The Web Of Deception – Financial Napalm

The Fed/big banks continue their all-encompassing intervention in all the financial markets.   It gets more blatantly obvious by the day.  How about two closed in a row on the S&P 500 at 2100.  Both required a large effort in the last 30 minutes to push stocks like AAPL higher in order to get the S&P 500 closed at 2100.

Nowhere is it more obvious than in their repeated hits on the precious metals.   Rory Hall of The Daily Coin and I discuss the Fed’s blatant intervention in the gold/silver market and we explain how it ties into the fact that the economy is beginning to collapse.   At some point the inability to control the real economy will manifest itself by cause the stock and bond markets to collapse.  Conversely, gold and silver will move in the opposite direction.


3 thoughts on “The Web Of Deception – Financial Napalm

  1. Dave, Just got back from the store and could not believe
    I just spent $14.00 dollars more for the same groceries from
    two weeks ago. I mentioned this to a clerk I know at the store
    and she said “there is no inflation your receipts are wrong”.
    When I got home I noticed the bathroom cleaner had a tag on
    the neck that said “30% less free”. I believe that something
    is askew.

    1. Huh? If the Fed says there’s no inflation, there must be no inflation. It’s probably my imagination that the 1/2 gallon of vanilla soymilk that I used to pay $2.69 for up until about month ago now costs $3.19. Just like you, I’m imagining that my grocery bill goes up and my bags get lighter.

  2. The sad reality is that people believe what the media tells them. When
    the liars say “no inflation” or global warming is the greatest threat to
    mankind or economy is in excellent shape people believe even
    though their own experience tells them different. Most people are
    unthinking sheep sad to say.

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