and primarily the U.S. – at the center of the world power structure.   That power structure is collapsing.   Maybury discusses the how the acceleration of the many chaotic events which have developed in connection with this ongoing and accelerating collapse:

Who knows what’s coming. I don’t. I just know that if you have a whole lot of cash of any kind, in any currency, you ought to be really nervous about it and you ought to be into raw materials and precious metals, at least to some extent  (Sprott’s Thoughts)

What’s interesting about this is that most “alternative thought process” analysts – and the armies of people who follow them – believe that the Rockefeller/Rothschild Bilderberg Group will emerge as the dominant NWO entity.   I have been skeptical of this view for well over a decade.

The truth is, once the existing power infrastructure collapses, all bets are off.  History tells us that anything can happen and that something entirely unexpected by almost everyone is what will emerge.

Unfortunately, my view has been and remains that global nuclear chaos will occur.  If you want to see how that ends up, please read “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.   I hope I’m wrong but I doubt that I am…

14 thoughts on “The Existing World Order Is Collapsing

  1. Another compelling book read is;
    “World Made By Hand” Written by James Howard Kunstler.
    Of many post apocalyptic scenarios, his (IMHO) view comes the closest to reality.
    If have not read this book, I highly recommend that you do. It will be a primer for you and how to prepare for what may very well come to pass. It has been said that after a global nuclear event, the lucky ones will be dead! I fervently hope and pray that this event does not occur, however considering the degree of intelligence contained in the leadership, I highly doubt it will be contained. Prepare accordingly. I’am and have.

  2. Dave, I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and watching many of your calls being correct. I was just thinking recently about your “The Road” references during that time. I was going to write and ask if your stance had changed on that scenario……..I guess it hasn’t. Obviously I hope your wrong this time. Keep up the good fight.

    1. Nope. Read “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy – that’s where we’re headed. I hope I’m right, but the more I observe the more I’m convinced that’s where we’re headed…I wrote this in an email to Bill Murphy yesterday: This whole shit-show will end up either in WW3 or revolution in this country. I think the U.S. population has been thoroughly lobotomized and lacks the fortitude to engage in revolution. I also think the reason the U.S. is trying provoke a war with Russia is to use the war as a cover-up for economic and financial war it’s been waging on the U.S. population for the last 20 years – really, ever since Robert Rubin got into the White House via his Treasury appointment.

      1. Dave,

        very dire future. You’re depressing me. I’m thinking about spending most of my savings on cheap girls and just waste the rest.

        1. Quote (allegedly) from George Best a famous UK soccer player

          “I spent most of my money on women and booze…. the rest I squandered”

        2. When W.C. Fields was asked What did you spend your money on? He responded on women,booze and gambling, the rest I just wasted. Spend accordingly!

  3. About ten years ago my daughter bought a house that had an underground two room bomb
    shelter in the backyard that was a relic from the cold war days. The realtor that sold the house advised
    her to fill the bunker up with dirt which she declined to do. With all that is happening these days
    that thing may just come in handy after all.

  4. A coming nuclear war? That would piss me off, but maybe the surviving cockroaches (the 6 legged variety) would manage things better than the 2 legged variety. Time to start building me a smokehouse.

  5. I live in France and can clearly see that if the US does not stop trying to drive a wedge between the natural relationship between Europe and Russia plus east we will end up with war. The US is hopelessly under estimating Russia and should learn from both Napoleon and Hitler. The US has to have a revolution within, or it will be war. The general population of the US is totally lacking in the knowledge of what is happening.

    Best regards


  6. Wars are fought many different ways these days. It doesn’t have to be warheads bringing down a nation, a few mouse clicks will do.

    Stuxnet was the prelude/prototype of war at arms distance, of cyber mercenaries working unofficially for their home country to take down another nation with no direct ties to any nation so no country can be blamed . Can we or the Pentagon be so sure there are no sleeper viruses that could shut down the US War Machine form within?
    No one knows who has what weaponry if it comes down to cyber warfare, The Chinese are no slouches when it comes to computer hacking so they may have a few cyber blockbusters up their sleeves if they ever need them. Russia might have some cyber soldiers that they don’t talk about, or the Russian Government might drop the hint to Russian hackers that an attack on an unfriendly nation would be a glorious action in defending Mother Russia.
    The rules of warfare have changed as the weapons have changed. The military leadership seems stuck in fighting the last war not realizing that what worked in the past won’t work so well in the future.
    I can’t rule out nuclear war, but I can’t rule out a cyber attack that could disable the computers necessary to launch warheads either.

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