TPP, The Comex, Greece/EU, The Bond Market: The Final Solution Redux

The naked short interest in Comex silver is potentially building to the mother of all short squeezes and I think the fact that they are piling on more and more naked interest on the Comex tells us that they’re losing control of this.  – Investment Research Dynamics on The SGT Report

The TPP Agreement is going to be the final nail in the coffin of the middle class in the United States (and for the middle classes in all the signatory countries).  The TPP outright usurps the sovereignty of the signatory countries and hands rule of law over to the large transnational corporations.   This means that under this Agreement, the Constitution and all Federal/State laws can be nullified by “legal” decisions imposed under the TPP Agreement.

The Final Solution 2.0:  The Murder of the Middle Class

I was on the SGT Report this week to discuss the ways in which the wealthy and political elitists are implementing an end-game which involves completely destroying the United States and sweeping every last crumb of middle class wealth off the table and into their own pockets.  I actually predicted this would happen back in 2003, when people who saw this coming were considered to be extreme conspiracy theorists.

In fact, a very good friend of mine in NYC told me back then that I was “seeing black helicopters.”  He called me up one day in 2008 and said:  “I can’t believe how right you’ve been this whole time.”

If you think I’m exaggerating, consider this: Right now the leading Democratic front-runner for the Presidency is a woman who used the office of the Secretary of State to sell her influence to the highest bidders abroad for her own personal gain. Not only that, she openly committed felonies including abuse of power and destruction evidence.  The crimes against the people of the United States committed by Nixon look like petty theft from a lemonade stand compared to the crimes the elitist are committing openly now with no consequences.

Not only should be be under detainment and indictment for several crimes, she committed to treason. Instead, she’s gleefully running for President, secretly laughing at all the idiots who slavishly support here.

Try to enjoy what you can, as much as you can, while you still can. Sooner or later these criminals are going to pull the rug out from under you and there’s nothing you can do about it at this point.

15 thoughts on “TPP, The Comex, Greece/EU, The Bond Market: The Final Solution Redux

  1. And NOT one of our weasely elected officials has the cujones to face any consequences and reveal what is in the treaty to “we the people”.

    It matters not who the people vote for.

    It’s over.

  2. Dave:
    The fact that people have not taken to the streets en masse at this time to me defies any sense of logic.

    I truly believe that ‘the folks’ are in one of two positions – a) too stoooopid to truly understand what the hell is going on or b) quietly prepping for the end preparing to board the ark as it were before God shuts the door on the stooopid heathen who will be left outside beating on said door all the while with rain falling on their shoes. What an oh sh*t moment that will be.

  3. Cool blog, my buddy sent me over to take a look and you post
    some great information. Only thing I can say about your comment
    on Nixon is he was a choir boy compared to Hitlery. I guess when she
    is elected she’ll preside over the collapse of America. I also noticed
    this morning that the Supreme Court passed law that gay marriage
    is now legal in all 50 states. Man, we are living a nightmare.

  4. The once mighty republic known as The United States of America is no more.

    In it’s place is an oligopoly.

    Totally corrupt.

  5. Sachmo,

    Gay marriage, flag burning, mindless reality shows,transgenders etc… are nothing but mental masturbation for the masses, bread and circuses if you will, all designed to keep people plugged into the matrix while we continue to get fleeced and ass raped by the day with treaties like TPP and other acts of vast criminality that literally go unpunished.
    What really disturbs me the most is how clueless the average person is about all of this. Try asking someone how money is created or try convincing them they are considered unsecured creditors in a derivatives meltdown. It’s staggering how many people actually think their savings are insured by the FDIC under those circumstances.
    I no longer try convincing people that we are being lied to about virtually anything of signifigance, they either don’t care or think I’m crazy

    1. Winston,

      Right on, my thinking same as yours. Most people don’t want to know, they’re busy with more mundane concerns and don’t trust their own intelligence. Trusting authority is their modality. A lot of people are simple minded.

      The big psyop going down is multiple decades in the making, some would say it’s always been the nature of government operations. This particular iteration of fascism promises to be the most virulent in the history of humanity. The sophistication and reach of the op is breathtaking. The insidious part is that it is so embedded in our cultural reality we don’t even see it. The fact that we are being managed and herded like animals isn’t apparent to people. A massive conspiracy over generations is just too hard to imagine for many.

      I’ve also given up explaining any of this to people. Most of those I come in contact with are aware of some part of the picture, but few have put it all together. People just want to keep their heads down and enjoy whatever kind of life they can eek out between jobs and family. At the end of the day, most people’s measure is how much suffering they have avoided, hoping that on balance they have more enjoyment than stress.

  6. Add more things to your list:

    1. California drought.
    2. Mandatory vaccine legislation shoved through California assembly for school
    enrollment, despite strong opposition. Yes, even in the most brainwashed state
    of California, people are up in arms about it. But the bill has been shoved down
    the throats of all. And with TPP passing, there is no more rule of law, so no “legal”
    way to challenge it.

  7. When I think of America’s place in the world today, the image that comes to mind is of a very large animal, perhaps a huge bull elephant or even prehistoric mammoth, which long roamed as the unchallenged king of its domain but has become trapped by its own missteps, as caught in a tar pit or some quicksand, and it is violently flailing about, making a terrifying noises in its effort to free itself and re-establish its authority.”

    Well written article that about sums it up:

  8. As the 30 yr US bond and Ten Year Note continued significant declines, China prepares to back it’s Yuan with hard assets to prevent it’s collapse after their print and spend binge, Greece jockeys for strategic power based on it’s location and heritage, Bill Holter has some analysis why gold, silver, China and Russia are almost at a coordinated market surprise(s) which will affect most global markets an epic makeover-

    1. Good article by Holter as usual.

      I wonder if the nuclear option by the Chinese might come not from venting their anger and frying us by dumping dollars, launching a gold backed currency, revealing their shiny hoard, etc., but is done by necessity as their financial system craters. Maybe they can no longer wait. They’re not going to collapse on their own quietly in the East. You’d think that they would go all in somehow and reveal their larger playbook if they thought they might blow up. If they need a floating boat to grab onto to save themselves, might that be the time they feel they must reveal the cards up their sleeves and hammer us? Not much to lose at that juncture.

      How many metaphors can I pack in here?

  9. A Global Economy PRESUPPOSES Global WAGES.
    You/Yours will be working for Bangladeshi wages.
    How did NAFTA workout for you?
    YOUR standard of living is being destroyed by “your” representatives.
    You were told Communists were a DEADLY ENEMY because
    they were going to take your JOBS, your HOMES, your WAY of LIFE.
    Put away your “American” flag this 4th …..this is not America anymore anyway.

  10. BlackRock Seeks SEC Clearance for Internal Fund Lending

    BlackRock Inc. is seeking government clearance to set up an internal program in which mutual funds that get hit with client redemptions could temporarily borrow money from sister funds that are flush with cash.

    BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday to set up what’s known as an interfund lending program. The applicants include BlackRock Advisors and BlackRock Fund Advisors, which managed gross assets of $524 billion and $863 billion, respectively, at year-end.
    Larry Fink, BlackRock’s chief executive officer, said in December that U.S. bond funds face increased volatility, adding that he expected a “dysfunctional market” lasting days or even weeks within the next two years.

    how are markets suppose to clear and price?….borrow from peter to pay paul?and what happens when there’s a run on peter?

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