This Is Not Good: The Yen Is Melting Down


The yen is down 1% today vs. the $.  This is a huge move in one day for any currency.  The yen has lost well more than half of its value vs. the dollar since the beginning of 2012.  In other words, the yen is now collapsing.

If the yen goes “super-nova” – i.e. collapses  – it could bring down the U.S.   The U.S. QE/Keynesian Ponzi scheme relies on Japan to help keep the scheme together.   The yen is beginning to hyperinflate and it is now entering “parabolic” mode.  First, this will cause the Japanese banks to implode because they’re loaded up with Japanese stocks and bonds, the way our banks are loaded with Treasuries.  The banking system would not survive a yen collapse.

If the Japanese banking system collapses, it will translate into massive derivative losses and short term funding losses in the U.S. banking and hedge funds.  In other words, U.S. banks have massive credit exposure risk to Japanese banks.

We’re watching the unfolding of suicidal fiat/Ponzi policy schemes for the purpose of supporting the U.S. dollar.  It’s what’s going in with the latest manipulation of the yen and it’s what’s going on in the fiat paper gold and silver markets.

Perhaps the plan is to force Japan to use the dollar.  But at this point the wheels are coming off the system and we are witnessing acts of desperation from the desperate criminals running our banking and political system.

What’s not being openly discussed is that Japanese citizens are buying a lot of physical gold now.  I know this from a daily bullion market report we get.  Soon we will start to see even more Americans move their monopoly dollars into physical.   This is why the U.S. mint is now rationing silver eagles.

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  1. My day is insignificant to your Yen post, but what a ride… had recently doubled my share count in JNUG in hopes of riding the latest momentum up a bit as many pundits I respect said signals were pointing toward a sustained rally, stopped out today on the Fed dump, then felt like shit when I saw it had recouped most of it’s downward fall soon after, but just logged in after work, saw JNUG closed far below my stop point. For crying out loud, Libor rigging was all behind closed doors, but this crap is broadcast in Hi Def. Beginning to think when it all comes down my eTrade account will evaporate MF Global style. Best to hold the bullion and keep just a few digital markers out there for giggles. Probably should get direct registration for the mining shares.

      1. Go to google, in the search window type in “Jim Sinclair Direct Registration” and a link will appear to his D R FAQ page, should help (sorry, the copy & paste function on my iPad isn’t functioning right now).

        I suppose a lot of us are wondering if it’ll be three Friday’s in a row of spot gold big white candles.

  2. Dave,

    not very many Americans will invest in gold and silver, as the dollar turns down…they will continue to ride the stock market up…as they have in the past….the Asians are buying real estate and property in the USA…and gold and silver as they have always done ,even a farmer in India holds more gold and silver then 95% of Americans…imho

    1. Give it time…………….to sink in………………..

      Commerzbank to charge fees to biggest depositors
      Commerzbank’s has become the first private bank to mirror that move.

      “We reserve the right to charge some large corporates a fee on parked liquidity” Commerzbank said in a statement.

      Medicine and Meat Out of Reach Amid Ukrainian Price Shock
      Valentyna is thankful for the two pensions she and her husband share, even if Ukraine’s inflation shock means they’re no longer enough to buy medicine and meat.

      “We have some potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers from our dacha,” said the 72-year-old pensioner as she made her way through the city of Zhytomyr, a two-hour bus ride west of Kiev. “I can’t imagine how people survive on a single pension. We can’t even go to the drug store. We try to use herbs instead.”

      From Lviv, near the Polish border, to Kharkiv, 1,000 kilometers (650 miles) east in Russia’s shadow, Ukrainians are grappling with the world’s worst-performing currency, inflation that’s rocketed to 20 percent and the deepest recession in five years. The plight of Zhytomyr’s 270,000 residents shows how bailout-mandated austerity and the strains of an eight-month insurgency are playing out in everyday life.

      Twelve Thousand for a Taxi? Colombians Tire of So Many Zeros
      Authorities have had enough. Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas said Oct. 30 that he will send a bill to Congress to slash three zeros from the currency, bringing the peso to about 2.2 per dollar. The argument is that the four-digit exchange rate is confusing and creates a negative image for a country that has left behind the financial slippage of the 1980s and ’90s when the nation was inextricably linked to drug cartels.

      The reality is that Colombia’s economy is on the rebound and violence has diminished, with the homicide rate dropping by about a third in the past decade. Gross domestic product will grow 4.9 percent this year, according to the median estimate of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, the fastest among major Latin American countries. Inflation is running at 3.29 percent, within the central bank’s target of 2 percent to 4 percent.
      ‘Extraneous Zeros’

      TERM DEPOSITS – Beware of lock in on redemption of term deposits

      Westpac has included new clauses in Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) for Term Deposits opened or renewed from 1 August 2014. These clauses take effect 1 January 2015 and require customers to provide 31 Days’ Notice to access a Term Deposit prior to maturity, except in the case of hardship (not property purchases or looking at other investments). The reason behind this is because from 1 January 2015, legislative reforms set by APRA in response to liquidity standards under Basel III will be in place.

      I don’t know the situation with the other major banks but suggest they will follow suit thereon. It is therefore imperative that any monies now locked in on term deposit that straddle 1.1.2015 dates are monies that do not need to be redeemed and/or you can adequately plan to give 31 day’s notice of redemption thereon. Otherwise you may wellcome unstuck in the false assumption that these monies can be readily redeemed at any time and be left in possible financial chaos if funds are required.

      – See more at:

      University of California Committee Approves Higher Tuition
      A University of California regents committee approved a 28 percent tuition increase amid protests by as many as 400 people who stormed metal barricades and broke glass at a meeting in San Francisco.

      U.S. MINT REPORTS ON SILVER EAGLES: Huge Demand & Weekly Rationing

  3. rellllaxxx, Dave & just leave the driving (over the cliff) to Grandma Barker & Armstrong.

    It’s allllllll going according to plan, decades ago.
    recall the 1988 Economist cover boldly stating “world currency by 2018!”?

    (typo here later paragraph where it says “feb 1/2014”, which is obviously in the past.)

    At a time when the introduction of a global currency to replace all fiat across the globe is at hand, it makes perfect sense that the technocrats are positioning themselves to control the central banks as offshoot branches of their operation. At the head of this monster, the BIS sets the tone and directs the banksters with limitations and orders.

    The European Central Bank (ECB) is setting the stage of a complete financial collapse of fiat currencies across the globe. Joining in the scheme are other technocratic institutions such as the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank.

    1. China & Russia To Accuse U.S. Of Not Having The Gold

      Eric King: “Steve, I know you’ve been uncovering critical information for 25 years. You read the KWN interview Insider Exposes Shocking Truth On German Gold Repatriation — your thoughts.”

      Quayle: “Well, Eric, this should be obvious to your readers that this would not even be an issue if the gold were still on deposit at the Federal Reserve. With all the gold leasing that’s been going on, people need to understand that there simply is no gold to repatriate from the Federal Reserve. The question is: Who has the most to gain by covering up this fact?….

      People will be bought off, and if necessary, people will be eliminated. These guys are not beyond killing people. I’m not talking about the Swiss government — I’m talking about the criminal syndicate of international bankers. We just had another international banker murdered in what is now a very long list of deceased bankers. They will do whatever they have to in order to prevent this initiative from being approved.”

      dry as the desert

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