The explosive questions the gold riggers won’t answer-and the press won’t ask

Over the years, I’ve asked several skeptics of the idea that Central Banks and Governments, using the bullion banks as their agents, manipulate the gold price this question:   The Big Banks have been convicted and fined numerous times for manipulating interest rate and currency markets.  Is it realistically conceivable given this fact that they would leave the gold market alone?  The question, of course, is rhetorical and I’ve yet to receive an answer.

The answer is obvious to anyone who has looked at the facts.  I have written several articles with Paul Craig Roberts detailing how the manipulation is executed on the Comex and the motivation behind the manipulating the gold market.  Remarkably, there are public notes of a meeting chaired by Henry Kissinger in 1974  that discusses the importance of removing gold completely from the monetary system which is conveniently ignored.

The following is a re-post of an article posted by GATA’s Chris Powell. Even if you have your had in the sand and refuse to believe that Central Banks and Governments manipulate the global gold market using paper gold derivatives, at least brush the sand out of your eyes and read this carefully:

How easy it would be for any major financial news organization or trade association to confirm, expose, and combat the rigging of the gold market by governments and central banks. Such an effort could start with the documentation, most of it from official sources, collected by GATA and compiled here: Taxonomy

Everything could be nailed down to the present moment by a few specific questions put to the key participants in the rigging. These questions already have been prepared and posed, just not publicized enough.

— Three months ago U.S. Rep. Alex X. Mooney, R-West Virginia, wrote to the secretary of the treasury and the chairman of the Federal Reserve asking what the U.S. government’s policy on gold is and whether it remains, as government records from years ago establish, to drive the monetary metal out of the world financial system. Mooney also asked whether the U.S. government, directly or through intermediaries, like the Bank for International Settlements, trades in gold and gold derivatives and what the purposes of any such transactions are. Mooney’s letter is posted at GATA’s internet site here: Mooney Letter

Mooney has received no response.

– Last November GATA put similar questions to the BIS. What, GATA asked, is the purpose of the gold swaps and derivatives purchased and sold by the bank and the purpose of the bank’s involvement in the gold market generally?

The bank replied promptly but only to say it would not answer the question: BIS Letter

— Five weeks ago your secretary/treasurer and GATA consultant Harvey Organ wrote to the comptroller of the currency in the Treasury Department, Joseph M. Otting, whose office regulates the banking industry, calling attention to the recent explosion in use of the emergency procedure of “exchange for physicals” to settle gold and silver contracts issued on the New York Commodities Exchange by government-regulated banks. The financial risks undertaken by the banks in these transactions, GATA wrote, apparently were not being reported to the comptroller.

GATA’s letter concluded: “Could you review this matter and let us know your conclusions?” The comptroller has not responded.

Please click here to read the rest – it’s worth the time spent:   Unanswered Questions About Official Gold-Rigging

15 thoughts on “The explosive questions the gold riggers won’t answer-and the press won’t ask

  1. This is why I strongly support Kinesis, as an investor and evangelist.

    It is an extremely well thought out system that has cracked the problem of Greshams Law, and has the potential to just naturally become the new monetary system.

    I think this is what it’s going to take to crack the dishonest, thieving cartels – a naturally better product that competes openly, fairly, AND CANNOT BE MANIPULATED.

  2. I’ve got my tinfoil hat on so here goes. Control of precious metals and commodities, in general, is absolutely essential to suppress natural market signals that would reveal the real quantity of money extant, today. Last winter, I listened to an interview, conducted by Greg Hunter, of a professor of economics at Michigan State University, named Mark Skidmore. The interview was very factual and reasonable, without any hyperbole or outlandish claims – although afterwards it was hard to not see the possibilities.

    Skidmore, in analysing the accounts of the Pentagon and HUD (I think) came up with a total of $21 Trillion in adjustments. Now, he didn’t qualify any of his statements and say things like reversals or double accounting, or anything that might diminish that number.

    Access to those accounts were subsequently denied, according to him. Not a peep from any news source picking up on the story. It was deep-sixed like everything else inconvenient to the narrative, such as WMD in Iraq and 9-11.

    You can imagine the impact that would have have on all markets if that money, or a fraction of it, being off-book and under Treasury control, was found to exist.

    1. I remember that when it was first posted. I love that video. I wonder if you could do that stunt and get a date with a hot babe.

    2. All this video really proves is that most people do not trust strangers giving out free stuff. Some of these people did not choose either the gold coin or the candy bar. Some walked right by him not wanting to be bothered. Some asked why he was giving away free stuff and if the coin was real because they did not trust Mark Dice. I guarantee you that if you asked all your friends and relatives or even strangers which is worth more, a one ounce gold coin or a candy bar and reassured them that this was not a trick question, that all of them would say the gold coin. I had people bother me in public trying to give me free stuff only to have them give me a sales pitch about something after I took the supposedly free item. I simply ignore these people because I am tired of being tricked or harassed. And if some stranger came up to me and asked me if I wanted a gold coin I would be suspicious as to his motive as any normal person should be.

      1. whatever. If someone offered my the choice between a 1/10 gold eagle and a Snickers, I’d take the gold, no questions asked.

          1. If you feel so strongly about this, start your own blog and post your rants in public rather than hiding it like a pussy in the comment section
            of the hard work of others. Quite passive/aggressive.

  3. They are Criminals and they are the Law same time. Expect only worst.
    We reached “The $247 trillion global debt ” and is still growing , almost 320% of World GDP and gold is only $1226 ???! Insane

  4. Hey Dave, Been sharing this article with friends and websites. Thanks

    Any guess why the CRIMEX is not reporting sales since 4:30 Central this morning? Its 8:50 CST and no updates since then

    AUG 2018 AUG 2018
    Show Price Chart
    1216.1 -11.8 1227.9 1227.3 1228.3 1215.9 110,807 1317.9 / 1137.9 04:32:12 CT
    19 Jul 2018

    Other than to hide the contracts its taking to continue the smash?

    1. LOL Dave they must have spies on your site. Less than 3 minutes after this posted the nums were adjusted.

  5. * how about: China is controlling metals. Base metals they want cheap for products; Gold, they are letting Turkey Iran and others in their SCO and One Belt groups in cheap for now. And they trade Oil in Yuan-Gold now, too, so….it’s about China really as they let the manipulators here do their heavy lifting!

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