Trump Fiddles While The United States Burns

If history is any guide, global changes of this magnitude mean that the entrenched systems run by central banks and Deep State politics are set to be destabilized on a level we may have not witnessed in our lifetimes, which means assets like bitcoin, gold, and silver could become the safe havens of choice for investors.  – Mac Slavo,

Mac’s comment above was in response to the news that First Majestic CEO, Keith Neumeyer, is prepared to join the legal battle being waged against the world’s largest banks for manipulating the gold and silver markets.   Good luck with that.

But even if the plaintiffs make some headway against the banks, this fight will take years to wage and it will likely do little more than provide some temporary relief from the financial market’s equivalent of pancreas cancer.

While the precious metals community engaged in a celebratory end-zone dance when Deutsche Bank admitted to malfeasance in its paper silver trading business, the insolvent bank coughed up a fine that was mere pittance of the billions it made over the years rigging the LBMA.

To make matters worse, JP Morgan was mentioned nowhere in Deutsche’s testimony.   JP Morgan has by far the largest silver vault on the Comex, with an alleged 82 million ozs in its custody.  The next largest is Brinks with 25 million.  I say “alleged” because it’s quite doubtful that a large portion of JPM’s reported holdings exists anywhere other than as an entry on its daily vault report.  Ask Germany about that…

JPM also happens to be the largest market maker in Comex silver futures, it’s part of the bank cartel that fixes the price of silver on the LBMA everyday and it’s the vault custodian of the alleged silver that is supposed to belong to the SLV trust.   Does it make sense that JP Morgan went unnamed in the Deutsche Bank confessional?   If that happens to pass your smell test then we would suggest that you blow your nose thoroughly and take another sniff.

With regard to the manipulation of precious metals, if you want to kill a snake, you have to cut off its head. Similarly, if you want to end precious metals manipulation, you need to destroy the BIS.  The directive and authority to manipulate the metals comes from the mother of all Central Banks.  JP Morgan is the BIS’ chief agent in executing the directive. Deutsche Bank was given explicit instructions to omit all references to JP Morgan from its superficial mea culpa.

Mac is correct in his assertion that systems run by Central Banks are becoming destabilized.  And he is correct in his implied assertion that this will lead to much higher precious metals prices.  Bitcoin?  Who knows?  Bitcoin is a de facto digital currency and thus yet another fictitious form of money with a computer system as its counterparty.

The problem is that as the destabilization process unfolds, the Establishment will fight back hard in an effort to maintain control.   This blow-back will be in the form of a further advancement toward Governmental totalitarianism. With the geopolitical and economic wheels beginning to fly off rails, at this point it’s fait accompli.    In today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss the general systemic decay of the U.S. and Trump’s role as the modern day Nero:

7 thoughts on “Trump Fiddles While The United States Burns

  1. Bafin is the a German regulatory agency, that found Deutsche Bank guilty. Do they have jurisdiction over entries incorporated outside of Germany ? Is this why JPM was not implicated ?

  2. You apparently follow James Kunstler, but I never really hear you take on the EROI angle. The impending bankruptcy of the energy sector as detailed by seems like the most important story in the world right now if it’s true.

    1. I’m not an energy guy. I wish I had more energy to take on more stuff. I have my opinion on where the price of oil is headed but that market is just as manipulated as the metals.

      1. If the Hills Group model is correct then the talk of metals manipulation and corruption in financial circles is almost moot. Inside the next six years the spiraling costs of oil extraction mean the global economy is going to crater permanently no matter who is doing what in terms of politics and finance.

        1. This is indeed the real big issue.
          It isn’t just SRSrocco that reports this, Gail Tverberg from OurFiniteWorld also considers this aspect in a slightly different approach.
          I’m a biologist, employed by a major marine contractor. I started working about 8 years ago in the hope that the real green economy would kick-off.
          I now realize how naive that was; barring subsidies and a potential “quick hit” for PR purposes almost nothing “green” happens.
          The difference is: overshoot is not some arcane concept to me, but something that regularly occurs on various scales in the natural world. I thought people would realize our predicament and act on it. They don’t. Not even close. So the real question is; how much time have we got left ? There is still quite some oil out there; possibly even enough for a “rough landing” rather than a hard crash. But if the economic system collapses first it won’t matter.

  3. I agree with you completely BobbyBob, everything else seems kinda irrelevant somehow? In the big picture anyway.

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