The “Patient” Insanity

Here’s a prediction, highly educated/paid analysts and “economists” will spend more time debating whether or not the FOMC will remove the word “patient” this week than they spend collectively in an entire year researching and analyzing the actual data and fundamentals underpinning our entire Ponzi system.

Whether or not the FOMC removes one word from its “policy” statement is completely irrelevant to the discussion that should be occurring about whether or not our financial and economic system is collapsing  Which it is.

In fact, the issue of whether or not the Fed raises its Fed rate to .25 from zero – and it’s effectively a negative rate after real inflation is accounted for – is complete lunacy.  Zero-percent interest rates are not stimulating real economic growth.  Raising rates an insignificant amount after 72 months of ZIRP will not have a significant affect on the economy.   The Fed could take rates nominally negative and it won’t stimulate growth.  It will stimulate a bigger financial bubble, which seems to be all the Fed cares about.


Here’s my prediction:   Our system is at the beginning of a  massive collapse.  The early stages of Mises’ “crack-up boom.”   The Fed is entirely irrelevant anymore except to the extent that it enables the big banks and elitists to loot our system.   That’s why they put a useless piece flesh like Grandma Yellen at the helm.  She knows how to follow orders.



16 thoughts on “The “Patient” Insanity

  1. Patient ? As in “Mental Patient” ? These people aside from
    being psychopaths are clearly delusional. That also includes
    most of the main stream media. I cannot even stomach T.V.
    even with the sound off.
    This five minute video was sent to me, (link attached)
    Rick Ackerman now predicts gold will fall to $817 per ounce.
    I wonder if Rick realizes that these markets are not real.
    How can any technical analysis be worth a damn in a distorted

  2. Dave, do you have the chance to analyze your webtraffic? If yes, did it change the last 6 months considerably? I think people must come to your web site in droves by now. Possibly many more will be visiting soon.

  3. The price of gold is highly reliant on whether the market participant sees gold as a commodity or a form of currency/liquidity. They are like night and day.


  5. Dave, you are right. I just turned on Bloomberg TV and every second word is “patient”. What a joke!

  6. While raising the interest rate won’t have a significant affect on the economy. It will on the stock market. People will think that if they raise it a little, that they’ll keep doing it and the stock market will plunge. It just takes that first time to affect the psychology of people that the little raise in interest rates will be bad and that the Fed will keep doing it.

      1. I totally agree they won’t raise rates. I’m just saying if they did, it definitely would affect the stock market, which is why they wont’ do it.

  7. I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile now way back to the Golden Truth days and check your site frequently throughout the day (but I honestly can’t recall how I stumbled upon it to begin with but glad I did

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