What Do AAPL And The DNC Have In Common?

They both love to report highly skewed demographic surveys. This is not withstanding the fact that the Podesta emails showed that Hillary was considering Apple’s CEO to be her running mate. There’s “Modern Family” and now there’s “Modern Politics,” I guess. The only difference is that “Modern Politics” is full of lies, deceit and propaganda – all of which are State-sponsored: US Intelligence Worker Likely Behind DNC Leaks, Not Russia.

Back to AAPL, Bloomberg – which happens to be firmly behind HRC as Michael Bloomberg has given Hillary and her Personal Slush Fund the Foundation millions of dollars and who was also on HRC’s VP short-list – ran article today which that Apple’s sales decline is being offset by iPhone 7 demand – LINK.

Of course, the truth is that carriers are stocking the iPhone and giving it away for free to new customers.  In truth, AAPL is going to report its first year over year revenue decline for its fiscal year, with Q4 released today after the close.  From Q2 to Q3 this year, revenue dropped 24%; from Q1 to Q2 this year revenue plunged 50%.  Year over year for Q3, debt increased by $15 billion, or 28%.   Falling revenues and inceasing debt is not necessarily the best business strategy.

And there there’s this:  According to IDC, Apple’s iWatch shipments went off a cliff in Q3, falilng nearly 52%:  iWatch – Look Out Below.  There’s also a rumor that the iWatch will be discontinued.

Kind of interesting how HRC, the DNC, AAPL CEO Tim Cook and Bloomberg owner, MIchael Bloomberg are tied together, isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “What Do AAPL And The DNC Have In Common?

    1. Possibly this week. I want to see its numbers today. AAPL is like AMZN – it’s hard to short because the CEO’s are tied into the White House and the Deep State

  1. Dave, off topic but the pull back in the miners was pretty painful. I held on though and even added, today makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for the miners.

    1. On to new highs before year-end!! I’ve got a really interesting idea for Thursday’s MSJ Save some dry powder because the CEO told me he would include any of my subscribers in a financing they are going to launch shortly. Minimum order would be $5-10k and he’ll speak to anyone who is interested. This company has huge upside.

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