This May Be Headed For World War Three

When everything else fails, start a war…

I’ve always said that the U.S. Government would start a World War when it was pushed to the brink of having to disclose that fact that it no longer has any gold and that the U.S. financial and economic system is nothing but one massive Ponzi scheme that rests on an unaccountably enormous maze of derivatives, debt and fraud.  We saw evidence of no gold in the cupboard when the Fed failed to deliver on Germany’s request for immediate repatriation of over 600 tonnes of gold.  That saga is still being written.

Following this line of thinking, it makes senses that the mainstream media is not questioning or spending resources on reporting the escalating military activities in Syria. Especially in light of the fact that the mainstream media has caught on to the fact that the U.S. Government is primary cause of the refugee problem in Europe.

I wasn’t shocked when the U.S. Government announced that it was ramping up its military efforts in Syria to “fight ISIS,” or whatever conjured up acronym is being used to label the world’s newest “boogieman.”

This is clearly a thinly disguised attempt to move into Syria and remove the Assad Government, which would enable the U.S. Government to achieve the dual purpose of moving forward with the pipeline that Big Oil wants to put through Syria and to consolidate U.S. military control around the Middle East.

And I was equally unimpressed when Russia announced that it would be moving military equipment and personnel into and around the Assad Government stronghold areas in order to help fortify the “effort” against ISIS.

We saw this movie playing in September 2013, when the Obama regime tried to toss out Assad and put its own puppet in power.  Russia drew a line in the sand from which Obama backed off.

This time around it looks a bit more serious.  Literally a few days after Russia announced its reinforced military presence in Syria, the U.S. exercised its control over the Greek Government by imploring it to block Russia from using Greek airspace.

Yesterday Bulgaria announced that it would deny Russia use of its airspace for military transport planes, which were ostensibly transporting humanitarian supplies to Syria.

This is a clear escalation in the military conflict that has been slowly heating up between Russia and the United States.  Perhaps the most troubling aspect of what is fomenting is not the finger-pointing propaganda between the U.S. and Russian Governments, but the fact that the media – especially in the U.S. – is spending very little resources on covering and reporting this brewing war.

The cover stories for the big wars throughout history have always been religious or political in nature.  But the root cause can always be traced to underlying economic causes.  We know the entire world is plunging into a deep recession.  With the global balance of economic power shifting from West to East – perhaps best symbolized by the massive flow of gold from West to East – my biggest fear is that the U.S. will act in desperation in order to cling to the global hegemonic power that is slipping from its grasp…this is how the big wars always start.  The only difference is that historically, the Empire in collapse did not possess weapons which could literally incinerate the earth…



14 thoughts on “This May Be Headed For World War Three

  1. Dave do you think the Bulgarian government got an “offer they couldn´t refuse” from the US?
    Like the possibility of 1 exploding chemical factory a week?
    Just waiting for the Chinese retaliation over the exploding chemical plants.
    They know what´s done and who´s done it you can bee shore of that.
    My guess is increased economical warefare against the US.

  2. Looking at the map if Greece follows along with Bulgaria then it is difficult to see how Russian will be able to move assets into Syria by air.

    The US government is looking for a replay of Libya where the goal to prevent ‘genocide’ was a cover to attack the Libyan army and overthrow the government. The Russians are no saints but how many governments have they overthrown in the last 20 years?

    I hope that the rumor is true and Putin drops a ‘9-11 truth’ bomb on the neoconservatives. If they had to turn their attention to fighting off a trip to the gallows then peace might have a chance.

      1. You have a battle between one old community organizer on the one hand an a former KGB General who`s also is a world class chess player on the other hand.
        It´s a hard time to figure out which one who`s going to outsmart the other?

          1. Scary thought just in and of itself, huh? And let’s think a little farther down the line… Clinton is pathological, Sanders is cheesy and possibly a tad senile and Trump is a narcissistic buffoon whose only claim to fame is that he knows how to file bankruptcy and stiff others with his unpaid bills. Come to think of it…

  3. The flights will go across Iranian airspace. I think that was the plan all along, Moscow asked for permission just to see who and how is going to react to it.

  4. Yep I pray for young people everyday. Particularly my child. Oh.. Dave do you know who the 3 people trading the Dow today were? 2% rise lmao ..Alasdair was great very cool dude , although he should stop bragging about English cricket.. it’s taken the Poms’ 30 years to work out how to hold a bat they win a couple of games’ meh.

  5. Hi Dave,

    To the best of my knowledge Russia has not “announced that it would be moving military equipment and personnel into and around the Assad Government stronghold areas in order to help fortify the “effort” against ISIS” Quite the reverse in fact with Putin and Lavrov specifically denying it.

    This is nothing more than yet another propaganda exercise by the MSM. To see a chronology of how this went from an unsourced story in the Israeli media to denunciations of a mythical Russian build up by John Kerry, see here:

    Things are bad enough without you, of all people, buying into and repeating MSM lies and distortions.

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