The Middle Class Is About To Get Fried

The middle class in the United States has been badly misled into thinking that way of life and standard of living that has been experienced in this country will last forever.  But do any of you finding yourself cringing when you hear friends or near-by strangers with young kids discussing where they hope to send their kids  to college?

I am predicting that 5-yr olds in this country will never have that opportunity.

The middle class has been embued with such a strong sense of entitlement that they are blinded to the massive “two-by-four” that is being swung at the back of their heads.  By the time they see it coming, it will be too late to duck.

There is a strong possibility that the entire world is headed for “The Road.”  Short of that outcome at the end of what is unfolding, life is going to become medieval for everyone.  The SGT Report invited me on to discuss the issues connected to what is beginning to unfold more quickly in the world, including the possibility that the precious metals may soon become unavailable through retail channels except at extremely high premiums:

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