Unprecedented Manipulation And Trading The Precious Metals Ratios

Anyone who denies that Governments and Central Banks manipulate the gold and silver markets using paper derivatives and deceptive physical metal custodial operations is ignorant of history and facts.  Currently the gold and silver price capping is as oppressive as I’ve witnessed in 18 years.

As of Tuesday, January 15th, the open interest in gold had soared by 89,120 contracts to  501,605. 89,120 contracts is 8.9 million ozs of paper gold, or 278.5 tons – about 30 tons  more than the amount of gold produced by mines in the U.S. in one year.

But artificial market intervention creates information inefficiencies. This in turn generates exploitable profit opportunities for traders who know how to identify the set-ups from official manipulation.

With unprecedented manipulation continuing to occur in the precious metals market, some tradeable anomalies have appeared in the gold /silver and platinum / palladium ratios. My friend and colleague, Chris Marcus (former options trader at Susquehanna International), got together with Andy Schectman and Mickey Fulp to discuss strategies you can use to take advantage of the market anomalies which have been created by official intervention in these markets in the video below. You can see more of Chris’ at his website, Arcadia Economics:

3 thoughts on “Unprecedented Manipulation And Trading The Precious Metals Ratios

  1. Whomever is talking a lot is a “Ted Butler true believer”, including the 800+ million ounces JPM supposedly has…which a lot of experts highly doubt. He probably also believes JPM bought millions of ASE’s at $2 over spot [rather than around 29 cents over spot for large bars], and in their own foundry, melted them down to large bars. let’s not forget the millions of Maple Leafs bought for at least $1.25 per ounce over spot & melted them down as well.

  2. I think I will save my audio listening time to interviews with you on board Dave. This one was old news, and not highly actionable unless you want to “exchange” [buy/sell] one metal for another based on ratios [the G/S ratio is also old news], in the hope the ratios will favor your trade in a reasonable time frame.

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