Today’s Employment Report Is The Biggest Lie They’ve Told To Date

There’s no BS like the brown stuff tossed at us by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).  Not only do they want us to believe that the economy produced 257,000 jobs in January, during a time in which the energy sector – the largest source of jobs growth since 2009 – was cutting 10’s of thousands of workers, they revised November’s supposed 353k job gain up to 423k.  It was the second biggest monthly jobs increase this century.    Anyone believe that?

It’s gets better:   the notoriously ridiculous birth-death model modeled in a 257k net loss in jobs.  How is it possible that economy generated any jobs growth if big companies are dumping workers (see IBM + big oil + oil shale + Radio Schack, etc) and the traditional engine of jobs growth – new business start-ups – were unloading jobs?   I’ll tell you how:  pure, unadulterated statistical lies.

Oh wait. The BLS one-upped itself on its lies.   It took the number of jobs supposedly “created” by the economy in 2014 up to 3.2 million from the original lie of 2.95 million.   Now, how is that all possible when we have THIS (source:, edits are mine – click to enlarge):


Just a reminder, the only way that the labor force participation rate declines is when the number of people who leave the “labor force” exceed the number of people entering the “labor force.” It essentially means that there’s a huge “reservoir” of people out there who simply gave up looking for work and are permanently unemployed on the Taxpayer payroll – i.e. unemployment, Social Security Disability, welfare.

Please see this video for a detailed description of just how blatantly distorted the Government’s employment report really is:

I guess in order to make lemonade out of this cyanide-infused lemon the Government served up today, the best part about any Government economic report is watching grown men debate and agonize over the numbers, when the numbers are a complete fairy-tale. It’s like watching supposedly well-educated adults debating the merits of “Spongebob Squarepants” vs. “Sesame Street.”

29 thoughts on “Today’s Employment Report Is The Biggest Lie They’ve Told To Date

        1. Dude, this country was cooked WAY before that. They started severing the gold backing of the dollar when Lincoln was President when Lincoln approved the use of Govt-issued war bonds as legal means of tendering payment. Read the history.

      1. The lying began long before the Civil War; that, in part, is what brought about the war between the states. The “American Dream” began to fade as soon as it was decided to praise Jefferson, but ignore his advice.

      2. Absolutely Correct, and your statement is a Fact that so many are not only woefully unaware of, they have been propagandized to an extent where they believe the civil war and its outcome, are one of the high points of human history in its entirety.

  1. Theoretically, can’t the labor force participation rate decline even if nobody leaves the labor force (via population growth outpacing job growth)?

    I’m not defending the BLS statistics … I think it’s all BS too — but I’m pretty sure there is more than one way to get a declining labor participation rate.

    1. No. There’s a difference between working age population growth and population growth. Theoretically yes if no one
      leaves and the WAP grows, then the LFRP would decline. BUT, in every single NFP report, it shows how many
      people leave every month. Please watch the video.

  2. Just looked at the gold price 10:00am central.
    Explain to me like I’m a six year old, how and the
    fu*k gold can be down $35.00 ? Where did these
    “low life scum” (McCains self description of himself
    and all the other criminals) find enough gold to orchestrate
    this raid ?

  3. Government statistics have become so totally inconsistent that it is impossible for the average person to understand what the actual economic conditions really are. This is exactly what I think the purpose is so that people will just give up and believe the lies. For example, last week the 4th quarter GDP report showed an almost 50% drop, to 2.6%, from the 3rd quarter. How is this consistent with the huge upward revision in jobs for November? The commentary here is worth reading:
    ” –And we hate to get technical, but we are truly troubled by consistency and transparency issues raised by this report. We have been critical of the BEA’s deflators many times before, suspecting that under reported inflation was artificially boosting the headline numbers. Now that the situation has completely reversed (with the BEA under reporting price DIS-inflation), we are even more troubled by an inability to derive meaningful or plausible alternate growth rates via BLS provided deflators. We understand that the BEA and BLS price tracking methodologies are vastly different, and comparing their deflators has serious “apples and oranges” issues. Nevertheless, however correct and consistent the BEA’s -0.09% quarterly deflator is from their methodology standpoint, it is patently absurd from a real-world perspective. Unfortunately, that absurd deflator generates a reasonable growth number when applied against the BEA’s nominal data. The mathematical implication is that the nominal data is just as absurd as the -0.09% deflator.
    Clearly something has been pulled out of a hat. We just can’t tell what. ”

  4. Just showing everyone that Jim Clifton (Gallup polling CEO) is a liar. Everything is rosy when one wears rose colored glasses. “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.” – Mark Twain. I just saw a unicorn! 🙂

      1. He has already back-pedaled somewhat, in that he’s fearing for his life! Saying that he doesn’t want to “disappear”!

  5. The Nazi’s propaganda machine, pre-WWII has nothing on the BLS!
    If you tell a lie and its not (swallowed) believed, then tell an even bigger lie!
    Tell it often enough and the majority of sheeple will (swallow) believe it.

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    1. Sorry, any currency is just a currency. Nothing more. Nothing less.
      The word ‘currency’ takes its parentage from the word ‘current’.
      To say that this specie is “currently” used as a medium of exchange, is to portend that this ‘currency’ is subject to change at any time. Usually without notice to those who use it! Gold is money, all the rest are currency.

  7. TPTB must be hair pulling desperate because they are losing
    control and that’s becoming obvious for all to see so it’s baffle
    the sheeple with BS time. Who knows how long this will work
    but it’s another tell that this pretend economy is ready to blow
    sky high.

  8. No surprise – once you realize the fix was in for the fed to start raising rates (or at least threaten to), you could assume the stats would be cooked to justify that rate increase. They want to let some air out of stocks and get it into bonds. All the trial balloons in the WSJ and other sources let their intentions be known.

    Same deal with oil and the dollar – they rigged both together as a double whammy so that certain countries couldn’t buy discounted oil with cheap dollars. The master planners in this country think they’re so brilliant but of course they’ll be a deer in the headlights when the collateral damage gets out of control.

  9. Ho-hum… report bogus job numbers and smash gold = mission accomplished!

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      1. Believe it or not, the real estate bubble is still alive and well here in Hawaii… There’s a new luxury condo sprouting up every other week it seems. The Chinese and Koreans are buying ’em hand over fist.

        The homeless population is growing exponentially too, a lot faster than the luxury condo population. It never used to be like this, so yeah I am concerned.

  10. Government statistics are basically the government’s version of GAAP or Enron Accounting; if it will fool the public, publish it.
    Integrity, ethics, honesty- old fashioned ideas that sadly have gone the way of the horse and buggy in todays world.

  11. Sesame Street has nothing on Bikini Bottom where their currency is backed by King Neptune’s gold and unemployment is non existent

  12. A few things to consider.

    Governments always lie and always will. All empires have died from over reach.

    Technology has been the main driving force behind unemployment. Only the rich are getting most of the benefits. Do you remember when we were told technology would benefit us all? I do.

    The “good old days” we remember were an anomaly and were not the norm. They were brought about by labor unions, two socialist parties and one communist party. They put the pressure on FDR.

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