The Fed Is Blow-Torching The Economy With QE

The Federal Reserve exists for the sole purpose of enriching big banks…The Fed does whatever it takes to keep a yacht filled of failed executives and their friends unimaginably rich.  If this requires an economy of 300 million people to be blow-torched, then a blow-torching is what that economy will get. – John Titus, “Bailout Films” and “Best Evidence”

My good friend and colleague has written, narrated and produced a short video showing – with data directly obtained from the Fed’s own website to support his analysis – that there is almost a 100% inverse correlation between QE and the Labor Force Participation Rate.  I was stunned when he showed the evidence.

The only purpose QE has served is to keep the big banks solvent and to fund the massive pay packages paid to big bank executives. Please watch this video closely and pass it along to everyone you know – it is truly extraordinary:

19 thoughts on “The Fed Is Blow-Torching The Economy With QE

  1. To say the FED exists for the sole purpose of enriching banks is to ignore a fact, one of great importance about the USD.

    The USD does not only act as a currency. It also acts as a real-time measure for bullion and other commodities.

    Fact : Without the advent of the free floating USD (1971) the gold price would not have been set free.

    No free floating dollar = no free floating gold market = no present/future opportunity to monetize gold’s weight in real-time.

      1. To support your comment, Edward, all one need do is look at historic charts and see for themselves that the price of gold disconnected from the ‘official ‘ price of gold way back in 1968, a few years before the gold window was closed. The “official” gold price was fixed at $35, the market price for gold in April 1968 was $37.90 and after that it went up and down. His argument “No free floating dollar = no free floating gold market” falls apart with even the most casual of research from even the laziest of researchers (namely me) is researched. The gold market was finally forced to kneel to ‘king’ dollar when Volker spiked interest rates and the plunge protection team was formed. The manipulators won the manipulation battle for a few decades but they are losing control, they can’t force gold down below $1000 without The East buying up every gram and crashing the paper game.

        I’m no fan of Kitco, they are the grizzlies of gold bears, but their charts are worth a look so you use them while ignoring their trash talking of gold.

        Fun fact, the US “official” price of silver is $1.29, but I’ll eat my silver coins before I sell for that piddly little price! (Silver ain’t bad with ketchup.)

  2. what did I miss. Where do we sign up for Titus’s info or are you going to forward it to us David.

    By the way, That was excellent, the graphics really help make the point.

    1. He’s still getting his shit together with a website and youtube channel – don’t worry, he’s good friend of mine and i’ll be posting his work as it’s produced. he’s an artist so he produces this stuff when he’s inspired. I usually get previews as he’s producing

  3. Hi Dave,

    I recently read an article posted on FB which argues that the main contributing factor for the decreasing labor participation rate is that older baby boomers are leaving the work force. I know that you and John published a video that showed that people 55 to 64 are not leaving the work force with would offset the baby boomer exodus. Here is the URL for the article. I would be interested to hear your comments on it.

    Bill Osborne

    1. I have no comment on smelly bullshit. Go the St. Louis Fed FRED data system and you’ll find a link that shows the labor data. In THAT very section is graph that shows that the ONLY segment of the population for which the LFPR is INCREASING is in the 55 and over age demographic.

  4. Dave, thank you for being a good friend and posting John’s most excellent video. I have been over to youtube to subscribe and will be sharing where ever possible.

    Your shale oil article dovetails nicely with John’s video, in that the loss of these good paying oil field jobs, that will not be replaced, is going to drive one of the final nails into the economies coffin! So many global “Black” events swirling around now, any one of which could be the “trigger” to setting the “Great” reset in motion. Will be soon.

  5. John Lays it out all out in a very easy to understand and basic format making it painfully obvious and without question who the fed is really working for. Nothing will change until this collection of financial terrorists are wiped clean from the face of the earth. I think the “Rooster’s new name should be cock “fill in the the blank”

  6. It’s nice to see a concise thinker and presenter, with just the right amount of editorializing, join the fray. I fear, though, that we’ll never acquire sufficient numbers, without MSM presence, to create a ‘tipping point’. We all know that ain’t gonna happen before it’s too late.
    I’ve been beating my head against the wall since the ’80s, when I studied Merrill Jenkins’s arguments from the ’60s and finally understood the problem.
    If past is prologue–and history says it is, catastrophe and subsequent hard times will be the only thing to move the masses out of complacency and ignorance.
    My only hope is that Mr. Titus, and folks like him, will gain enough presence, prior to the next crash, to draw sufficient numbers to his presentations after TSHTF. At least, they’ll understand what happened and why.
    Otherwise, the current rulers of the world will provide their own reasons and we’ll be in worse trouble than before it all started.
    When you have all the money, the only thing left is power. Kings and queens had all the power at one time; perhaps they want to be kings and queens again.

  7. Thanks for an excellent video, which was posted on my favorite forum.

    I have spent thirty-five years of my life researching and trading the markets. The economic collapse of 2007-08 was the inevitable result of about seventy-five years of Keynesian economic policy, the heart of which is printing “funny money.”

    The legal authority for this madness began with the passage of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the Federal Reserve Board. The printing presses were employed to address the Great Depression, as directed by FDR and the Keynesians.

    Printed money did not end the Great Depression…WWII did. The current depression is much worse and it too will force the world into another global war. During WWII, approximately fifty-five million people died (military personnel and civilians). WWIII will probably result in the deaths of perhaps four billion people. WWIII actually began with the invasion of Kuwait and continues today. Russia is now at war with the Ukraine and Israel is crying for action against Iran.

    Wake up, America!

    The international banking cartel that created the FED, destroyed our economy (twice) and financed two wars and multiple military adventures by the US,
    is now using its propaganda machine (the main stream media) to prepare the American people for war.

    Perhaps everyone should read R.E. McMasters (The Cycles of War).

    My comments are not meant to offend anyone, but obviously there are guilty parties who continue to profit from inflation, depression, war and reconstruction.

    Ask yourself why there are thirteen-thousand lobbyists on “K” Street in Washington,
    the two largest being Aipac and the Wall St. banking lobby.


  8. FB …. keep going on those 35 years. I admire determination and great effort. Don’t be surprised to discover that the fiat (floating) development of the USD was required in a series of events
    so that bullion could be re-monetized in such a way that the value of weight was/is floating. You’re bound to see that gold now has complete scalable and unrestrained liquidity demanding on how the market values it.
    Gold is now a debt-free currency with complete flexibiliy on its “reach” (liquidity)

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