U.S.: Corrupt Money, Corrupt System

It looks like the Democratic Convention is getting off to a disastrous start after it was revealed that Democratic leaders, including DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – along with, make no mistake about this, Hillary Clinton – conspired with the maUntitledinstream media to smear Bernie Sanders and perpetrated the civil unrest disruptions at Trump campaign rallies.

Can it get any more corrupt than this? In this episode of the Shadow of Truth, we connect systemic corruption to its root – a corrupt monetary system. We also explain why Hillary Clinton is probably the most corrupt public figure in history.


3 thoughts on “U.S.: Corrupt Money, Corrupt System

  1. If it’s money that makes the world go ’round, then it should come as no surprise that everything is shit since the monetary foundation upon which it is constructed is also shit (fractional reserve fiat shit created out of thin air and then lent to us at interest, a process which depends on ever expanding debt in order to sustain itself, or a ponziconomy as I call it).
    Secondly, Hillary doesn’t have much to worry about. The average voter has, as you once put it Dave, cat food for brains. Everything will blow over in a day or two and even if it were revealed she was a cannibal who enjoyed snuff porn and bestiality, it still wouldn’t dissuade a large percentage of idiots from casting a ballot for her.

  2. Great show Dave. And yes you are right, Julian Assange was not in a position to leak emails 4 years ago because I doubt he had them on Clinton. And you are right he does not want Clinton in the White House because she has played a big role in trying to get him to Sweeden where he will be extradited to the USA. I believe there has been a secret grand jury in Washington that has already ruled on this. This administration hates whistle blowers like no other in history.

    And I agree with you it is mind blowing how people can’t see though the Clintons. I have progressive friends who think Hillary is a staunch liberal. She and Bill were behind the huge private prison complex that sent huge numbers of blacks to prison in the 1990s and black people vote for them in huge numbers. They think Trump is more likey to start a war with Russia and China than Hillary. You can’t argue with these people. They are not even bothered when I point out that the Kochs and Goldman Sachs and the whole Neo cons in Washington are behind her. It doesn’t matter how many scandals. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall. This election may come down to how many Sanders voters vote for Clinton or stay home.

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