Thoughts On Rate Hikes, Money Printing and Jim Rickards

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is revolutionary act.  – George Orwell

A subscriber to my Mining Stock Journal sent me this correspondence a few days ago while the precious metals were being pushed lower by the bullion banks:

I read an article before the July 4th holiday from James Richards. He said that China would use the G20 meeting to push for the SDR. I kept this in the back of my head while the PMs were being smacked around in August. Zerohedge came out with this story today that more fiscal stimulus was coming:  LINK

There’s no question that Fed co-chairman Stanley Fisher floated his “rate hike coming” propaganda all week last week, starting with his useless speech at Jackson Hole, as a device to help the Comex banks smack gold with their fraudulent paper gold.

It’s now clear that gold was taken down ahead of the G20 meeting because the insiders knew that a call for more QE would emerge.  And that’s about the only thing that emerged other than the amusing abuse of Obama by China and Russia.

This was my response to the above subscriber inquiry – I thought it was worth sharing:

Rickards is controlled opposition. He appears to be friendly to anti-elitists like our crowd but he’s a front for the Deep State that is pushing hard for the SDR to replace the dollar because the dollar will still be largest component and it will enable the Deep State to maintain a high degree of control of the global economic system.

I believe China/Russia are using the SDR as an intermediate step toward getting rid of the dollar completely. That the SDR will play some type of role for awhile is already priced in to the market. That Chinese SDR bond issued is an example. Rickards is regurgitating information that is already obvious and absorbed into the markets. More interesting is to figure out what’s next.

You saw how China treated Obama at the G20 vs. Putin. The writing is on the wall on the for the dollar and the U.S.

If the big Central Banks resort to more QE to keep everything from collapsing, gold will soar. If they don’t resort to QE, everything will collapse and gold will soar in flight to safety.

The only strategy “they” have left is to create as much disinformation and confusion as possible. Rickards is part of that disinformation apparatus. Note the heavy onslaught of anti-gold propaganda the past few weeks, primarily Fed heads chirping like pre-programmed monkeys about rate hikes. Won’t happen.

15 thoughts on “Thoughts On Rate Hikes, Money Printing and Jim Rickards

  1. There only choices are raise rates and prove the trillions in debt are worthless immediately by implosion or try to stretch it out and prove debt is worthless by printing to monetize it.

  2. You can tell when Rickards is lying by his “tell”. He lifts both of his hands up to his chest fingers pointing upwards sort of like he’s making a mine football field goal. He usually looks at his hands while he does this. It’s like his security gesture he needs to float his lies.

  3. And what no one (except me, perhaps) notices about most of the ‘elite’ spokespersons is that, by and large, the are not particularly articulate – their thoughts as expresses in interviews are garbled, sometimes to the point of being nonsensical, which leads me to the conclusion that they are just figureheads from the tangled web of interbred-families whose gene pools are now so corrupted and exhausted that all teh produce are, well, what you see on your ‘gogglebox’! Only the algorithms listen to these people and do their bidding! If you have any sense, intelligence, that is, you don’t listen to them or read transcripts of what the say.

  4. To give some credit to JR, he also openly states that the SDR is just “more paper”, but for now it looks like it is the next “paper solution” since any debt/currency crisis of either GB/Japan/Euro/USD/Yuan would be too large to be dealt with by the respective CBs alone. However, also the SDR “solution” will just be “temporary” as ultimately gold (primarily) will be remonetized, possibly by adding it to the SDR (at a much higher “paper price”), giving the SDR, and by extension its underlying fiat currencies some golden backbone. Time will tell how and when the rubber will hit the road. My gut feeling says that given the state our world is in, it is eerily quiet out there, and the masses are completely unsuspecting… So maybe we’re closer to things unfolding than many think ? But then again, maybe I’m completely off. Time will tell. Thanks Dave for a great blog and all the work you do to spread the word and some truth about the state the world is in. God bless and GLTA.

  5. Richards has carved out an interesting career for himself. He circulates and hobnobs with the anti-gold crowd, e.g., statists, oligarchs and the political elite, but unlike these bottom feeders who make their living through graft, corruption, and pay-to-play schemes, Richards is decidedly pro-gold and makes his living courting the same group that reads your blog. I wholeheartedly agree there are vested interests trying to drive gold from the history books and price down to zero, and they use anti-gold propaganda as one of their “policy tools”, however I fail to see how a guy shouting “buy gold, it’s going to $10,000 oz” from the rooftops fits the profile of a front doing the bidding of the Deep State.

    1. He’s an “anti”. A plant meant to lead the opposition and shut it down from the inside. If he were to really gain traction as an anti-establishment gold-bug, he would then be caught with kiddie porn or something else that would completely ruin his reputation. Then the state would use his reputation to smear all anti-establishment gold-bugs. They have played this card before.

    2. Proclaiming 10k gold is over the top, and perhaps deliberately so. They can point at him and say “look at this senseless gold bug calling for 10k gold, don’t listen to him or any of the other gold bugs”. So in one fell swoop, they get an opportunity to discredit the entire gold investor community.

  6. This. Rickards is on your side, guys. Have you ever read any of his books (Currency Wars, The Death of Money, The New Case for Gold)?! If doing the near-constant tour of financial press, speaking, and writing about the ensuing financial reset is the M.O. of ‘Deep State’ actors, then I guess we need to re-write the definition. I read ZH regularly, but outing JM as an elitist state agent is truly tinfoil behavior…

  7. Dave, I respect you a great deal – listening to you and Rory on the Daily Coin back in the day was instrumental about waking me up, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

    But you’re wrong about Rickards, he is a shameless self-promoter who loves to have his ego stroked and his bank account inflated, but he is most definitely not controlled opposition. The last thing TPTB want is someone explaining to them how the monetary system works, how SDRs work, how important gold is, that currency wars exist and what they are, or that the system is on the verge of collapse. They do not want him spouting his mouth off, but he does so anyway for the aforementioned reasons.

    He is extremely intelligent, probably the most intelligent orator out there next to David Stockman, and despite his ego he is doing good work by explaining to the world what is happening in extremely easy to understand terms. Cut him some slack, please, he is on our side.

    1. I’m glad you like him and he brings value-added to your life. But you are wrong and I have my information from a very good source. He’s mean-spirited midget with massive Napolean complex. That he can suck you in like that is testament to his skill as snake-oil salesman. Propaganda works because the successful practitioners are great at what they do.

      1. Dave – you may be correct about Rickards. I’m not going to ask you to site your source, but I am interested to know, in your opinion, what if any of what he says is untrue, and more to the point, what advice has he dispensed that could hurt us?

        If he is, as you say, a “mean-spirited midget with massive Napolean complex” and “controlled opposition”, then I’d suggest that maybe there’s someone on the inside of the doomsday machine using (or controlling) Rickards to get the word out and warn the masses that the system is about to collapse, and to buy gold now and hold it outside the system to protect yourself.

        I know its hard to imagine, but maybe, just maybe, there is one lone insider operating within the deep state who actually isn’t a soulless apparatchik devoid of humanity, ethics and morals. Yup, total long shot … but possible. 🙂

  8. Rickards and Sprott Management are closely tied to hip. Knowing the salesman in Sprott’s business and Rule’s his bearish call about a 30-40% correction about 3 weeks ago – all of the above are fiat in my book

  9. Notice that CNN Money Pre Market trading page has carried the SAME by line for the last 6 days “These powerful gold buyers are losing their appetite” . Obvious manipulation !!!

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