The U.S. Can Learn From India’s Move To Digital Currency?

In short, we can learn to not let it happen here.

In August, Obama’s Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, appointed Jeff Bezos to the little-known and highly secretive Defense Innovation Advisory Board. This for me confirmed that Bezos was an integral part of the Deep State, which I began to suspect when Amazon’s cloud computing division started receiving contracts from various Deep State divisions (like the CIA). This “advisory” board is chaired by Googles Eric Schmidt.

This position dovetails nicely with Bezos’ ownership of the Washinton Post, which has been transformed into part of the Deep State’s program to proliferate propaganda – or “fake news.” Funded by the taxpayers, the work being done by this Board has intentionally been “kept under wraps,” as Business Insider describes.

After, all the Washington Post has been well respected for decades as one of the primary “go-to” newspapers for domestic and international political news reporting. Trusted as such, historically if a news item was reported by the WashPo, it had to be true, right?

Under Bezos’ control, and in the context that Bezos is part of the Deep State mechanism, the WashPo has become an Orwellian device in the “war on truth.” In addition, Bezos can use the “power of the pen” as a powerful political weapon against politicians or Government bureaucrats who oppose the Establishment and the Deep State.

With that as a backdrop, the Washington Post published a curious report on the Indian Government’s of the removal of the most commonly used cash bills by the Indian populace titled, What The U.S. Can Learn From India’s Move Toward A Cashless Society. The article goes on to describe all of these “benefits” but only casually mentions the huge economic disruption caused by the move. Saying that though, there are plenty of benefits that come with having a cashless society. For example, transferring money is now a lot safer, particularly when people use an IFSC code (you can search your IFSC/MICR code here if you wanted to). This also helps speed up the process and gives the people just a bit of peace of mind concerning their money. These benefits don’t just stop there though, there are plenty of other benefits that people can enjoy. Unfortunately, people saw the other side of these benefits though…

Of course, these “benefits” all had to do with the implementation of technology which makes it easier for the Government to identify, track and ultimately control the individual. It should come as no surprise to us that, given the role Bezos plays as part of the Deep State, Bezos’ newspaper would be promoting the digital banking system.

A crucial fact not known by most is that the former Chairman of India’s Central Bank – the Reserve Bank of India – was appointed as the Vice Chairman of the BIS in 2015. This fact calls into question the idea that digitizing India’s banking system was motivated by anything other than the western elitists’ goal of implementing totalitarianism.

While the WashPo did mention the disruption to India’s economy caused by the removal of the most common currency bills, the article did not mention the fact that the move temporarily undermined the population’s ability to buy gold during the country’s biggest seasonal gold buying period. This latter effect was likely one of the primary motives behind the move and it underscores the control over India that can be exerted by the western elitists and their Central Banking cartel.

The bottom line is that India was used as “testing ground” for the western global elitists’ plan to digitize the global currency system. This will be used to exert Orwellian totalitarian control over the masses. It should come as no surprise that the wealthiest elitists like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have been advocating a cashless banking system, backed by the “intellectual” support of “academics” like Harvard’s Larry Summers and Kenneth Rogoff.

There’s no question that subtle and gradual effort will be used to implement a cashless banking system in the U.S. All the warning signs are flashing. I also suspect that, at some point, the “national security” card will be pulled in persuading the masses that cash is the “currency of terrorists.”

Ben Franklin once warned, to paraphrase him, that if we give up some of our freedom in exchange for security, we will eventually end up with neither. That is where we are headed unless there’s an effort to prevent the elimination and use of cash in our economic system.

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  1. Dave,
    There’s something about trying to take away cash dollars that’s different than taking away cash rupees. The international drug trade.

    The international drug trade primarily uses the U.S. dollar. So whoever it is that is somehow able to control supposedly U.S. controlled Afghanistan and produce heroin in record amounts and flood the U.S. with heroin really won’t want the elimination of U.S. cash dollars from the system.

    The entities who want to eliminate cash from the U.S. system might be stronger than those who want to keep our phony drug war going. Or, maybe the entities who want the phony drug war are stronger and would be able to prevent an elimination of cash. Or maybe the two groups are one and the same.

      1. Actually, it’s a LOT darker than that.

        There used to be a time over last 2 to 3 years that I used to feel, Jim Willie (Golden Jackass) was a bit unhinged, especially when he used to go off of financial topics & rant about all sorts of “DARK” topics. I never doubted his acumen on financial topics, mind you; it’s just some of the dark “conspiracies” mentioned below that made me tune him out.

        However, everything I’ve learned (over last 5 to 6 months) since the WikiLeaks Podesta emails & following ‘Fake News” outbursts/bizarre reality circus of Trump Administration & it’s public Proxy fight with (at least some faction elements of) Deep State, tells me the following:

        All sorts of crazy dark topics Jim Willie ranted about have always been true. In fact, it’s probably a lot worse than his rants. If that’s even possible. I’m sure Jim Willie himself has learned some new disturbing info as a result of the events of past 6 months, that has shaken his spirituality to the core.

        OK so with that, my long preamble is out of the way. Following is the DARK reality about what keeps the Deep State & the financial institutions hopelessly dependent on US Dollar reserve currency alive. The US Dollar is backed all sorts of DISGUSTING & NEFARIOUS SHIT in the list below:

        Narcotics trafficking mentioned above
        Weapons trafficking, financing of war-lords & terrorists all over the world
        Oil smuggling as well as trafficking of various mined commodities e.g. Uranium, (possibly rare earths??)
        Adult human trafficking, especially from war zones or (engineered?) disaster areas such as Haiti, Guatemala etc.
        Children human trafficking from above areas
        Organized Pedophilia rackets based on above to trap & blackmail parasite politicians
        Organ trafficking based on adult/children trafficking above
        All sort of EVIL SATANIC rackets based on trafficking above to keep blackmailed politicians entrapped

        I have not slept well many times over past few months as darker & darker layers of such topics have been peeled. I’ve learned all sorts of crap which I wish I never knew about. Now that I’ve learned these things, it’s not possible to un-learn it. Everything that has been discovered thru George Webb’s “Where is Eric Braverman, followed by DynCorp/Blackwater” investigations has closed loops with the PizzaGate investigations. This is some of the worst evil possible.

        When Gary Webb (no relation to George Webb of Dyncorp investigations) uncovered the narcotic trafficking evil & paid for it with his life, he spent his lifetime dedicated to only 1 corner. I’m sure he was aware of other related dark angles as well, but had no possible bandwidth to investigate any of them.

        Here is a partial list of various people who knew too much for their own good, and as a result aren’t alive anymore.

        Andrew Britebart
        Michael Hastings
        David Crowley
        Aaron Swartz
        Gary Webb
        Bill Cooper

        Here is a partial list of various people who know too much for their own good, yet are still alive:

        Julian Assange
        Thomas Drake
        William Binney
        Russ Tice
        Edward Snowden
        Bradley/Chelsea Manning
        Sibel Edmonds
        Kim Dotcom
        John Kiriakou
        Robert David Steele

        And then there are names of various people like Jon Rappoport, Ben Swann, James Corbett etc. who aren’t necessarily entrenched in any crap themselves like above people. But they have spent many years connecting nebulous (seemingly unrelated) dots & presenting facts to the masses in a digestible form.

        1. Theravaida – nice post, you’ve got a well rounded understanding of things. My take-away is that we live on a planet that has always engaged in various types of human farming. It’s the same for animals, except we’re the undisputed masters.

          Slavery systems have evolved in sophistication. Old Luciferian/ Baal/Baphomet type sacrificial religions still exist and drive societies, but hidden from view.

          It makes me feel that this is engineered by some kind of off-planet influence. For humans to have developed it themselves, there must have been some original trauma or catastrophic machinations that led to the institutionalization of all this madness. Or is this just a result of our species dilemma, recognizing that we are more Homo Schizo than Homo Sapien?

          1. Hello dear Andy, the questions you raise are so outside of my normal thinking that I won’t even attempt to venture anywhere near them. 😉

            I had always avoided in the past delving into such topics. (E.g. names like David Icke, Max Igan, Mark Dice, Jeff Rense & others dabble into such topics I used to think of as “disturbing”. Some of their work may be hyperbole or without merit. Or they may all have good merit. I just don’t know, as I’m a novice about them.)

            For me personally: High quality “analytical” work done by people like Dave Kranzler, John Titus, Stewart Doherty, Eric de Carbonnel, Rob Kirby, Chris Duane, Andy Hoffman, Chris Powell etc., that itself used to be enough to knock my socks off, by exposing the deep levels of criminality.

            My biggest problem (especially w/ WikiLeaks Podesta leaks since October) has been: My thinking has moved from pure analytical level of my comfort into different deeper levels that I had tried so hard to intentionally avoid. Some of the worst “conspiracies” I used to wish should never come true, are in fact coming true in rapid pace before our very eyes. My mind has literally become “comfortably numb”.

            Based on the comments of many people similar to me I’ve read since October, this has been a very difficult time for so many of them for exact same reasons. Cliff High also stated this in one of his recent videos. Last 6 months have almost been like a collective rude awakening, cognitive dissonance, waking up from a sleepwalking slumber, whatever you want to call it. I suspect things have just gotten started with many bigger shocks yet to come.

            In terms of solutions: I feel the only possible hopes we can have are with strong spiritual foundations, first at individual levels, followed by families, followed by bigger communities.

  2. Do you still believe in “Democracy” they invented to fool us.
    They have made trillions and own everything , time to ” Wake up”
    and don’t hope , because it only will get worse.

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