The “Russia Threat” Tragicomedy

I’m still trying to understand how this nation became so deeply embroiled in this idiotic investigation into “he said, she said” about the Russians interfering in U.S. politics.  I can tie it back to the presidential election campaign when Hillary Clinton asserted, during one of the debates, that the Russians hacked her email.  LOL.  As it turns out, we know that is false.

The only real connection to corruption, bribes and Russia is Hillary and her husband.  The connection between millions in donations from a Russian company to Clinton “charitable funds” which paved the way for uranium sales to Russia is definitive.  Where’s the investigation into that?

The Russia situation, like the “war on terror,” is nothing more than a State-sponsored propaganda prop crafted to distract the public’s attention from the massive theft of public wealth.  The elitists are robbing the country blind and the citizens are blinded by fraudulent news reporting.  Every major “respected” news organization, print and television, has been forced to withdraw fabricated stories.  And yet, allegedly educated and “enlightened” people continue patronizing these same news sources.

My good friend, John Titus of Best Evidence video productions, and I were exchanging text messages earlier this week on the insanity that has gripped the U.S.  I wanted to share some quotes from him because they are too insightfully entertaining to keep to myself.

“The slaves [i.e. the public] will debate the merits of the red puppet and the blue puppet all the way to the gas chambers” [Republicans vs. Dems].  Note:  to anyone really paying attention, there’s no difference between Repubs and Dems – they are both controlled only by money and answer only to those who pay for their elections.  Anyone who believes that voting makes a difference is severely mentally challenged.

In reference to Russiagate:  “That story is actually so f–king dumb that I think it’s a national IQ test to see how much broad-daylight theft the criminals can get away with. ‘Can we,’ the criminals must be asking themselves, ‘drain every cent out of people’s bank accounts, 401k plans and pension funds and, in the morning, have CNN blame it on malicious gun-slinging right-wing hacker hobgoblins and still get away with it.’  The answer is most certainly ‘yes.'”

Of course, to that he added:  “Well, to be fair (and balanced), Fox News would undoubtedly fire back with a rash of its own ‘experts’ blaming the crisis on Black Lives Matter and lesbian abortionists for gun control.”

12 thoughts on “The “Russia Threat” Tragicomedy

  1. Yep, we are circling the drain. No way the system gets tweaked and set back on track. This ship is going down.

    It is quite possible we will have our own Bolshevik revolution. The population is sufficiently dumbed down and divided. As soon as the dollar craps out, assets values get trashed, pensions evaporate, the real blame game begins. The finger pointing may look bad now, but wait until TSHTF. People will become unglued. There’s no longer any unity of view or understanding how we got to this point. It will all be about survival. There won’t be any time to reflect on how the monetary system is set up, or who the real controllers are. It will be every tribe unto itself.

    Meanwhile we watch the ship listing to starboard, ever so slowly. We know we are going down but the band is still playing mightily. I don’t know about you, but I’m way past tired waiting for fate to pull us into the vortex.

    1. Completely agree!

      We dont understand how the German population fell for the propaganda and yet here we are with one of our supposed leaders screaming that a few Russians with a poor grasp of English have done something akin to Pearl Harbour by trolling on social media. You couldn’t make it up. It would be funny if the majority were bright enough to see what is happening – they are not, so they dont.

      This tragicomic farce is painful to watch.

  2. Certainly an interesting time for students of history, as we are observing in real time the “popular delusions and madness of crowds”.

  3. “Anyone who believes that voting makes a difference is severely mentally challenged.”

    In the overall scheme of things I agree. But I can’t express how much I despise the Hildabeast, and by voting against it, it isn’t in the white house

  4. I think Mark Twain said something to the effect that if voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it. Nothing is ever new.

  5. Actually, there is a difference between the blue puppet and the red puppet, that difference being how quickly they drop to their knees when big money comes calling.

  6. So you like Trumpsky and think there was no collusion or Russian collaboration? BS – both parties are corrupt, not just Hillary!

    1. Me? No. Trump is irrelevant. He’s a brilliant distraction, as is the Russian nonsense. The Deep State controls the country. The last time
      I voted was in 1992 and even back then voting was a waste of time. Anyone who believes voting matters is an complete moron.

      1. I agree the president is mostly irrelevant, but is a total buffoon and a crook, and think the Russians do have dirt on him. The previous were only total crooks, not quite as much buffoons. They all have however helped enrich the banksters at taxpayer expense, dismantled the protection from the banksters, and now disemboweled the EPA etc. I totally agree that the Banksters and big Biz via lobbyists and appointees control the country, and keep U.S. divided 50/50 so we argue with ourselves, whilst they rob U.S. blind.

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