The Government Fraudulently Reported April Inflation Numbers

There’s no B.S. like the BLS – Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the Consumer Price Index for April this morning. This Ministry of “Truth” published an inflation report that asserts that consumer inflation rose .1% month over month for April.   But a further dissection of the numbers shows that the BLS has the price of gasoline falling 1.7% during April.

This is either a politically motivated act of fraud or complete incompetence on the part of the Government statisticians and data gatherers (the Census Bureau).

In fact, the price of gasoline rose over 12% during April – the fastest monthly rise in history:


As you can see, the price of gasoline rose from $1.77 to $2.00 during the month of April. Either the people running the BLS are complete incompetent idiots or have been given strict orders from above – i.e. the White House – to produce politically friendly economic reports. Let’s call the BLS “The Ministry of Disinformation.”

The BLS’ distortion of the data it reports is far greater and fraudulent that ANYONE is willing to admit, investigate or report.

Here’s what they did to gold after that fraud-filled CPI report was released (click to enlarge):

Gold hit

Any questions as to the political motivation behind the Government’s intentional release of fraudulent economic data?

23 thoughts on “The Government Fraudulently Reported April Inflation Numbers

  1. actually Gasoline was 2.05 at the close on 4/30 which makes the price increase for April higher.

    The real question is whether anything is correct or even reasonably correct in government reporting.

    1. Almost all the economic data from basically all governments on Earth are completely and totally false. I read the book, In The Plex, about Google and it’s founders and the father of Sergey Brin was a Soviet Economist. Brin’s father and his phD colleagues were tasked with constantly coming up with new formulas, equations and weightings to use statistics to lie to the Soviet people by the government. New formulas were constantly released and changed to show there was never any inflation in the Soviet Union and that the Soviet standard of living for individual regular citizens was much higher than the average middle class American. We are seeing a lot of this now from the US, UK, China, Japan, ECB, etc except the difference is Wall St, mainstream academia, mainstream media and many sheeple who haven’t woken up yet believe all this information the government puts out. Soviet citizens didn’t believe anything the government said and most believed the exact opposite. There’s a lot of people who have blind faith in governments for doing the right thing and being mostly honest.

    1. It’s the main trading algorithm used by the Fed/bullion banks and administered by the BIS, per our interview with Jeff Nielson

    2. They Jailed Bernie Maddoff for running a Ponzi Scheme yet do the very same themselves.
      Whole lot should face ail Time and not Bail these Bastards.

  2. The entire Matrix is a fraud. Everyone is a paid lackey who follows
    their marching orders. The sick part of this entire Matrix is that the
    majority of the public is either totally apathetic of has been dumbed
    down thru television and GMO additives in the food. Critical thinking
    skills have been socially and geo engineered out of the majority of

    1. Most people are totally ignorant and unaware of whats going on.
      Their main interests are dancing with the stars, footboll & basketball games and watching what the Kardasians are up to.
      At the same time they are consuming modified junkfood in order to keep their IQ below 80.

      The markets are so rigged and it doesn´t seem to stop
      I wonder what type of event it will be that finally makes the BIS, FED and the others lose their grip so that fair market value can make a comeback.

      1. Also, many informed people have realized there is little we can do to significantly improve things, so they have given up paying attention.

    2. Funny you should say geo engineered because the story behind that is even more devastating than all the banksters financial frauds

    3. There’s been a much long term term effort through the mainstream media, government schools, universities etc to dumb people down. JS Kim of Smart Knowledge U did a great podcast on it recently citing a lot of sources to back up his claims.

      Antonio Gramchi and other Marxists/fascists/Fabian socialists like the Rockefellers, Carnegie, etc went about intentionally dumbing down young kids through government schools starting in the Progressive Era. Independent thinking and critical thinking and logic was eliminated.

      1. Now you are on to the right path. Even though I quite certain that I have significant differences in outlook and ideological filters compared with the bulk of this sites readership I am heartened by the thought that we can both identify the totalitarian bent of this nascent elitist corporatist regime that openly boasts of its plans for Full Spectrum global domination.

        1. All these “conspiracy theories” are silly. What you ought to be worried about right now is the income disparity between the 99% and the 1% and how to rebuild our once lovely middle classes? The way to do that is “more sharing” in terms of higher taxes on the wealthy so they “share” their wealth…and/or raise salaries to a minimum wage of $15 and up the scale. That’s the challenge for us now. Get smart, don’t let “conspiracy theories” deflect you from what is really happening and what is really important. JB

  3. The Chapwood inflation index tracks 500 commonly used items in 50 cities across the nation since 2011.

    The criminals at the central bank & in government claim the current inflation rate to be 0.8%.

    The Chapwood Index and the real world experience have determined inflation is running at approximately 11% nationally.

    Who do you believe to be accurate in their inflation calculation?

    Very bad economic times are in the near future.

    Suspending accounting requirements ( Dodd Frank) for criminals in the financial market, multi national corporations, corporations and government only postpones reality.

    In the words of Ayn Rand: You can ignore reality, but you can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

    Chapwood Index:

    1. Absolutely! Always attack the puppet and not the string pullers. That is the American way. Both parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of the FIRE industries. Why not go after them instead of the politicians they have bought.

      Oh, I forgot. Since the government has been purchased by the aforementioned FIRE (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) industries, there is not a damn thing we can do except accept our lot.

      1. Please look in the mirror. Do you see “a nice person” there? Or do you see a mean, cruel, unappreciative person regarding his country and all the positive things we have here? Anyone who says, “XXX should be hanged” is not someone with whom I’d like to be associated or have any interaction or for whom I have much respect.

  4. “There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.” Will Rogers Everyone knows that statistics are suspect due to the fact that statistics are only averages and medians and estimates. For example, we here in Los Angeles laugh at “the average price of a gallon of gas” because our “average” is always way higher than “the national average”. But, it is also unfair and bad faith for some people like this writer to over generalize that “all government statisticians are fakes and evil.” They are just people like us giving their best estimates. The estimates may be a “bit off”…..but at least they are a starting point for further discussion and change up or down. No evil intent should be assumed.

    1. ” But, it is also unfair and bad faith for some people like this writer to over generalize that “all government statisticians are fakes and evil.” They are just people like us giving their best estimates.”
      No, the government statisticians are given orders to make the numbers work or get fired, so what do they do? They make the numbers work. The government mangers and government executives give the marching orders to the government statisticians to make the numbers work, which doesn’t make government statisticians evil but it does make them fakirs.

      “The estimates may be a “bit off” ” A bit off means a variable of +/- 0.5%-1% these so called expert statisticians are off 5% and up. Speaking for myself for the past five years food has gone up, insurance premiums have gone up, rent has gone up, clothing has gone up, etc. For most posters here it is the same so please do not be an apologist for government statisticians for being a bit off, unless your definition of a ‘bit off’ means way off the mark.

      1. “There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.” that was accredited to Mark Twain though some attribute it to a politician from Great Britain (Disraeli, Arthur James Balfour, Sir Charles Wentworth Dike, among others), just a FYI.

  5. Good to read of the exposure u are giving – and some of the comments show clued up people — The JUSA has been taken over – hope u all realise that ? and ‘they’ are in the process of taking over the rest of the Western Nations….very desperate to get Russ into ‘ their’ fold !! Don’t despair !! God has said what He is going to do, to those who are wrecking His People !!! and by that I mean the Jacob-Israelites, Gen 35:10 and NOT the Uzzz !!!!!!!! they have no right to use the name ‘ Israel ‘ as that belongs to the TRUE Hebrew Race, from our forefather HEBER ; the Uzz are ALL proselytes !! from Khazaria stock and Armenia…. they are NOT from the 12 sons of Jacob !!! Gen 49. Just read Obad 17,18 and u will see what Jacob and Israel are going to do to the people of that Stolen Land !!!
    bye– bara

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