The Sun Sets In The West And Rises In The East

“The west is only interested in creating chaos and war, whereas the east is concerned with the business of conducting business” – Rory Hall, The Daily Coin

While the population in the United States is constantly bombarded by media and political propaganda about U.S. “exceptionalism” and glorifies the “heroes” who defend this country’s right to create chaos and war around the world, China is slowly and systematically operating to build the world’s next superpower.

Rory Hall did an interview with Jeff Brown, who spent a considerable amount of time on the ground in China, in which they discuss the fact that China and Russia are working to advance the economic interests of the east while the U.S. borrows and spends its way into destitution:

2 thoughts on “The Sun Sets In The West And Rises In The East

  1. Question for you Dave – you know these guys better that most/all of us….they don’t just speak about preparing for a dollar collapse, they actually feel disappointment that it hasn’t already happened. I can understand preparing for disaster, but I don’t understand their sense of disappointment in having to wait for it. They both acknowledge that the results will be cataclysmic and “change life as we know it”, so why are they so anxious for it to happen? I just want to understand their mindset.

    1. Because like me, they are sick and tired of seeing the criminals in our system shoving a giant lie down
      our throat while they steal our wealth. Let the truth come out and let the system reset.

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