Two Mining Stock Report Special Price

Paypal will take you to a “landing page” which will have the links for both
reports. If you have any problems downloading, please contact me ASAP at so that I can fix the problem

9 thoughts on “Two Mining Stock Report Special Price

  1. Dear Dave – I have just ordered, paid for and received your report on Premier Gold. I also wanted the report on the second miner but see that I lost out on the savings when buying the two together. Is there any way you can correct this, so that I pay $45 instead of $60?
    Many thanks
    Duncan – Dundee, Scotland, UK

  2. Dave, I’ve taken the liberty of sending you some video on work
    progressing on the Harte Gold property located east of and on
    strike of the prolific Hemlo gold camp in northern Ontario. Harte
    have been permitted to take out a 70,000 ton bulk sample and the
    zone being targeted has been drilled off with proven high grade gold
    ore so no unwelcome surprises expected. The stock trades on the
    TSX at under a dime so you may wish to do some research on the Company
    and perhaps produce a report. I believe it could be a winner. All the best.

  3. Hi Dave,

    Question, what is the difference between your Mining Journal and your Mining Reports ( i.e. the two mining reports both for $45.00)?

    Which is going to give me more gold silver mining investment ideas on a monthly basis?

    Which will give me or bang for the buck?

    Am I very interested in your mining suggestions.

    Thank you.


    1. I need to remove the two report special. One of them got taken over. I’m featuring the other one in the next MSJ issue. The big reports are all a lot more in depth. Most people don’t care about in-depth. The company presentation in the MSJ is about 40-50% of the thoroughness in presentation at with the big reports. But the prep work that goes into them is just as thorough.

      The MSJ is the best value subscriber report out there. I’ve already had two pure silver companies presented and the company in the current report is 50% silver. The big reports that are in the archive now are dated. But the info in them in still very relevant. If you wanted to buy a package of the big reports, contact me at and we can discuss which reports and a deep discount price.

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