U.S.-Ukraine Joint Military Drills?

What happened to the concept that the military excursion into Ukraine was a “NATO” operation?

The US is still undecided on sending lethal military aid to Ukraine. But it has sent paratroopers who are training Ukrainian soldiers in west Ukraine as part of a program called ‘Fearless Guardian-2015″LINK

We know the U.S. instigated and financed a western-controlled takeover of the Ukrainian Government.  The evidence is on phone tapes presented to the public.  So the U.S. has installed a puppet Government in Ukraine.

Then the U.S. sends troops into Ukraine under the guise of “NATO.”  Sure, NATO allies have sent some troops alongside the U.S. batallions, but most of NATO has become reticent about the operation, if not outright hesitant.

It’s clear the U.S. no longer feels pressured to try and disguise its true motive behind what can only be described as  an outright U.S.-led takeover of Ukraine.  U.S.-Ukraine joint military exercises.   Not even being described as “NATO” – Ukraine exercises.   Even CNN, which has recently converted into a promoter of neo-Conservative, war-mongering propaganda, is reporting this as a “U.S – Ukraine” excercise.

We know Putin has resoundingly dispelled every U.S. attempt to smear the lies of propaganda all over his face.  The downing of MH-17 is just one obvious example.  I’m still waiting patiently for the Netherlands to release analysis of the black box, which was supposed to occur in December…

While the U.S. contemplates sending attack weapons to Ukraine, one can only wonder what clever, devious trap Putin is setting for the U.S. Government over there…

8 thoughts on “U.S.-Ukraine Joint Military Drills?

  1. What is sad about Ukraine is that Russia did not want bad relations with the West. This whole thing was jinned up by American neoconservatives. It did not have to happen. Unless America wakes up to the internal threat the neoconservatives present to the US and the world then they may succeed in their goal to start a nuclear war.

  2. This reminds me of a joke I heard told in the former USSR in the 1990s:

    The CIA trained an agent to speak perfect Ukrainian, and to use Ukrainian colloquialisms and mannerisms and body language. After his intensive training to impersonate a typical Ukrainian, they dropped him off covertly in Kiev. As soon as he arrived he greeted two guys on a park bench, in Ukrainian, “Hello, Comrades!” And they laughed and said, “Hello, American spy!”

    He said, “Alright, ya got me. But how did you know I was an American spy?”

    And they said, “For one thing, there aren’t any Ukrainian negroes.”

  3. Every country on the planet knows the truth about Ukraine, MH-17, 9-11. All the intelligence agencies are aware. I read that the Ukraine is punishment for Putin and Russia for stopping the all out invasion of Syria at the UN. But we know the real bottom line is that it is about the dollar. With Russia’s energy and other commodities not being sold in US dollars this is the real threat. And with China holding the debt note and both countries holding vast amounts of Gold. you can begin to see where this is heading. If things start getting really nasty, and they likely will, the US and Canada and a few Eastern European Countries may find itself fighting the Russia, China, and the World one day. I believe the USA is willing to fight Russia in the Ukraine all the way to the last Ukrainian. The ultimate weapon will be flipping the Gold price and dumping the Treasuries. Countries take a hit on their Treasury holdings but make it up on their Gold holdings. The wild card is the neo-cons may play the nuke card first. The World needs to bring in these mad dogs and either arrest them or shoot them. And by them I mean the Neo-cons.

  4. Unfortunately, not only just the USA but the UK and Canada also.

    Having Canadian troops in the Ukraine is not popular north of the border. The Canadian’s have given it the moniker of “Harper’s War”, and calling for it to end and bring the troops home. It’s also being called “Harper’s American ass kissing war” since he is seen as being the Obama administrations puppet.

      1. That’s how it was for most of American history. Cf:

        “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.” – John Quincy Adams

        Another thing I admire about John Quincy Adams, is that – in the old fashioned republican (small r) tradition, like the ancient Roman republicans whom America’s founding generations emulated – he was more proud of being a Senator than of being President. After his term as President he went back to being a Senator, because back then BOTH offices were considered offices of service, not personal careers. In fact, from the time of the elder John Adams’ Presidency to Lincoln’s, most Americans didn’t even know the name of the sitting President at any time, because the office of President wasn’t intended to be very important in the first place. The megalomaniac Lincoln was the first one to change that.

  5. US Military Lands In Ukraine

    TND Guest Contributor: Daniel McAdams

    Paratroopers from the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade have arrived in Ukraine to begin training that country’s national guard and provide it with new military equipment. The Ukrainian government took power in a US-backed coup in early 2014 and has waged war on eastern provinces that wish to breakaway from what they see as an illegitimate government.

    Full story: http://thenewsdoctors.com/?p=464361

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