Welcome to Dystopia Episode 10: Crony Capitalists/Warmongers of the World, Unite!!

My friends and colleagues, Eric Dubin of The News Doctors and Jason Burack of Wall St. For Main St. have produced a discussion in their “Dystopia” series in which they discuss Glencore, China/yuan globalization, Deutsche Bank and several other topics affecting the markets currently and which the Fed/ECB/BoE are working furiously to paper over:

It’s called “the American Dream” because you have to be asleep to believe it. – “Julie Sheats” on Twitter @JulieSheats

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Dystopia Episode 10: Crony Capitalists/Warmongers of the World, Unite!!

  1. Unless I’ve misunderstood, you’ve mistakenly credited someone on twitter with a quote that should be attributed to George Carlin.

  2. Dave (and all PM stock followers)

    just wishing to pass on some positive news in relation to this sector.

    The AUS stocks (esp those with mines in Aus) are flying.

    We have stocks up 10 times like SBM
    EVN up over 150%
    NST over 200%
    below is the Gold index here…


    AUD gold bottomed at 1300 and is now trading closer to 1600
    The cash flow has started to turn around and their have been some good buy outs.

    Not recommendations, just trying to shine a torch as to what is possible.
    worth having a look at

  3. Love Jason’s work Mr IRD, very smart fellow. His point about the continued attack on metal prices, well here in the EM world every time these birdbrains attack metal prices’ its like pennys’ from heaven. Given at least 90% of the market is not on wall st, it is be coming quite funny what they are doing. They just cant’ seem to comprehend that most little people in the world do not spend $US. There is really only one place for us to go in terms’ of purchasing power…ask a Brazilian. I actually almost pray these idiots will keep trying to drive metal prices’ down..LOL

  4. I’ve not been the same since yesterday, when I heard about the brutal death of political prisoner Irwin Schiff (Peter Schiff’s dad) at the hands of a totalitarian criminal government. In my mind, there is no difference between this crime & the war-crime of intentional bombing of Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan.


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