This Silver Producer Is Up 10% The Last Two Days

This Company just recently announced record quarterly silver production and it is on target to meet its 2015 projections. The Company produces both silver and gold. It’s silver production is profitable down to $14.35/oz on an “all in sustaining cost” basis, with cash costs/oz at $9.64.

What this means is that the Company is cash flow positive and every penny silver moves up flows thru directly to the Company’s cash flow and net income. In fact, the Company was free cash flow positive in 2014 (Amazon can only dream of this ever happening).

This Report Is $25
This Report Is $25

If my prediction that silver is the best performing asset of 2015 is correct, this stock will be a home run. Currently silver up 9% YTD vs gold +2.6% and the S&P 500 +2%. The daily graph of the S&P 500 looks like the general stock market is infected with Ebola.

3 thoughts on “This Silver Producer Is Up 10% The Last Two Days

  1. Ebola? Funny how that just disappeared. You seem to ha e one of the most concise websites here Dave compared to others..keep it up…

  2. Record silver production at the lowest silver price in years. Morons! I hate these mining companies. Why don’t they cut way back or just stop production altogether until the price makes sense? They are part of the problem.

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