The Scatalogical Matter Is Really Flying Now

Now that everyone is blaming Russia – instead of the weather – for everything that is happening (Adidas blamed Russia for its poor results instead of the fact that its shoes suck) – I’m wondering when Obama is going to come out and tell us Russians killed Jesus.

Of course, ignore the Chicago PMI report today – which just posted the 2nd biggest drop on record and the biggest ever miss vs. Wall Street Einsteinian forecasts:  LINK.

Conveniently skip that fact and continue to believe in a 4% GDP report and Santa Clause.

When the stock market finally cracks, it will exert particularly brutal downside force on the housing stocks.  I uncovered a particularly shocking aspect to one homebuilder’s financial disclosure that no one else has mentioned.

I believe this stock can be shorted for an easy 60-70% gain from here, with patience. You can see the details here:   Short Homebuilders – Research Report.

The re-collapse of homebuilder stocks is just starting.  There are huge gains to be made from shorting the right ones for the right reasons.

One thought on “The Scatalogical Matter Is Really Flying Now

  1. You know when Onion articles are more believable than government reported data, your country has jumped the shark. Last quarter your government reported GDP GROWTH of 0.1%. They ultimately admitted it was really NEGATIVE 2.9%. Now the government goes back and “adjusts” 15 years worth of their worthless data and surprise surprise, it was ONLY NEGATIVE 2.1%.

    Now these BEA drones have the balls to report a 4% 2nd quarter increase. This figure is beyond laughable. It is complete and utter bullshit. Three months from now they will revise it to 1.5%. They needed a big number today because the world situation is going to shit and Obama’s approval rating hits new lows every day.

    Zero Hedge points out that the BEA admitted to making wild ass guesses about the two biggest components of the surge because they had incomplete June data. The downward revisions will follow after they get their all-time stock market high based on bullshit data.

    They had the gall to say that consumer spending spiked when major retailers have been reporting shitty 2nd quarter sales. Who do you think is lying?

    They say that residential construction surged in the 2nd quarter. We know for a fact that new home construction plummeted in the 2nd quarter. All of the housing market is lower than last year. How can durable goods purchases be surging (appliances, furniture, electronics) when the retail sales figures for those retailers are negative versus last year?

    This entire report is bogus. I know it, you know it, and the government drones know it. But CNBC and the rest of the captured corporate media will shout the awesome news from the mountaintops and the Wall Street shysters will pump the rigged market with their HFT supercomputers.

    All is well in our Brave New World of finance and propaganda.

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