The Public Is Getting Pissed – Ignoring Rule Of Law

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”   – George Orwell

There’s a narrative here that the Government, the Fed, the Trump Administration, etc conveniently ignored.  Here’s the headline list this morning:

  • GM Extends Plant Shutdowns
  • 2nd Quarter GDP Hit As Inventories Tumble In April
  • Retail Sales Tumble Most Since January 2016
  • Pension Crisis Escalates
  • House Majority Whip Shot At Congressional Baseball Practice

Real Clear News reported that Representative De Santis stated to police that the shooter asked “whether Republicans or Dems were on the field before shooting.”  Fox News has confirmed  the report.

The public is getting pissed.  It is told daily, on no uncertain terms, by the White House that the economy is rapidly improving.  The Fed confirms that the economy is improving.  Wall Street chimes in confirming that “narrative.”

The public is told that the unemployment rate is under 5% and the labor market is tight.  But 95 million people in the working age population don’t have jobs.  They are not considered part of the “Labor Force” and have been removed from the statistics altogether by some BLS bureaucrat’s pencil eraser. To be sure, maybe 1/3 or even 1/2 of those people don’t want to work or need to work for some reason (wealthy, wealthy and lazy, inherited income, public assistance of some form, etc).  But 1/2 to 2/3’s of those people would like to find a job that doesn’t entail delivering pizza or washing dishes – in other words, jobs that pay to support a family.

A growing portion of the population understands the underlying truth about the economy that exists behind the propaganda and lies. And they are getting pissed. It’s become clear to anyone desperate enough in their fight to get by that the politicians, corporate elitists and Wall Street crooks are no longer beholden to Rule of Law.   The conclusion for the growing legion of desperate is obvious:  “why should we adhere to Rule of Law?”

At least this time the Deep State can’t shove the “it was ISIS” narrative down our collective gullets.

6 thoughts on “The Public Is Getting Pissed – Ignoring Rule Of Law

  1. I think Jesse’s Cafe is correct in that the Fed wants to raise rates so they have room to cut when this thing really starts crapping the bed. The Central banks are working OT to prop the markets and are going full retard on the propaganda for that reason. I am torn in that it is going to be a sight to behold when this farse finally blows sky high. At the same time this country is probably going to be a scary place.

    I appreciate all your efforts at this site. I have been following you for some time and this is one of the best places to get the real deal information. 6

  2. Dave your right about the government, but this nut job was a Bernie supporting, Racheal Maddow loving, radical progressive. A huge big government guy, don’t think he fits your narrative.

    1. Sorry, what’s wrong with accurately describing corporate media for what it is. This clearly seems to have gotten under the author’s skin. Meanwhile…

      The suspect in the shooting in Virginia put a new spotlight on the rage buried in some corners of the progressive left.

      Mr. Hodgkinson filled his Facebook page with photographs of the senator and quotes from his speeches. Mr. Hodgkinson also wrote messages filled with expletives directed at the president, and a post in March said: “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump & co.”

      Perhaps we should ask the question, which wing of the Democratic Party tends to use this sort of language most often, Hillary dead-enders or Bernie supporters? The answer is obvious.

  3. Dave,
    there is no point to be more stressed , we can’t change them and we can’t expect from crooks anything good.
    Best idea , ignore all that bullshit and prepare for big crush .
    Survival is most important and we still have time , use or loose it .

  4. Dave,

    There are actually about 102 million working age people, age 16 years and older, who currently who do not have a job. About 7 million of them are part of the 160 million person labor force. This is where we get the U-3 unemployment rate of 4.3%. Then there is another 95 million people who are in the “Not In The Labor Force” category who do not work nor do most want to work. Now why do most of these people not want to work? It is because many of them are retired, or they attend high school or college, or they stay at home to take care of a family, or they are either permanently or temporarily disabled or have an illness. Many of them are not unemployed workers as some mistakenly think.

    And many people that are “Not In The Labor Force” such as housewives and school students have never been counted as being unemployed in the past nor should they be counted as being unemployed today when calculating the unemployment rate. David Stockman however makes this mistake. He says that the unemployment rate is 42% because he wrongly counts retired persons, school students etc… as being unemployed.

    Also only about 6 million of the 95 million “Not In The Labor Force” say they want a job according to the BLS. Most of the 95 million do not want a job and are not looking for a job for good reasons. About 38 million are retired, about 16 million are school students, about 10 million are stay-at-home moms, and at least 10 million are out of the labor force because of a temporary or permanent disability or illness.

    1. Ya I wasn’t counting the official unemployed – they make up the unemployment rate. I was bringing people’s attention to the not in labor force.

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