The U.S. Dollar Is A Complete Train Wreck About To Happen

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  1. American spies have spotted all the signs of an all-out Russian invasion of Ukraine. Why won’t they tell the Ukrainians about the forces on their border?

    U.S. intelligence agencies now have detailed information that Russia has amassed the kind of forces needed for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. But the Obama administration hasn’t shared with Ukraine the imagery, intercepts, and analysis that pinpont the location of the Russian troops ready to seize more Ukrainian land, The Daily Beast has learned.

    President Obama has repeatedly and publicly expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people—and warned Russian leader Vladimir Putin that there will be consequences if he takes over any more Ukrainian territory. Yet Obama’s administration has so far been reluctant to hand over the kind of intelligence the Ukrainians could use to defend themselves. U.S. officials and members of Congress briefed on the crisis in Ukraine tell The Daily Beast that senior U.S. military officers have been instructed to refrain from briefing their Ukrainian counterparts in detail about what the United States knows about the Russians troops amassing on the border.

    “I am not confident we are sharing any of that kind of information,” said Rep. Michael Turner, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee that oversees U.S. tactical air and land forces. “It’s clear we are not giving them critical military advice about the Russian capability on their border and the best utilization of the Ukrainian military to counter that.”

    Instead, the U.S. intelligence community’s detailed analysis of a potential Russian invasion has been shared only with the Congress, American policy makers, and members of the Obama administration. The analysis includes details such as the geographic location of specific Russian units and predictions for how those units would be used in combination for a potential invasion.

    That’s the sort of information that would be invaluable for any military preparing for a possible incursion. But it would be particularly useful to the fledgling government in Ukraine that lacks the satellites, sensors and intercept technology to learn the details of the military force that looks like it is about to invade its territory. Ukraine’s military is severely outmatched by Russia’s, but detailed intelligence on the location and composition of Russia’s invading force could advantage the Ukrainians in defending its eastern cities nonetheless.

    And while any decision about an invasion is Putin’s alone, the signs are mounting that an invasion is near. Congressional staffers briefed on the matter say U.S. intelligence agencies have detected the supply lines needed for an invasion. Battlefield hospitals and mobile medical units have accompanied the infantrymen, tank columns and artillery units amassing at the border as well. When Russia announced military exercises near Ukraine in February, the U.S. intelligence community did not see such supply lines or medical units.

    well, it looks like we’ll be using war as a smoke screen as a cover up. Refusing to allow Ukraine to defend itself gives the US the excuse to put boots on the ground when Russia does invade.

    as far as the dollar is concerned, paper toilet paper can only be flushed in a system till the whole sewage backs up. I have a feeling that this war will be used to drive the dollar even more up but it too will fail.

  2. Pakistan has refused to sell gold worth $2.7 billion, citing national security reasons, as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pushes Islamabad to convert the precious metal into cash to build foreign currency reserves, revealed the global lender’s report on Friday.

    The report, prepared by IMF’s staff led by its Washington-based Mission Chief to Islamabad Jeffrey Franks, also spills the beans on the ‘$1.5 billion gift’ to Pakistan by ‘Saudi Arabia’ – the name Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government has so far refused to officially share with parliament.

    According to the report, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) holds over 2 million troy ounces of monetary gold, having $2.7 billion value at market rate. It is not counted in gross international reserves as it is not deemed to be liquid by the SBP, says the IMF.

    The IMF and Pakistan authorities discussed what steps would be needed to make gold more liquid, the report adds. “However, the (Pakistani) authorities stressed that they have no plans to sell gold and preferred existing arrangements for gold holdings for national security reasons.”

    U.S. stocks fall; Nasdaq 3-day loss worst since 2011
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — The U.S. stock market fell sharply on Monday as heavy selling in high-growth stocks, which began on Friday, continued to spill over the broader market.

    The conflict between Russia and the West over Ukraine could lead to a paradigm shift in the current world order, and usher in a possibly more dangerous era of confrontation.

    This would have direct bearing on future global governance, the reform of which gave rise to the BRICS as a geopolitical entity in the first place.

    The political elite in BRICS countries have always presumed that the evolution to a new and more just world order should be gradual, and based on compromise.

    Therefore, the Western over-reaction with regard to Crimea’s reunification with Russia puts the other members of BRICS in a dubious position.

    Most analysts in India, China, and South Africa – and to a lesser degree, Brazil – understand that the real underlying cause for this dramatic turn is the geopolitical rivalry in which Moscow is the defending side against Washington’s decades-old plan to tear Ukraine away and consequently weaken Russia’s international clout.

    The other members of BRICS recognize that Russia had grounds for its actions in Crimea, and acted prudently.

    Many go as far as to suggest that the West should not have supported an anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine.

    They acknowledge that the current stand-off with the US and its allies is the result of sheer Russophobia based on the desire to undermine a strategic competitor.

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