The Stock Market, Gold, Silver, Mining Stocks And Tesla

The stock market has become a powerful political and economic propaganda tool. It’s hard to dispute the idea that economy is not “in a good place” or “booming” when the Dow goes up 100 points or more everyday. Trump understands this and has been coercive in the Fed’s decision to loosen monetary policy and re-start the money printing press. Ironically, Trump tweeted this in 2012 (as sourced by

Make no mistake, the economy nearly every sector of the economy is contracting  except consumer spending and defense spending, both of which are being driven by record levels of consumer and Government debt.

Meanwhile, the precious metals sector is getting ready for another move higher and, according to Factset, currently 45% of all research analysts either have a sell or underweight (which is diplomatic “sell”). Silver Liberties invited me onto this podcast to have some fun and discuss these topics:


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4 thoughts on “The Stock Market, Gold, Silver, Mining Stocks And Tesla

  1. Reported today that 401(k)s of 233,000 Americans are now worth over $1m USD.
    So, who says the Fed cannot print millionaires. These folks are giddy.

    Why won’t the USD fiat currency not significantly decrease with the Fed unabated money printing that is monetizing U.S. Debt and buying impaired bank loan assets which recapitalizes the banks 100% to go out and make more subprime loans and speculative bets?

    Because this is what is also being done by all the other Central banks: the ECB, Bank of Japan, Bank of China, Bank of England, Bank of South Korea, Bank of Australia and others.

    So what will make Gold go up significantly if global CB money printing is not doing it.
    Answer: It would have to be the coronavirus spreading throughout Asia and Europe out-of-control and destroying their economies, destroying profits of companies, destroying stock markets which results in a tidal wave of investment into gold that would overwhelm the gold cartel.

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