The Global Power Structure Is Shifting East Along With All Of The Gold

All of these western – if you will – European and American Central Banks – have completely gone all-in on the fiat currency structure and we’re all going to suffer as a result.  – Craig Hemke – aka “Turd Furguson,” Daily Coin podcast

What is the significance behind China’s historical physical gold accumulation?   No one really knows how much gold China’s Central Bank has accumulated over the past 20 years. Similarly no one knows how much gold is really sitting in the Fed’s vaults.  We do know that the Fed has spent a small fortune – including hiring Linda Robinson, who was the head of Enron’s Washington lobby office – to fight Congress’ effort to pass legislation requiring a full audit of the Fed’s gold.

One thing we know for sure, in light of the fact that China and India alone are importing more gold than is mined by all gold mines globally – the western Central Banks have unloaded most if not all of their sovereign-owned gold.

Rory Hall of The Daily Coin hosted Craig Hemke of the  TF Metals Report – for a discussion about the new London gold price “fix,” among other timely issues connected with the ongoing massive transfer of physical gold from the western Central Bank system to  Asia:

It’s well worth the 25 minutes spent listening to this conversation.  I have a bad feeling that sometime within the next 12-24 months, citizens of the west are going to understand the significance of the meaning behind “the Golden Rule”:  “He who controls the gold makes the rules.”

4 thoughts on “The Global Power Structure Is Shifting East Along With All Of The Gold

    1. No. Centralized debt is used to perpetuate Govt overspending and welfare programs (including social security, medicare) and military spending. This country will collapse under the weight of printed dollars and Govt debt.

  1. The “collapse” will spell the end of ‘Federalism’ in the US.
    It will usher in ‘Regionalism’ and a much more localized, downsized economies.
    Whether these massive changes come about mostly peaceably, or with widespread violence remains to be seen. Given the historical record concerning such sweeping societal changes, the outlook is not promising.

    1. I shouldn’t worry about the decentralization too much, Outlooking. The centralization has been a necessary evil for the sake of creating a real-time distribution model that is global in size and scale , regardless of what kind of currency it carries within it, be it debt based or asset based.

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