This Junior Mining Stock Is Outperforming The Sector – Update

This stock is green again today – with the mining stocks getting hit hard by the hedge funds/banks…

Since I posted this two days ago, the stock is up over 5% – I added a technical report which gives advice on accumulating this stock from DenaliGuide’s Summit subscription area.  You can access the updated report here:  Junior Miner Outperforming The Sector.  I explain why this stock can at least double in the next year.

I originally published a report on this Company in early June.  Since then, here is how it has performed vs. gold and the sector (click to enlarge):


I have updated this report to reflect recent developments and I offer an explanation for why this stock has been outperforming the sector. You can access this report here:  Junior Mining Stock Report.

I know the management was in China late last spring meeting with several of the largest Chinese mining companies.  I believe the Company is engaged in very prelimary discussions about selling one of its huge copper projects to one of China’s largest mining conglomerates.   I’m pretty certain that’s why this Company’s stock has held up well since the takedown of the sector began in mid-July.

Even on its own, separate and apart from the possibility of any kind of M&A event, this stock is significantly undervalued.   It is currently generating royalty revenue from a big gold mine in Nevada.  That mine is going to be operating an expansion project in late 2015. This expansion will increase the Company’s royalty stream.

Furthermore, this Company has a massive prospect/project portfolio, a handbook of which is attached to my report.  As the price of gold and silver recover and move higher again, which will happen sooner or later, I believe this stock can provide close to a double in the next twelve months and a triple over two years.  That’s assuming the metals don’t go parbolic…(click on pic to access this report):



16 thoughts on “This Junior Mining Stock Is Outperforming The Sector – Update

  1. I purchased one of your reports on AAU some time ago. You continue to post updates, etc but there is no way for me to tell if the report I purchased has been the subject of one. It would be a major benefit if you came up with some way so that those of us who have done this can tell if you have more information available in a new report.

    1. Ya I have to figure out some sort of identifier. Until I get that in place, just email me and ask me. This report is not AAU. I still love AAU and think it’s retardedly cheap right now. But today’s report is on a stock that has outperformed the entire sector by a country mile since June.

  2. Dave, Regarding the chart you sent to Turd with the Trader Dan comment… I love you man! 1 Kg. Lunar Dragon…. PS. I took down 100 oz of Eagles on Friday at the coin show… doing my part.

  3. Hi Dave,
    I have a few thousand shares of MDW, partly because of your recommendation. I have noticed that the volume is way down lately. I am thinking that once they pour their first gold next month that the share price will pick up. Do you see any problem besides the low gold price?

    1. Nope. It’s all about the market. Newsletters that cover the sector are still recommending a net short position in the miners. Sentiment is as bad as it can get.

  4. Fucking hell, I fucking give up, gold goes up, miners don’t really follow. equities down, miners follow. Miners just can’t go up can they.

  5. Im almost done with gold and silver and their miners. NUGT is up less thatn GDX today and GDXJ is actually down today, not to mention JNUG.

    Seems like even when gold and silver go up, miners still get beaten down. GDXJ actually looks like it wants to break down on the hourly chart.

    1. You might want to read, in its entirety, Paul Mylchreest’s report, currently posted at tfmetalsreport, “Long Nikkei / Short Gold” before jettisoning your positions… I’ll be weighting more towards silver as a result of that information, both physical and mining shares. The more I learn, the more manipulated PMs have become in the West, the more physical acquired by the East… the more valuable I believe PMs to be.

      1. much better than “expected” NFP…….. USD up gold smacked down again, the great USA WINS AGAIN. I am so close to jettisoning my miners. This is fucked up.

        1. Turkey Imported Most Gold in Six Years as Slump Spurred Buying

          Turkey’s gold imports climbed to the highest in more than six years last month as consumers boosted physical purchases after prices slumped.

          Imports rose to 46.9 metric tons, the most since August 2008, from 6.6 tons in October, according to data on the Istanbul Gold Exchange’s website. Silver imports reached the highest level this year.

          1. Whatever dude. Enough of your self-pity and whining. Don’t bother submitting the same drivel because I won’t post your comments unless you have something value-added to contribute.

            In fact, I’ll point out that your crying is another indication this has almost bottomed.

  6. Dave is right. Sentiment clouded by dark pools and murky lies quickly dissolves in the course of exposure to real future prospects.
    Japan’s requirement for transactional liquidity grounded in economic solvency has always made full use of the ocean.
    Naturally now they will exploit mineral deposits including gold and silver:
    Undersea mineral deposits discovered off Okinawa
    DEC 5, 2014 | EXCERPTS:
    “Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp. (JOGMEC) said Thursday that it has discovered large mineral deposits on the seabed northwest of the main island of Okinawa.
    More than 20 cone-shaped hydrothermal mineral deposits, including copper, zinc, gold and silver, were found…

    Also on the seabed northwest of Okinawa Island, large-scale deposits, including an estimated 3.4 million tons of minerals, have been discovered.
    JOGMEC will look for similar undersea deposits in waters around Japan, Executive Director Takafumi Tsujimoto said.”

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