The West Is Collapsing As The East Ascends

The 24 Mega Green City infrastructure project in India will connect Delhi with Mumbai, creating a commerce corridor incorporating 21st century technologies and amenities. – Interview with ZincOne Resources’ Jim Walchuck, The Daily Coin

It seems absurd that Asia is willing and able to build high-speed “bullet” trains to connect large population centers while the United States struggles with an antiquated Amtrak rail system often beset with service interruptions and lethal accidents.   The truth of the matter is that the major U.S. metropolitan areas are beset with massive loads of debt, including a ticking-time debt-bomb in the form of several trillion dollars in unfunded public pension funds.

The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor is a major infrastructure project that India is developing with Japan. The project will upgrade nine mega industrial zones as well as the country’s high-speed freight line, three ports, and six airports. A 4,000 MW power plant and a six-lane intersection-free expressway will also be constructed, which will connect the country’s political and financial capitals.  – The Daily Coin

The 24 Mega City project underscores the economic, political and cultural contrast between the eastern and western hemisphere countries, with the sun setting in the west and rising in the east.  The west is mired in a catastrophic web of Government-heavy economies that exist on the life support of trillions in money printing and debt issuance. True, some countries like China have relatively high debt levels but they are offsetting that form of fiat currency debasement with massive gold accumulation.  The heart of the problem is highlighted by the graphic below (click to enlarge):

The budget for the U.S. Government will primarily be spent on social security, defense, medicare/medicaid and interest on the Government’s debt. Those five items will burn more two-thirds of the Government’s budgeted expenditures in Fiscal Year 2017.

But don’t bother asking how the Government plans on paying for that.   The funds will come from oldest forms of currency debasement: money printing and debt issuance.  And Trump’s proposed spending agenda will accelerate the growth rate of both .

It’s amazing that the U.S. Government seems to have unlimited funds available to spend on guns, bullets and surveillance of the citizenry.   Ranked in order of expenditures, The U.S. spends more on its military than the next 14 highest ranked countries.  “On the books,” the U.S. spent $597 billion in 2015.  That was 4x more than China and 9x more than Russia (source:  International Institute for Strategic Studies).

While the west, led by the United States, advances its collapse with rampant currency debasement and unbridled imperialism, the east is investing its resources in the future – in the advancement of its civilization.  Perhaps the hallmark of this contrast is best represented by the flow of physical gold from west to east.  The Shadow of Truth has devoted today’s episode discussing some of the signs pointing to the collapse of the west and the rise of the east:

3 thoughts on “The West Is Collapsing As The East Ascends

  1. Paul Craig Roberts should feel vindicated…..”Russia” conspiracy story invented by Deep State since June 2016 received more coverage. It shoots down the CrowdStrike cyber-security company that DNC hired, yet couldn’t prevent DNC Leaks. CrowdStrike are proven to be bunch of liars:

    Actually, they’re lot more than just liars. Additional investigation finds CrowdStrike is literally embedded within the Deep State, w/ very strong ties to Google/Hitlery’s foundation.

    There’s too much other unrelated nefarious shit going on @ the same time:

    WikiLeaks spilling more Vault7 poison about CIA/Deep State & they’re sitting on lot more damaging Vault7 info

    New York police dept is impatient w/ FBI/Comey about Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin laptop & “Life Insurance” folder (supposed pedophilia) they’re holding, which they want to leak

    etc. etc.

    The Deep State seems to be facing existential crisis, or at least different factions within it on the verge of splintering. (??) At least I hope so, w/ crazy things coming to the head rapidly.

    There is an extremely obscure email leaked by WikiLeaks below (NOT part of Podesta dump, DNC dump or Vault7 dump, but rather Hitlery’s State Dept email dump). Supposedly, there is all sorts of obscure coded language in this email referring to rat-line instructions related to opium/heroin smuggling from Afghanistan/Pakistan to Chicago & doing money-laundering to Clinton Foundation.

    Surely, Julian Assange understands meanings of all such cryptic coded emails. No clue if Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions have such things on their radar. But if they REALLY REALLY wanted to defeat the Deep State, both Trump/Sessions could pursue genuine investigations along such lines……After throwing traitors like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham etc. all under the bus that is, and NOT wasting time w/ stupidly watered down Trumpcare bill.

    Of course, if Trump/Sessions had courage to really take on Deep State on such difficult issues, either one of them or both of them may get promptly assassinated. Whatever it is, 1 way or another we’re headed to a very dangerous phase of a potential Second American Civil War.

  2. Dave, keep delivering these real news blasts and dynamite discussions.
    Can we say many are the deer in the headlights of high-speed rail, computer, and international payments infrastructure?

    Not long ago colonial China and India underwent subjugation and plunder of their wealth (food and mineral resources, silver etc.) and quality of life/standard of living. Predictably, other BRICS and affiliated developing/emerging states, after experiencing similar situations, mapped out a better future.

    Their efforts to build and slowly internationalize physical precious metals, currencies and commodities exchanges and markets give pricing infrastructure and plans to remonetize gold and silver a boost. The direct exchanges of gold, yuan, rubles, etc. for oil and US Treasuries for gold, etc., foreshadow the petrodollar’s perilous date with disintermediation..

    We know that CEDE and Co., with the Depository Trust Clearing Corp./DTCC had their underground vaults, with the rehypothecated, oversubscribed bond records/mortgage titles/stock certificates destroyed there during the freak(steered?) hurricane over NYC.
    The man in charge (with lurid connections) of closing the door to the water-proof vault claimed- he forgot to close it in his haste to evacuate.
    Only days after the fire and before any reclamation could commence, a massive fire took place there.
    But this appears to be another temporary covering over of an overleveraged, oversubscribed pyramid scheme worse than all other parabolic Ponzis, further undermining the west’s legal, financial, economic and geopolitical substructure.

    All debt bubbles end after systemic misallocations, accounting imbalances and overliquified, undercapitalized business entities are exhausted.
    As government and allied industry resort to IPO’s, leveraged buyouts, stock buybacks, bailouts of banks, insurers, GM and Chrysler etc., their owned media bellow their statistical smoke and mirrors.
    After the “financial crisis” was exaggerated to necessitate TARP funds, quantitative easing and other subsidies, along came deregulation and other grants and subsidies, such as permitting mark to model ledger accounting of debts (including hundreds of $trillions of derivatives like credit default swaps/CDS’s, mortgage backed securities/ MBS’s, ABS’s, collateralized debt obligations/CDO’s, “layered tranches of investment products/phantasmagoria” etc.) instead of mark to market- that’s mark to fantasy, destandardizing bookeeping to dual books, doubledealing/doublecrossing investors and partners including shareholders and trade allies.
    As you’ve shown, extreme consumer and investor sentiment always foretells extreme valuations and instability. Even more “risk tolerance” is exhibited by them and institutional and pension funds as stock “trades” are electronic, don’t settle, and multiple owners assume a share is theirs.
    Computer algorythms, (algos), high frequency trading/HFT and
    OTC markets exxacerbate the risk multipliers, even as credit agency ratings, Fed spokesman and “news” headlines obfuscate daily market wonderland.

  3. In a homogeneous culture public transportation works – not so in ours, where criminals and the mentally deranged swarm people like the predators they are. Anyone who can afford their own car (and those who really cant) will avoid public trans like the plague. We have entire segments of the population with IQ’s averaging in the 70s who have no concept of right or wrong and they are incompatible with modern civilization – just look at the countries they descended from – complete hellholes, never industrialized, living in huts, animist tribes hacking each other with machetes.

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