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 Outstanding effort Dave, Your tireless efforts to get the word out are greatly appreciated. Been enjoying the podcasts too. Thought the James Turk effort was one of the best. Saw this link to Brother John’s website and his podcast. About 2 minutes in he starts talking about the credit contraction we are now in and showed a chart on credit/loan refusals it was an eye opener IMO especially given the parallels with 2008. He is complimenting your work in that its one more sign TPTB are setting up another big correction/collapse. Would be interested to see if you concur with his work.  – Reader/website supporter comment

It takes a lot of time to research and write a good blog post.  Probably more time than most people realize. It’s time spent that I could otherwise be using to do other productive market-related or leisure-based activities.

But I do this because it helps me better understand what is going on in our system.  And hopefully my background and experience is being used to write articles which help others understand what’s going.

Plus there’s expenses associated with operating a site like this other than opportunity costs.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to support this site so far.  Many of you have made very generous contributions.   Anyone donation of $10 or more receives two new research reports.  A homebuilder report and a mining stock report.  These are reports that I could have been selling for $25 apiece.

If find my work beneficial and educational, please click below to make a donation and receive the two reports offered:


2 thoughts on “Website Support Campaign

  1. Like your sight and find your work informative.
    I would like to put something in the basket but
    due to Obama care my funds are a little tight
    right now. I really did not run out of money,
    there was just too much month.
    Thanks for the work and when I can see my way clear
    I will drop you a fifty. Which by the way is the new twenty.

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