What’s Driving The Price Of Gold and Silver?

Fear, Greed and Reality. Also Bill Murphy’s “Commercial Signal Failure,” which occurs when physical demand for deliverable gold and silver overwhelms the paper derivative short positions used by the western Central Banks to manage the price of gold and silver.

The naked short position in paper gold and silver is so big that any government or central bank with a substantial FX surplus could pull the plug on it by trading enough Treasuries, or even euros or yen, for real metal. Russia and China, among several other eastern hemisphere Central Banks are doing just that.

Silver Doctor’s James Anderson invited me to discuss the factors behind what appears to be a major move higher in the precious metals, possibly leading to the eventual geopolitical and financial systemic reset (Silver Doctors/SD Bullion):


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6 thoughts on “What’s Driving The Price Of Gold and Silver?

  1. Only those who vote have a right to complain, yes? I say different. I say only those who refuse to vote (like myself) have a right to complain. When you vote, you are indicting your willingness to accept the outcome, whether your candidate wins or loses. Since I have no dog in the fight, the outcome doesn’t matter to me. Why, then, am I subject to the decrees of some politician or some political process I had nothing to do with? If anything, I have the right to complain loudest because I am the one minding my own business, the one who now finds himself subject to some idiotic system he had no hand in crafting. I don’t vote, so let me alone. Voting accomplishes nothing and is merely a means of lending credibility to an organized crime racket known as government. Oh yeah, happy child prison day (aka back to school day).

  2. Ole Alan Greespan was on CNBC this morning and stated the following:

    1) The Wealth Effect of the stock market going up with its impact on the economy is UNDER-estimated. (Well, he just confirmed the Fed and other CBs have implemented this strategy to keep the economy propped up)

    2) He said: for every 10% rise in the stock market = a 1% rise in GDP.

    3) He said: Watch the 30-year Bond, He was surprised it went below 3% and if it keeps going lower then inferred it means that the economy is going down the shit hole.

    I believe he wants to live long enough to see his Grand Keynsian unlimited money printing experiment end in a world-wide derivatives meltdown, credit freeze up, all stock markets algo crash and close, all banks close, all brokerages close as his Crowning Achievement before he swallows the red pill listening to Ozzy Osborne sing….See You On the Other Side.

    Thanks Alan for your great contributions to mankind. We’ll never forget.

  3. What a fraud parliamentary democracy is can be studied in my country. Westminster is spitting into the face of the people. The denial of BREXIT is probably the biggest wake up call this country has had in a hundred years.

  4. Yes, on Friday as well, as we can see. The short positions accumulate and I can not see how they can get out of this mess without extreme losses.

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