The LBMA Is Just As Rigged As The Comex

Gold is going a lot higher, especially once India  – which has been absent from the gold market since the virus crisis started  – re-opens its economy . Silver is starting to wake-up and should outperform gold by a substantial margin going forward.

Chris Marcus (Arcadia EconomicsArcadia Economics) and I discuss the dubious credibility of the LBMA and evidence that it’s just as rigged as the Comex now:


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One thought on “The LBMA Is Just As Rigged As The Comex

  1. What’s rigged about a gold market that maintains a price that is relatively conducive to the utility value of gold and the real demand for gold’s actual utility ?

    The only people belly-aching about “suppressed” gold pricing are the people that buy gold for speculation and keep it in hoards where the gold is totally unemployed. while economy crumbles into the direct.

    Gold is money but only when we treat it as money. NO GOLDEN CALFS , PLEASE !!!

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