Time Is Running Out For The U.S. Dollar

Get ready for ground shattering geopolitical changes. At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, it has been decided that the Russian city of Ufa will be the point of convergence for all the initiatives and projects of the Silk World Order of trade and integration that China and Russia are spearheading. Ufa, which is the capital of Russia’s Bashkortostan, is being used to simultaneously host an extraordinary summit for both the BRICS—which has increasing become an alternative forum to that of the G7—and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) respectively from July 8 to 9 and from July 9 to 10, 2015.  – The US Dollar/Bretton Woods Are Finished

As many of you know, China has been methodically arranging currency swap structures which enable it to trade bilaterally with trading partners in each country’s respective currency, thereby entirely by-passing the use of the U.S. dollar in trade transactions.

Furthermore, it has become apparent to anyone who is exposed to real news – as opposed to western mainstream propaganda – and has the ability to rub two brain cells together that China, Russia, et al have been systematically setting up financial and geopolitical institutions –  the BRICS bank, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank –  which enable the members to conduct their affairs completely divorced from any U.S. hegemonic political and economic influence.  Our clue that these institutions were going to dismember the U.S. global octopus tentacles was when the U.S. openly discouraged certain western ally countries from joining the AIIB.

Gone are the days of unchallenged US domination. The architecture of the post-Second World War or post-1945 global order is now in its death bed and finished. With or without Washington, a Silk World is emerging and its coming is being trumpeted from Ufa as the SCO strengthens and the BRICS institutionalizes itself as the cornerstone of a new multi-polar world order.  – from the link at the top

Russia hosted an international summit this past week in its capacity as the chairman of both BRICS and the SCO.  As the author of the above-linked article from Global Research describes, the summit as an amalgamation of the BRICS, SCO and the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union in order to begin mapping out a new “Silk World Order” which will replace the Bretton Woods Treaty and the world order as governed by the U.S.-dominated IMF and World Banks.

This a fascinating analysis of what transpired at this summit and well worth reading:  The US Dollar and Bretton Woods are Finished: The BRICS/SCO Summits in Ufa Mark the Start of a “Silk World Order.”


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  1. CNBC today: ” “We are bearish toward gold prices and the underlining factor for this is our expectation that the Fed will raise interest rates by the third quarter,” said OCBC Bank analyst Barnabas Gan….Gan said the Fed rate hikes could be a “minimum of one, maximum of two”…

    …Wow! The Fed rate hikes could be “one” or even “TWO”? Reminds me of this. “These go to eleven!” Because eleven is ONE MORE than ten!:


  2. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re so glad you could attend the combined funeral of Brettony Woods and her US dollar- Greenback or Buck as he preferred to be known.
    In the spirit, and spirits, of this gathering, may I present a brief tale in their honor.
    Be forewarned, whatever ghastliness revealed by the accompanying charts, Bo Polny likes the tale they tell.
    I post just the introduction w/ source link, while I gather my senses, confident this offering will not spoil the plot to this short story. Beware you may, as I haplessly did, believe it already familiar to you.
    Thank you for your condolences to the deceased. May the fates bestow their kindness, that together we may bring clarity and closure to this crime.

    DISCLAIMER: Do your own due diligence. Author takes no responsibility for sleep irregularity, melancholy, unpredictable behavior or any other effects, in this world or not, of proceeding further.

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    “Bo Polny – Gold & Silver Paradigm Shift with Price Explosion – Part 2
    Posted on July 12, 2015 by The Doc

    The month of June has come and gone, we are now in July and Gold and Silver refused to rally. To make matters worse, the price smash on 7/7/2015 that dropped Silver down below support at $15.50 and Gold below $1160 did not help. Now the US Mint is SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles and the price still refuses to rally! My inbox is full of emails of worn-out, burned-out, mad and simply exhausted Gold bugs all asking the same thing… “As the Stock Market continues to rally and Gold keeps getting smashed, when does all the pain end?” “

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