The Manipulation In Silver Has Reached An Extreme

You think the silver reported as being held by the SLV ETF Trust is really all there?  Really?  I guess you’re probably expecting a visit from Santa Clause in about a month as well…Silver has been hammered by the paper market for 16 trading sessions in a row.  This is the longest losing streak in the history of silver futures trading.

The manipulation of both the metals markets and the stock market has reached proportions that would have been unfathomable before the 2008 de facto financial system collapse.  The Fed has been intervening in the markets since its inception, but the executive order signed by Reagan authorizing the Working Group on Financial Markets – a secretive subset of the U.S. Treasury Department, opened the door for the full-fledged near-continuous intervention in the markets we are now witnessing.

Clearly, there is something very wrong going on behind “the curtain” and the Fed, in conjunction with select TBTF banks and hedge funds seems to be doing whatever it takes to keep it contained and hidden from the masses.

The Doc and Eric Dubin invited me on to their weekly market Metals and Markets show to discuss these and other issues:

10 thoughts on “The Manipulation In Silver Has Reached An Extreme

  1. The manipulation will not end until these criminals are arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail for a long time. Why don’t people understand this?

    1. To control the finance system, the legal system (legislative and judicial) must be controlled, as well as dominance of information outlets. In this country, that all happened for the first time by 1791 with British collaborator Stephen Girard leading the way in the first United States Bank. Fast forward to 1974, William Simon became Treasury Secretary, with his wife Carol Girard of the same Pennsylvania family. Simon bombed gold down to $105 from $200 and in January 1980 on the COMEX governing board, crushed the Hunt-Arab silver play. Simon, also an International Monetary Fund governor, was a member of The Pilgrims, a group created to bridge the gap caused by the Revolutionary War. The Pilgrims 1957 list shows Pierpont Morgan Hamilton, descended from British banking collaborator Alexander Hamilton of the First U.S. Bank, and John Pierpont Morgan Senior, who was a VP of The Pilgrims as of 1910. There are many other such examples. This group also has a London branch and they ran the London Gold Pool defending the old $35 price. The present metals suppression comes from current members and not much of any other source, especially not from Bilderberg. Unlike Bilderberg they don’t make any roster viewable however, being by far the topmost group in the globalist constellation with members like Gerald Grosvenor, a descendant of William the Conqueror. Gerald (Duke of Westminster) owns hundreds of major buildings in 70 cities in 17 countries and has an ancestor who was in on the founding of the Bank of England in 1694 and another in the opium for silver trade in China by 1782. Money creation enables wealth concentration and The Pilgrims Society was founded to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world” (Review of Reviews, May 1902, p. 557.)

      1. Great work Charles’ read a little of your on line work. Adam Smith warned of monetarism or Creation of money by Gov dictate, (fiat). The conflating of credit with debit also which has become popular in online blogging. They are NOT the same. The monopoly of credit by Gov dictate. If you do not think gold is credit, what column do you place your gold in on a balance sheet? (not you Charles, metaphorically so to speak) I really wish these idiots’ that keep saying gold is not credit would STFU they help multiply the problem. All money is either in a credit or debit column you either owe it or you don’t.

    2. No, the manipulation will end when people stop trading their labor for debt coupons created in cyberspace. We don’t actually have to jail anyone for this situation to correct, but that would be nice. I’d like to think that real justice still exists in this world.

  2. Dave I posted this around the web and I thought it might give you a laugh….

    Listening to the pod cast chatter about the poor economic numbers and the Fed can see it, yadie yada. I had a thought come to me which would be a way for the Fed to help the economy. It is a variation of Bernanke’s helicopter drop thesis. So I am going to write a letter to the Fed and make some suggestions. Please feel free to add your comments…

    Dear Federal Reserve, with the economy not acting the way you want it to and that elusive 2% inflation target nowhere in sight, a thought came to me that may help you.

    Create a Fed Reserve lottery game, but instead of rigging so that everyone loses, fix it so that everyone wins a little! Make millions of $5, $10,$20, $50 and $100 winners. You can add a couple grand prizes too!

    You sell a lottery ticket, which is really a type of debit card. When the lottery ticket buyer realizes he won and goes to redeem his prize the redeemer activates the card and the winner must buy something with it to realize the prize. That way no cash will be involved.

    Once you see the economy improving you can “taper” the amount of winning tickets. Hope this helps and god bless.

    OH yeah, ps. you can lighten up on the pysops war on “we the stackers”. You have already shook out all the weak hands and only the bargain hunters are left. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

  3. Great interview Dave, I think your right , they know that at some point the attractiveness of pricing in the physical market must cause a run on the physical, I’m glad you bought up that fact. It also indicates’ they must realise what a dangerous game they’re playing, again as you say showing just how desperate they are becoming. It must be extreme behind the scenes.

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