The Perfect Storm In Silver Is Coming

From Silver Doctor’s Weekly Metals and Markets report:

“The Perfect Storm in Silver is Coming. Demand Could TOTALLY OVERWHELM SUPPLY in 2016. The Real Value of Gold and Silver Will Be RELEASED By the Bankers Once They’re Out of Their [short] Positions.” -Steve St. Angelo

You can listen to this report here:  Collapse Of The Paper Silver Market Is Coming

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm In Silver Is Coming

  1. OK, Dave you say Silver and gold will go higher this year.
    Many others in the industry also are making similar claims.
    Craig Hemke a.k.a. Turd Ferguson with whom you have
    collaborated with on podcasts, released this on Friday
    February 19th. Who knows whom or what to believe.
    Not trying to start a fight, just questioning.

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